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4/29/16 1:43 pm calbirds Kimball Garrett <kgarrett...> [CALBIRDS] <CALBIRDS-noreply...> [CALBIRDS] Recent CBRC news
4/29/16 12:46 am CountyBirders Jim Lomax <sdrib...> [countybirders] <countybirders-noreply...> [CB] Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Mendocino, Del Norte, and Santa Clara Counties
4/29/16 12:20 am CountyBirders George Griffeth <geo.griffeth...> [countybirders] <countybirders-noreply...> [CB] E-Z Mendocino Sooty Grouse, Lewis's Woodpecker
Northern California
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4/29/16 5:51 pm nwcalbird <allaboutbirds...> [nwcalbird] <nwcalbird-noreply...> [nwcalbird] Gray Flycatcher @ Shay Park
4/29/16 5:31 pm northbaybirds dea freid <lemuria...> [northbaybirds] <northbaybirds-noreply...> [NBB] Ida Clayton Rd 4-29
4/29/16 5:25 pm south-bay-birds Bill Bousman <barlowi...> [south-bay-birds] <south-bay-birds-noreply...> [SBB] San Antonio Valley
4/29/16 4:44 pm south-bay-birds Al Eisner <eisner...> [south-bay-birds] <south-bay-birds-noreply...> [SBB] Stevens Creek Co. Park
4/29/16 4:09 pm mendobirds <feather...> [Mendobirds] <Mendobirds-noreply...> Re: [Mendobirds] Red Knots at Virgin Creek Beach 4/29
4/29/16 4:02 pm mendobirds K A Havlena <kahavlena...> [Mendobirds] <Mendobirds-noreply...> [Mendobirds] Red Knots at Virgin Creek Beach 4/29
4/29/16 3:43 pm sta_birds Barbara and Sal Salerno <bees2...> [STA_Birds] <STA_Birds-noreply...> [STA_Birds] Nashville Warbler, Turkeys
4/29/16 3:38 pm peninsula-birding Ronald- Thorn <Tronthorn...> [peninsula-birding] <peninsula-birding-noreply...> [pen-bird] Pigeon Pt. seawatch, impressive number of Sooty Shearwaters
4/29/16 3:24 pm shasta_birders Brooke McDonald <bmm11...> [shasta_birders] <shasta_birders-noreply...> Re: [shasta_birders] Clearwater/Redding wrong
4/29/16 3:23 pm central_valley_birds Manfred Kusch <makusch...> [central_valley_birds] <central_valley_birds-noreply...> [CVBirds] Putah Creek migrants
4/29/16 2:00 pm EBB_Sightings <rosita94598...> [EBB_Sightings] <EBB_Sightings-noreply...> [EBB_Sightings] Mitchell Canyon Thursday
4/29/16 1:47 pm shasta_birders Kent Van Vuren <VanVurenK...> [shasta_birders] <shasta_birders-noreply...> [shasta_birders] Clearwater/Redding wrong
4/29/16 1:31 pm central_valley_birds 'Perrone, Michael@DWR' <Michael.Perrone...> [central_valley_birds] <central_valley_birds-noreply...> [CVBirds] migrants in Slide Hill Park, Davis
4/29/16 12:40 pm shasta_birders Frank Sanderson <darliss60...> [shasta_birders] <shasta_birders-noreply...> [shasta_birders] Clear Creek WWT
4/29/16 12:13 pm monterey-bay-birders Nelson Samuels <samnelo...> [MBBIRDS] Swainson's Hawk
4/29/16 11:34 am mendobirds 'Chuck and Barbara Vaughn' <cevaughn...> [Mendobirds] <Mendobirds-noreply...> [Mendobirds] Ukiah Black-chinned Hummingbird 4/29
4/29/16 11:08 am south-bay-birds <modern92962...> [south-bay-birds] <south-bay-birds-noreply...> [SBB] Urban Orange Crowned Warbler in Santa Clara
4/29/16 10:34 am shasta_birders darliss60 <darliss60...> [shasta_birders] <shasta_birders-noreply...> [shasta_birders] Blue-winged Teal
4/29/16 9:30 am monterey-bay-birders Betsy Buchalter Adler <bba.home...> [MBBIRDS] Banded Black Oystercatcher in PG
4/29/16 8:58 am nwcalbird Rob Fowler <migratoriusfwlr...> [nwcalbird] <nwcalbird-noreply...> [nwcalbird] Big shorebird numbers: fly off tonight
Southern California
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4/29/16 6:19 pm lacobirds <lbenner...> [LACoBirds] <LACoBirds-noreply...> [LACoBirds] ABC: A few more species and a correction
4/29/16 5:56 pm lacobirds <lbenner...> [LACoBirds] <LACoBirds-noreply...> [LACoBirds] ABC Missing species
4/29/16 5:50 pm lacobirds <lbenner...> [LACoBirds] <LACoBirds-noreply...> [LACoBirds] ABC Update: 191 species
4/29/16 5:16 pm sbcobirding Joan Lentz <joanlentz...> [sbcobirding] <sbcobirding-noreply...> [sbcobirding] Devereux Slough this a.m.
