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12/4/21 9:02 pm Denise and David Hamilton <napabirders...> [northbaybirds] Cooper's Hawk observation, please share your thoughts
12/4/21 8:24 pm Lucas Stephenson via <Navigator44...> [northbaybirds] Marin Miscellaneous 12/4/2021
11/28/21 5:34 pm David Barry <wildbarrydb...> [northbaybirds] Ferruginous Hawk
11/28/21 3:45 pm Jim Chiropolos <jnc...> [northbaybirds] Marin Headlands and Hawk Hill
11/28/21 7:15 am Christyne Davidian <christyne57...> Re: [northbaybirds] Two gull educational events coming next week.
11/25/21 9:07 pm larry nigro <larrymtb...> [northbaybirds] Gulls
11/25/21 7:12 pm corvus8x via <corvus8x...> [northbaybirds] Slaty-backed Gull , Bodega Bay, California update 11/25/ 2021
11/25/21 4:26 pm Mark Dettling <mark.dettling...> [northbaybirds] Possible Winter Wren, Pine Gulch, Bolinas, CA 11/25
11/25/21 2:02 pm David Barry <wildbarrydb...> [northbaybirds] Rough-legged Hawk & Kumlien's Gull.
11/24/21 1:38 pm Doug Shaw <dougshaw09...> [northbaybirds] Possible Sandhill Cranes - Laguna de Santa Rosa Area
11/24/21 9:07 am Zack Mikalonis <z.mikalon...> Re: [northbaybirds] Slaty-backed Gull PRESENT 9:04am Wednesday
11/23/21 5:03 pm Lisa Hug <lisahug...> [northbaybirds] Slaty-backed Gull
11/22/21 10:07 pm Denise and David Hamilton <napabirders...> [northbaybirds] Mountain Plovers, Rough-legged Hawk and more Robinson /Flannery Rd area, Solano Co
11/22/21 5:39 pm Harry Fuller via <anzatowhee...> [northbaybirds] Sacto Valley in winter
11/21/21 10:34 pm Joel Hedgpeth via <jhedg...> [northbaybirds] Barrow's Goldeneyes at Bahia Marsh in Novato
11/19/21 1:59 pm Daniel Edelstein <danieledelstein...> [northbaybirds] 1 Male Barrow's Goldeneye: Bolero Court, Novato, Marin Co.
11/18/21 3:12 pm David Barry <wildbarrydb...> [northbaybirds] Rough-legged Hawk & Golden Eagle
11/18/21 2:42 pm Diane Hichwa <dhichwa...> Re: [northbaybirds] Possible Sandhill Cranes - Laguna de Santa Rosa Area
11/18/21 11:16 am terriesch <terriem...> [northbaybirds] Possible Sandhill Cranes - Laguna de Santa Rosa Area
11/18/21 10:45 am Dominik Mosur <dominikmosur...> Re: [northbaybirds] House Finches Building Nests
11/18/21 8:20 am Jean Myers <dosriosjean...> [northbaybirds] House Finches Building Nests
11/17/21 8:37 pm Dan Nelson <birdsurf64...> [northbaybirds] Vermilion Flycatcher - Petaluma / Shollenberger Park
11/17/21 6:13 pm Tim Liguori <timlig...> [northbaybirds] Bald Eagle - Travis AFB Parkway, Fairfield
11/17/21 3:13 pm nickwfrommarin <eurohobby...> [northbaybirds] Immature Male Scarlet Tanager Still Present, Bolinas Pine Gulch Creek, Marin County, 17 Nov. 2021
11/17/21 8:45 am Daniel Edelstein <danieledelstein...> [northbaybirds] Reminder: The Onliine, Virtual "Central Valley Birding Symposium" Is 11/19 - 11/20/21....&.....
11/16/21 3:13 pm rosita94598 via <rosita94598...> [northbaybirds] Marin sightings Tuesday Nov. 16
11/16/21 7:48 am Lucas Stephenson via <Navigator44...> [northbaybirds] Marin miscellaneous this weekend
11/13/21 3:28 pm Derek Lecy via <dlecy...> [northbaybirds] Continuing Scarlet Tanager - Pine Gulch (Marin Co.)
11/13/21 9:14 am Daniel Edelstein <danieledelstein...> [northbaybirds] Red-necked Grebe: Las Gallinas Wildlife Ponds, San Rafael, Marin Co.
11/13/21 7:38 am Ryan DiGaudio <rdigaudio...> Re: [northbaybirds] Raptors over Marin County
11/12/21 5:38 pm richard cimino <yellowbilledtours...> [northbaybirds] Raptors over Marin County
11/10/21 4:44 pm Daniel Edelstein <danieledelstein...> [northbaybirds] Correction: Two Different FEMALE Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in Pacheco Valle, Novato
11/10/21 2:49 pm Daniel Edelstein <danieledelstein...> [northbaybirds] Male YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER joins ongoing female individual in Novato* (Pacheco Valle, S. Novato, Marin Co.)
11/8/21 8:01 pm larry nigro <larrymtb...> [northbaybirds] Bahia marsh
11/8/21 12:19 pm Mark Dettling <mark.dettling...> [northbaybirds] Black Vulture, Bolinas, 11/8
11/5/21 9:31 am Daniel Edelstein <danieledelstein...> [northbaybirds] #2: Uploaded Photos Per Earlier Hawk Hill Report (Ferruginous Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, Dark Morph of Red-tailed Hawk), Per:
11/4/21 7:34 am Daniel Edelstein <danieledelstein...> [northbaybirds] Juvenile Ferruginous Hawk @ Hawk Hill 11/3/21....&.....
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