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Northern California
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12/8/19 10:48 pm peninsula-birding Alvaro Jaramillo <chucao...> [pen-bird] Possible December pelagic - Interested?
12/8/19 7:19 pm northbaybirds Mike Carozza <mike.carozza...> [northbaybirds] Town of Sonoma vicinity: Stilts, Say’s, Sapsuckers, etc
12/8/19 6:57 pm SFBirds Bob Hall <bilgepump100...> [SFBirds] Local stuff
12/8/19 5:49 pm peninsula-birding Christopher Hayward <p_t_nymph...> [pen-bird] Palm Warbler continues, Johnston House, Half Moon Bay, 12/8/19.
12/8/19 4:25 pm northbaybirds Ruth Rudesill <ruthier...> Re: [northbaybirds] Solitary Vireo, Bloomfield, Sonoma County
12/8/19 2:59 pm SouthBayBirds David Zittin <dzittin...> [southbaybirds] SCVAS Field trip to Ulistac Natural Area on December 8, 2019
12/8/19 2:28 pm ShastaBirders Barbara Peck <bapeck8...> [ShastaBirders.io] Merlin, white-throat, and red-nape
12/8/19 1:26 pm SouthBayBirds Frank Vanslager via Groups.Io <Vanslagerf=<aol.com...> [southbaybirds] The Scheduled Trip to Charleston Slough on 12/7/2019
12/8/19 1:03 pm northbaybirds <Lucascorneliussen04...> [northbaybirds] Arctic Loon, Dillion Beach, Marin County
12/8/19 12:25 pm fresno_county_birders gary woods <cropwatch...> [fresno_county_birders] <fresno_county_birders-noreply...> [FCB] Madera WTP tire hazard
12/8/19 11:12 am northbaybirds Ethan Monk <z.querula...> Re: [northbaybirds] Solitary Vireo, Bloomfield, Sonoma County
12/8/19 10:45 am northbaybirds <Lucascorneliussen04...> [northbaybirds] Solitary Vireo, Bloomfield, Sonoma County
12/8/19 9:47 am peninsula-birding Barbara Kossy <bkossy...> [pen-bird] Moss Beach
12/8/19 9:32 am SouthBayBirds Matthew Dodder <mdodder...> [southbaybirds] Swamp Sparrow
12/8/19 8:31 am northbaybirds Tom Rusert <trusert...> [northbaybirds] 12/15 - Annual Sonoma Christmas Bird Count for Kids
12/8/19 8:09 am central_valley_birds Mary Muchowski <mmuchowski...> [centralvalleybirds] Chico Christmas Bird Count -- Dec 14th, 2019
Southern California
Received List From Subject
12/8/19 11:01 pm slocobirding petra schaaf via Groups.Io <pcschaaf=<yahoo.com...> [slocobirding] CBC Birds: Morro Bay Harbor Mouth and Cuesta College Campus
12/8/19 4:37 pm OrangeCountyBirding California Wildlife <califaunadreamn...> [OrangeCountyBirding] Franklin's Gull continues at Centennial Regional Park
12/8/19 4:07 pm OrangeCountyBirding Christine Jacobs via Groups.Io <csj9999999=<aol.com...> [OrangeCountyBirding] Greater Pewee
12/8/19 3:18 pm slocobirding Steve McMasters <smcmasters...> [slocobirding] CBC Birds - SLO
12/8/19 2:07 pm SanDiegoRegionBirding <lehman.paul...> via Groups.Io <lehman.paul=<verizon.net...> [SanDiegoRegionBirding] new Hooded O., Summer T., Red-naped
12/8/19 2:06 pm OrangeCountyBirding James Bailey <rivierastarsong...> [OrangeCountyBirding] 12/08/19 Mountain Plover here
12/8/19 2:05 pm OrangeCountyBirding Jeff Bray <jbray4913...> [OrangeCountyBirding] Mountain Plover at Bolsa Chica continues 8 DEC
12/8/19 1:58 pm sbcobirding Hugh Ranson <zonetail...> [sbcobirding] Wilson's Warbler
12/8/19 1:29 pm SanDiegoRegionBirding C Morris <cmrrs88...> [SanDiegoRegionBirding] Nootropic cormorant
12/8/19 1:29 pm slocobirding Tom Edell via Groups.Io <TEdell=<aol.com...> [slocobirding] CBC Birds
12/8/19 1:19 pm inlandcountybirds Robert Packard <packardr90...> [inlandcountybirds] Plumbeous Vireo, etc. Riverside greenbelt
12/8/19 12:48 pm sbcobirding Nick Lethaby via Groups.Io <nlethaby=<ti.com...> [sbcobirding] Devereux
12/8/19 12:17 pm sbcobirding Peter Schneekloth via Groups.Io <peterschneekloth=<yahoo.com...> [sbcobirding] SY Valley Birds - Sandhill Cranes, Pine Siskins
12/8/19 11:47 am OrangeCountyBirding Jeff Bray <jbray4913...> [OrangeCountyBirding] Highlights from the San Joaquin Marsh walk - 8 DEC
12/8/19 10:43 am OrangeCountyBirding Trish G <trishrg62...> [OrangeCountyBirding] Swamp Sparrow continues
12/8/19 8:28 am SanDiegoRegionBirding Justyn Stahl <justyn.stahl...> [SanDiegoRegionBirding] Rusty Blackbird, Dec 8
12/8/19 4:39 am slocobirding eBird alert <alert.ebird...> [slocobirding] [eBird Alert] San Luis Obispo County Rare Bird Alert <daily>
12/8/19 12:06 am lacobirds Brian Bielfelt via Groups.Io <speedyperegrine=<yahoo.com...> [LACoBirds] Santa Clarita CBC Dec 21
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