4/29/16 5:00 pm lacobirds <manyrocks...> [LACoBirds] <LACoBirds-noreply...> [LACoBirds] Apollo Park
4/29/16 4:42 pm orangecountybirding <terrynjohn...> [OrangeCountyBirding] <OrangeCountyBirding-noreply...> [OrangeCountyBirding] Black Oystercatcher at Bolsa Chica Today (4/29)
4/29/16 4:10 pm sbcobirding <larryincarp...> [sbcobirding] <sbcobirding-noreply...> [sbcobirding] White-faced Ibis
4/29/16 3:59 pm inlandcountybirds Robert Packard <packardr90...> [inlandcountybirds] <inlandcountybirds-noreply...> [inlandcountybirds] Bautista Canyon
4/29/16 2:46 pm SanDiegoRegionBirding <eric...> [SanDiegoRegionBirding] <SanDiegoRegionBirding-noreply...> [SanDiegoRegionBirding] Jacumba 4-29-16 Ten Warblers!
4/29/16 2:30 pm orangecountybirding <cabepiano...> [OrangeCountyBirding] <OrangeCountyBirding-noreply...> [OrangeCountyBirding] Solitary Sandpiper at HCP
4/29/16 2:08 pm lacobirds Lance Benner <lbenner...> [LACoBirds] <LACoBirds-noreply...> [LACoBirds] More mountain birds
4/29/16 1:51 pm SanDiegoRegionBirding Justyn Stahl <justyn.stahl...> [SanDiegoRegionBirding] <SanDiegoRegionBirding-noreply...> [SanDiegoRegionBirding] Gray Thrasher news
4/29/16 1:32 pm slocobirding <jacqueline.knowlton...> [slocobirding] <slocobirding-noreply...> [slocobirding] Yellow-breasted Chat at Atascadero Wastewater Treatment Plant
4/29/16 1:03 pm orangecountybirding <cris_whetstone_446...> [OrangeCountyBirding] <OrangeCountyBirding-noreply...> [OrangeCountyBirding] Baby hawks and flycatchers among others @ Mile Square Park
4/29/16 1:01 pm inlandcountybirds Pamela Quittmeyer <duckypam...> [inlandcountybirds] <inlandcountybirds-noreply...> [inlandcountybirds] Indigo - Lazuli Bunting hybrid, San Timoteo Canyon
4/29/16 12:44 pm lacobirds Justyn Stahl <justyn.stahl...> [LACoBirds] <LACoBirds-noreply...> [LACoBirds] ABC: Large flight of Sooty Shearwaters, San Clemente Island
4/29/16 12:29 pm orangecountybirding <terrynjohn...> [OrangeCountyBirding] <OrangeCountyBirding-noreply...> [OrangeCountyBirding] Solitary Sandpiper at Central Park
4/29/16 12:26 pm orangecountybirding <baker2575...> [OrangeCountyBirding] <OrangeCountyBirding-noreply...> [OrangeCountyBirding] Many migrants at Tree Hill, SJWS
4/29/16 12:20 pm venturacobirding 'Frank DeMartino' <frank...> [venturacobirding] <venturacobirding-noreply...> [venturacobirding] ABC Update 170 Species
4/29/16 12:07 pm lacobirds Lance Benner <lbenner...> [LACoBirds] <LACoBirds-noreply...> [LACoBirds] More mountain birds
4/29/16 12:07 pm lacobirds Craig Stanford <stanford...> [LACoBirds] <LACoBirds-noreply...> [LACoBirds] Huntington Gardens
4/29/16 11:43 am lacobirds Don Sterba <donsterba...> [LACoBirds] <LACoBirds-noreply...> [LACoBirds] ABC: Ridgway's Rail at Ballona Freshwater Marsh
4/29/16 11:11 am SanDiegoRegionBirding Catherine Zinsky <Catherine.Zinsky...> [SanDiegoRegionBirding] <SanDiegoRegionBirding-noreply...> [SanDiegoRegionBirding] Mission Trails Regional Park
4/29/16 10:59 am lacobirds Lance Benner <lbenner...> [LACoBirds] <LACoBirds-noreply...> [LACoBirds] More montane birds
4/29/16 8:40 am lacobirds Lance Benner <lbenner...> [LACoBirds] <LACoBirds-noreply...> [LACoBirds] ABC montane species
4/29/16 7:03 am orangecountybirding Peter Gordon <peterandmiko...> [OrangeCountyBirding] <OrangeCountyBirding-noreply...> RE: [OrangeCountyBirding] Unusual Oriole
Arizona / New Mexico
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4/29/16 5:22 pm AZNMBirds <cjbabbitt...> [AZNMbirds] Gila Bend-Paloma area
4/29/16 9:45 am AZNMBirds <beattysguestranch...> [AZNMbirds] Yes: Spotted Owl
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4/29/16 5:22 pm COBirds 'Allison Hilf' via Colorado Birds <cobirds...> [cobirds] RBA
4/29/16 5:08 pm WSBN Dennis Garrison <dennisgarrison...> [wsbn] <wsbn-noreply...> [wsbn] muddy country north of Paonia today
4/29/16 4:17 pm COBirders Jerry Petrosky <jerrypetrosky...> [cobirders] <cobirders-noreply...> [cobirders] Cherry Creek State Park, Arapahoe County
4/29/16 2:45 pm COBirds Ira Sanders <zroadrunner14...> [cobirds] Corrected: Cancellation of May 1, DFO trip to Jackson Lake State Park
4/29/16 2:35 pm COBirds Ira Sanders <zroadrunner14...> [cobirds] Fwd: FW: DFO Trip: Lake Jackson Reservoir 5/1 - Canceled
4/29/16 11:38 am COBirders Rebecca <kostenrebecca...> [cobirders] <cobirders-noreply...> [cobirders] Weld (Palm Warbler, Black-and-white Warbler), Mesa (Black Phoebe)
4/29/16 11:28 am COBirders Rebecca <kostenrebecca...> [cobirders] <cobirders-noreply...> [cobirders] Adams, Boulder (Northern Parula), El Paso, Weld (Palm Warbler), Bent, Jackson, La Plata & Routt Ctys
4/29/16 11:14 am WSBN Mike Henwood <mikehenwood42...> [wsbn] <wsbn-noreply...> [wsbn] Fw: Fwd: eBird Report - Grand Valley Audubon Nature Center, Apr 27, 2016
4/29/16 11:05 am COBirds Gloria Nikolai <glorianikolai...> Re: [cobirds] State Bird Records Committee
4/29/16 10:08 am COBirds Bill Maynard <bmaynard99...> RE: [cobirds] State Bird Records Committee
4/29/16 9:46 am COBirds Janet Hanley <janethanley43...> [cobirds] white-throated sparrow
4/29/16 9:30 am COBirds David Suddjian <dsuddjian...> Re: [cobirds] State Bird Records Committee
4/29/16 9:29 am COBirds Joe Roller <jroller9...> Re: [cobirds] State Bird Records Committee
4/29/16 9:29 am COBirds Doug Faulkner <zebrilus...> Re: [cobirds] State Bird Records Committee
4/29/16 9:06 am COBirds Daniel Maynard <dmaynar...> [cobirds] Yuma County mini fallout, 4/28/16
4/29/16 8:37 am COBirds 'Mark Obmascik' via Colorado Birds <cobirds...> [cobirds] State Bird Records Committee
4/29/16 7:20 am WSBN Dave Trappett <dentrada...> [wsbn] <wsbn-noreply...> [wsbn] Western Tanager
4/29/16 6:52 am WSBN Jane McGarry <westelk...> [wsbn] <wsbn-noreply...> [wsbn] FOS oriole Paonia
4/29/16 2:34 am COBirds Ted Floyd <tedfloyd57...> [cobirds] Boulder Co. storm birds, Apr. 28
4/29/16 2:31 am COBirders Amy Davenport <cobussec...> [cobirders] <cobirders-noreply...> [cobirders] Colorado Rare Bird Alert for April 29, 2016
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4/29/16 5:29 pm inland-nw-birders Charles Swift <chaetura...> Re: [inland-NW-birders] Moscow Band-tailed Pigeon
4/29/16 4:57 pm inland-nw-birders Tina wynecoop <wynecoop...> [inland-NW-birders] FW: European yellow jackets/paper wasps
4/29/16 2:38 pm ible 'Larry Arnold' <larnold47...> [ible] <ible-noreply...> [IBLE] FW: [nwcalbird] Big shorebird numbers: fly off tonight
4/29/16 2:38 pm ible 'Larry Arnold' <larnold47...> [ible] <ible-noreply...> [IBLE] Condor chick
4/29/16 2:22 pm inland-nw-birders Charles Swift <chaetura...> [inland-NW-birders] Moscow Band-tailed Pigeon
4/29/16 10:27 am inland-nw-birders Tina wynecoop <wynecoop...> [inland-NW-birders] European yellowjackets
4/29/16 7:52 am ible Kas Dumroese <kas.birder...> [ible] <ible-noreply...> [IBLE] White-winged Dove - Boise
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4/29/16 5:31 pm MOB-Montana Forrest Rowland <rowbird2005...> [MOB-Montana] <MOB-Montana...> Re: [MOB-Montana] Western Wood-Pewee
4/29/16 5:27 pm MOB-Montana Jeff Pippen <jeffpippen9...> [MOB-Montana] <MOB-Montana...> Re: [MOB-Montana] Western Wood-Pewee
4/29/16 5:16 pm MOB-Montana 'Jeff' <jeff17_marks...> [MOB-Montana] <MOB-Montana...> Re: [MOB-Montana] Western Wood-Pewee
4/29/16 9:57 am MOB-Montana <danielcasey55...> [MOB-Montana] <MOB-Montana...> RE: [MOB-Montana] Western Wood Pee-Wee [1 Attachment]
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4/29/16 5:56 pm NVBirds David Hubbard <000000539f0ab5ec-dmarc-request...> Franklin's Gull at the South Meadows Pond
4/29/16 5:28 pm NVBirds Dennis & Becca Serdehely <birders...> Fernley Migrants
4/29/16 3:40 pm NVBirds Darlene Feener <darlenemfeener...> Discovery Park: Pahrump, Nv. (Nye County)
4/29/16 3:02 pm NVBirds rlowry517 <00000002625e15f9-dmarc-request...> Blue-Winged Teal, Churchill County
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4/29/16 5:57 pm OBOL Treesa Hertzel <Autumn207...> [obol] Calliope hummingbird seen at Fernhill wetlands April 28, 2016
4/29/16 5:43 pm OBOL Roy Lowe <roy.loweiii...> [obol] Brown Pelicans
4/29/16 5:37 pm OBOL Bill Tice <watice...> [obol] Gray Flycatcher Detroit Flats
4/29/16 5:29 pm OBOL Bill Tice <watice...> [obol] Marion County today
4/29/16 4:53 pm rv-birds BenW <wielandba...> [RV Birds] Solitary Sandpiper
4/29/16 4:27 pm OBOL Pete Szasz <paszasz...> [obol] Salem
4/29/16 4:14 pm OBOL DJ Lauten and KACastelein <deweysage...> [obol] migrant shorebirds
4/29/16 3:30 pm rv-birds goskaj42 via Rogue Valley Birds <rv-birds...> [RV Birds] Solitary Sandpiper
4/29/16 3:22 pm COBOL Mike <gardenbug99...> [COBOL] Redmon Sewer Pond Today
4/29/16 3:22 pm rv-birds Harry Fuller <atowhee...> [RV Birds] Jackson County: Great Gray Owl, John Burroughs' favorite singer
4/29/16 3:15 pm rv-birds Carol Brockfield <carol.bfield...> Re: [RV Birds] Bird behavior... fascinating
4/29/16 3:06 pm OBOL Leith McKenzie <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender loinneilceol for DMARC) [obol] Mourning Warbler on Skinner's Butte
4/29/16 2:39 pm OBOL Dave Helzer <davehelzerian...> [obol] N Portland Solitary Sandpiper
4/29/16 2:09 pm OBOL Mark J. Greenfield <markgreenfield...> [obol] Lost Lagoon Farm Bird List for April 16-29
4/29/16 2:03 pm COBOL Michelle & Kim Kathol <kakathol...> [COBOL] FOY Lark Sparrow
4/29/16 1:27 pm OBOL George Neavoll <gneavoll...> [obol] Fwd: Columbia County
4/29/16 12:19 pm OBOL Bobbett Pierce <ensatina3...> [obol] Columbia County
4/29/16 11:41 am rv-birds Karl Schneck <keschneckdds...> [RV Birds] Bird behavior... fascinating
4/29/16 11:26 am OBOL Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...> [obol] Re: shorebird movements
4/29/16 11:24 am rv-birds Edi Lindner <edlind78...> [RV Birds] White-throated Sparrow
4/29/16 11:21 am OBOL James Billstine <billstinj...> [obol] Re: About that Ruddy
4/29/16 11:16 am COBOL Dylan Brandt <dylan...> [COBOL] Rufus Humming Bird
4/29/16 10:34 am OBOL Lorelle Sherman <lorelle.sherman...> [obol] Shorebird Movement in Bandon
4/29/16 10:19 am OBOL Phil Pickering <philliplc...> [obol] Re: shorebird movements
4/29/16 10:15 am OBOL Tyler Hallman <hallmanator...> [obol] Duckflat road sanderling at 10:12
4/29/16 10:13 am OBOL Alan Contreras <acontrer56...> [obol] Re: Yellow Warblers
4/29/16 10:08 am umpquabirds Matthew G Hunter <matthewghunter...> [Umpqua Birds] Yellow Warblers
4/29/16 9:48 am COBOL <jmeredit...> [COBOL] PLAN for Wednesday May 4th AND Wednesday May 11th
4/29/16 9:18 am COBOL <jmeredit...> Re: [COBOL] Did you lose your day pack? or, "The Hatfield Bag Tale"
4/29/16 9:14 am COBOL Jaggs J <jjthephotoguy...> Re: [COBOL] Did you lose your day pack? or, "The Hatfield Bag Tale"
4/29/16 9:04 am OBOL Susan Barnes <susan.p.barnes...> [obol] Re: Dead Cooper's Hawk
4/29/16 9:00 am OBOL Alan Contreras <acontrer56...> [obol] shorebird movements
4/29/16 8:10 am klamathbasinbirdnews Jean Van Hulzen <jeanatrockypoint...> [KlamathBasinBirdNews] Rocky Point B H Grosbeak
4/29/16 7:43 am OBOL James Billstine <billstinj...> [obol] About that Ruddy Turnstone Bandon Audubon Meeting
4/29/16 7:39 am OBOL Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...> [obol] Coos migrants 4/29/2016
4/29/16 7:37 am OBOL Phil Pickering <philliplc...> [obol] Boiler Bay
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4/29/16 1:46 pm BirdTalk Roadrunner <rdrnner...> [Birdtalk] Chestnut-sided Warbler
4/29/16 10:26 am UtahBirdsHotline Carol Jean Nelson <birdcarol13...> [Hotline] Painted Redstart
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4/29/16 3:46 pm tweeters Patricia Taylor <pat.mary.taylor...> [Tweeters] Re: White-cheeked Starling
4/29/16 3:21 pm tweeters Matthew Dufort <matt.dufort...> [Tweeters] Early junco fledgling
4/29/16 2:48 pm tweeters Barbara Deihl <barbdeihl...> [Tweeters] Downtown Peregrine Falcons Have a Chick
4/29/16 2:40 pm tweeters James P. Beneteau <beneteau...> [Tweeters] Pilchuck Audubon Birdathon
4/29/16 2:16 pm tweeters pat.mary.taylor <pat.mary.taylor...> [Tweeters] White-cheeked Starling
4/29/16 1:52 pm tweeters Sharon Cormier-Aagaard <scormieraa001...> [Tweeters] Des Moines Memorial Creek Park
4/29/16 12:30 pm tweeters B B <birder4184...> [Tweeters] Wylie Slough
4/29/16 12:18 pm tweeters Buchanan, Joseph B (DFW) <Joseph.Buchanan...> [Tweeters] Color-marked Red Knots
4/29/16 11:35 am tweeters B&PBell <bellasoc...> [Tweeters] WOS Grays Harbor trip
4/29/16 9:50 am tweeters Larry Schwitters <leschwitters...> Re: [Tweeters] Vaux's Happening in Monroe
4/29/16 9:32 am tweeters Larry Schwitters <leschwitters...> [Tweeters] Vaux's Happening in Monroe
4/29/16 7:28 am tweeters Shep Thorp <shepthorp...> [Tweeters] Wednesday Walk 4.27.2016 Nisqually NWR.
4/29/16 4:48 am tweeters Bill Anderson <billandersonbic...> [Tweeters] Edmonds marsh tree swallows 4-28-16
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4/29/16 12:26 pm WYOBIRDS Sarah Dominic <000004e044780be3-dmarc-request...> Yellow-rumped warbler and Western Grebes
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4/29/16 5:19 pm ARBIRD-L Bob Harden <flutterbybob...> Bobolinks
4/29/16 2:46 pm ARBIRD-L Joseph C. Neal <joeneal...> Shorebirds at Centerton
4/29/16 11:42 am ARBIRD-L Stacy Clanton <sclanton...> Mississippi Kites, Wood Thrush, and Summer Tanager
4/29/16 11:07 am ARBIRD-L Sara Bartlett <saracnbrtltt9...> Spring on the farm west of Fayetteville
4/29/16 10:52 am ARBIRD-L Glenn McLean <glennmclean1984...> FOS Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
4/29/16 10:25 am ARBIRD-L Gail Miller <gail.miller...> Link to photos:
4/29/16 10:03 am ARBIRD-L Amy Hall <00000141e1151b9c-dmarc-request...> Baltimore Orioles in Cabot
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4/29/16 5:59 pm Carolinabirds Roger Moyer (<rogermoyer1...>) <carolinabirds...> Little Egret.
4/29/16 4:17 pm Carolinabirds Charles Byrd (<charlesbyrd46...>) <carolinabirds...> Northern gannets
4/29/16 3:31 pm Carolinabirds John Fussell <jfuss...> eastern Croatan National Forest this morning
4/29/16 2:29 pm Carolinabirds Jeff Lewis (<jlewisbirds...>) <carolinabirds...> Swallowtail Kite on Currituck Outer Banks
4/29/16 12:27 pm Carolinabirds Lucas Bobay (<lucasrbobay...>) <carolinabirds...> Probable Little Egret, Lake Mattamuskeet
4/29/16 12:21 pm Carolinabirds Helen Kalevas (<hkalevas...>) <carolinabirds...> Hillsborough, Little River - and and and...
4/29/16 10:12 am Carolinabirds Fred Rimmel (<fredrimmel...>) <carolinabirds...> Hatteras Sandhill crane
4/29/16 9:42 am Carolinabirds Linda Ward (<tankapoet2...>) <carolinabirds...> sandhill crane, Dare County NC
4/29/16 9:09 am Carolinabirds Jan Hansen (<otusasiotours...>) <carolinabirds...> Marsh Wren in Orange County
4/29/16 8:44 am Carolinabirds Josh Southern (<joshsouthern79...>) <carolinabirds...> Lawrence's Warbler at Bass Lake, Wake Co, NC
4/29/16 8:34 am Carolinabirds Helen Kalevas (<hkalevas...>) <carolinabirds...> and they keep coming...
4/29/16 6:55 am Carolinabirds David McLean (<dcmclean...>) <carolinabirds...> Spring migration birds on Bulls Island posted to Birding Bulls blog
4/29/16 4:32 am Carolinabirds Pam Diamond (<pjdisme...>) <carolinabirds...> Ritter park greenway in Cary
4/29/16 4:29 am Carolinabirds Clyde Sorenson <sorenson...> Very cool song comparison!
4/29/16 3:47 am Carolinabirds Linda Ward (<tankapoet2...>) <carolinabirds...> NW River Park, Chesapeake, near NC border
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4/29/16 6:12 pm BirdBrains Danny Bales <sueredfish...> [BRDBRAIN] Endangered Florida Grasshopper Sparrow - 3 Lakes WMA 4-29-16
4/29/16 3:46 pm BirdBrains Jim Swarr <jhschwarr...> [BRDBRAIN] Mississippi Kites-Nesting in our yard-Melrose, FL
4/29/16 12:05 pm NFLbirds Helen King <thekingsom...> [nflbirds] <nflbirds-noreply...> [nflbirds] May Apalachee Audubon Bird Trips
4/29/16 11:51 am BirdBrains Alice Horst <ahorst...> [BRDBRAIN] Mississippi Kite Marion County, FL
4/29/16 11:18 am BirdBrains Kenneth F Tracey <kftracey...> [BRDBRAIN] Singing Marsh Wren, West Pasco
4/29/16 8:39 am BirdBrains PHYLLIS & HOWARD <hpmans...> [BRDBRAIN] Lori Wilson, Cocoa Beach(Brevard)
4/29/16 6:56 am BirdBrains Daniel Estabrooks <000000078b08fc2d-dmarc-request...> [BRDBRAIN] Odd pink-billed sandpiper, Fort De Soto
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4/29/16 3:47 pm Oconee-Clarke QT - Katy Manley <qtopic-29-6JbdZFsuhUc6...> Oconee Rivers Audubon Society
4/29/16 11:00 am GABO-L LA Soehnel <lasoehnel...> [GABO-L] Northern Flicker
4/29/16 8:58 am GABO-L Rich Hull <haharich15...> [GABO-L] AAS Field Trip at J.J. Biello Park (east entrance) report
4/29/16 7:10 am Oconee-Clarke QT - John Mark Simmons <qtopic-29-6JbdZFsuhUc6...> Oconee Rivers Audubon Society
4/29/16 7:09 am GABO-L Ed Maioriello <edm...> [GABO-L] Bird Walk at Sandy Creek Park - Cook's Trail - Athens-Clarke County
4/29/16 7:07 am Oconee-Clarke QT - Ed Maioriello <qtopic-29-6JbdZFsuhUc6...> Oconee Rivers Audubon Society
4/29/16 4:34 am Oconee-Clarke QT - Richard Hall <qtopic-29-6JbdZFsuhUc6...> Oconee Rivers Audubon Society
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4/29/16 4:54 pm TEXBIRDS Paul Randall <paul.ecclesia...> [texbirds] Houston Western Kingbirds
4/29/16 4:39 pm TEXBIRDS Susan Schaezler <susan...> [texbirds] SEVEN warbler sp @ Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary
4/29/16 10:43 am TEXBIRDS Gary Richards <grcolts...> [texbirds] Crescent Bend Nature Park
4/29/16 7:35 am TEXBIRDS Brush Freeman <brushfreeman...> [texbirds] Bobolinks (local)
4/29/16 6:50 am TEXBIRDS Dane Ferrell <daneferrell...> [texbirds] Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve...
4/29/16 6:34 am TEXBIRDS Mary Beth Stowe <mbstowe...> [texbirds] Recent LRGV Trip Reports
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 4:45 pm va-bird Ron Vogel <vireo...> [Va-bird] Leesylvania State Park 4/29
4/29/16 8:25 am va-bird David Gibson <20cabot...> [Va-bird] singing Kentucky Warbler, Weyanoke Sanctuary, Norfolk
4/29/16 6:23 am va-bird Trista Nealon <trnealon...> [Va-bird] Best spots at Thompson for Ceruleans?
West Virginia
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 4:49 pm WV-BIRD Richard Gregg <greggra...> Grasshopper Sparrow, Marmet Locks
4/29/16 4:36 pm WV-BIRD Terry Bronson <bronsonwv...> North Preston County--BW Hawk nest building, Bobolink, R. Grouse, Prairie Warbler
4/29/16 3:56 pm WV-BIRD Cynthia D. Ellis <cdellis...> Grosbeak, Red-headed Woodpecker
4/29/16 3:21 pm WV-BIRD CeperleyLau <ceperleylau...> Backyard warblers, Kanawha County
4/29/16 12:08 pm WV-BIRD Paul McKay <paulmck57...> Ohio county
4/29/16 10:36 am WV-BIRD Scott Shalaway <000000721e9f3d5c-dmarc-request...> Rose-breasted Grosbeaks
4/29/16 9:06 am WV-BIRD Deb Hale <debhale72...> Blackburnian, Tennessee, YB Cuckoo - Murphy Farm
4/29/16 8:45 am WV-BIRD Mike Griffith <birdonawire47...> New Birds
4/29/16 8:36 am WV-BIRD Susan Aaron <sf46aron...> WTS
4/29/16 7:12 am WV-BIRD Alex <000000123b41a47c-dmarc-request...> Inwood observations
4/29/16 6:46 am WV-BIRD Herb and Sarah Myers <hesemyers...> Fwd: eBird Report - Blizzards Gate Road, Harman, WV, Apr 29, 2016
4/29/16 6:39 am WV-BIRD James Phillips <jimandjudyphillips...> Fwd: eBird Report - Bluestone State Park, Apr 28, 2016
4/29/16 4:41 am WV-BIRD Casey Rucker <autoblock...> Grosbeaks, hummer (Tucker)
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 5:46 pm ILbirds John Baxter <XXJB7Z...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...> IBET By Lincoln's sp
4/29/16 5:12 pm ILbirds <jeffrey.stwora...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...> IBET Sandhill Cranes
4/29/16 5:10 pm ILbirds <jeffrey.stwora...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...> IBET Sandhill Cranes
4/29/16 2:56 pm ILbirds Leslie Borns <cakile...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...> IBET Montrose whip-poor-will -4:50pm
4/29/16 2:41 pm ILbirds Fran Morel <franmmmk...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...> IBET Home and LaBagh - Friday, April 29th, 2016
4/29/16 2:10 pm ILbirds Andrew <andrewsaldrich...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...> Re: IBET Townsends warbler
4/29/16 1:06 pm ILbirds <peachjmc...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...> IBET Birdy Lyman Woods! 50 species including FOY warblers & Great Crested Flycatcher.
4/29/16 12:51 pm ILbirds <peachjmc...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...> IBET Birdy Lyman Woods! 50 species with many new arrivals! FOY warblers, plus Great Crested Flycatcher.
4/29/16 10:48 am ILbirds Joe Lill <trptjoe...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...> Re: IBET Townsends warbler
4/29/16 10:43 am ILbirds John Baxter <XXJB7Z...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...> IBET By Cooper's hawk
4/29/16 9:14 am ILbirds Joe Lill <trptjoe...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...> IBET LaBagh Prothonotary Warbler
4/29/16 8:24 am ILbirds Joan Norek <NorekJ...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...> Re: IBET Townsends warbler
4/29/16 7:14 am ILbirds David Johnson <djohnsoda...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...> Re: IBET Townsends warbler
4/29/16 6:35 am ILbirds Daniel Williams <twotringas...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...> Re: IBET Townsends warbler
4/29/16 6:26 am ILbirds <isooman22...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...> IBET Marsh Wren Evanston
4/29/16 4:46 am ILbirds Wes Serafin <w.serafin...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...> IBET Townsends warbler
4/29/16 3:54 am ILbirds Wes Serafin <w.serafin...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...> RE: IBET Photos: Townsend's Warberl
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 5:30 pm IN-BIRD-L Rodger Rang <rrang...> [IN-BIRD-L] Eagle Marsh-- April 29, 2016 PM
4/29/16 12:04 pm IN-BIRD-L Carolyn A. Marsh <cmarshbird...> [IN-BIRD-L] Illiana Birds: Whip-poor-will
4/29/16 11:49 am IN-BIRD-L Rodger Rang <rrang...> [IN-BIRD-L] Fox Island Annuals-- April 29 Noon
4/29/16 11:29 am IN-BIRD-L Nick Kiehl <nkiehl96...> [IN-BIRD-L] Eagle Creek Neotropic
4/29/16 9:49 am IN-BIRD-L gary langell <in-bird-l...> [IN-BIRD-L] Stillwater Bkack-necked Stilts still present
4/29/16 8:19 am IN-BIRD-L Bob Decker <bdecker.bird...> [IN-BIRD-L] Dearborn County Oxbow
4/29/16 7:43 am IN-BIRD-L Scott Evans <scottev68...> [IN-BIRD-L] Black-necked Stilts/Stillwater
4/29/16 7:28 am IN-BIRD-L Bob Decker <bdecker.bird...> [IN-BIRD-L] No sighting.
4/29/16 7:26 am IN-BIRD-L Bob Decker <bdecker.bird...> [IN-BIRD-L] No sighting of Black-bellied Whistling Duck
4/29/16 7:15 am IN-BIRD-L Scott Evans <scottev68...> [IN-BIRD-L] Black-necked Stilt/Stillwater Marsh
4/29/16 6:59 am IN-BIRD-L Rodger Rang <rrang...> [IN-BIRD-L] Allen County Annuals-- April 29 AM
4/29/16 5:16 am IN-BIRD-L Doug Johnstone <dougcher2080...> [IN-BIRD-L] Spring arrivals Morgan County
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 4:36 pm IA-BIRD Danny Akers <birdmandan1231...> [ia-bird] White-eyed Vireo in Union Co.
4/29/16 3:44 pm IA-BIRD Kai Weatherman <dainichi...> [ia-bird] Wood Duck Nest in Iowa City Residential Neighborhood
4/29/16 2:51 pm IA-BIRD John Bissell <john.annabissell...> [ia-bird] Iowa RBA: 4-29-16
4/29/16 12:34 pm IA-BIRD Matt Wetrich <go_tWeeting...> [ia-bird] White-faced Ibis - Swan Lake SP - Carroll
4/29/16 12:28 pm IA-BIRD Jane Clark <jrclark...> [ia-bird] Dunbar Slough
4/29/16 12:20 pm IA-BIRD Douglas Harr <dnharr...> [ia-bird] Last notice for Lucas County "Big Day of Birding" (not an observation)
4/29/16 12:10 pm IA-BIRD John Bissell <John.N.Bissell...> [ia-bird] Spring 2016 edition of IOU News is now online
4/29/16 10:04 am IA-BIRD <waltzuurdeeg...> <waltzuurdeeg...> Re: [ia-bird] 'Chickadee Checkoff' (not a sighting)
4/29/16 7:14 am IA-BIRD EA <eaubrey...> [ia-bird] Baby Barred Owl
4/29/16 5:59 am IA-BIRD Diana Pesek <pesekle...> [ia-bird] Cinnamon Teal continues
4/29/16 5:53 am IA-BIRD Shepherd, Stephanie [DNR] <Stephanie.Shepherd...> [ia-bird] 'Chickadee Checkoff' (not a sighting)
4/29/16 5:28 am IA-BIRD Ruckersfeldt, Frederick L <frederick-ruckersfeldt...> [ia-bird] Dunbar Slough yesterday
4/29/16 3:17 am IA-BIRD Jim Durbin <bugmugger187...> [ia-bird] Fwd: Cedar Rapids Audubon Meeting, Monday, May 2nd at Prairiewoods
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 2:45 pm KSBIRD-L Sacie Lambertson <sacie.lambertson...> bird photos
4/29/16 11:58 am KSBIRD-L Molly Zahn <mollymzahn...> Correction: Lawrence Oxbow Egret
4/29/16 9:25 am KSBIRD-L Molly Zahn <mollymzahn...> Lawrence oxbow ibis + avocets
4/29/16 8:45 am KSBIRD-L Ann Feyerharm <afeysf...> Hummer at Last
4/29/16 8:34 am KSBIRD-L Steve Seibel <sseibel999...> Re: FOS Western Kingbird 4/28 Wichita
4/29/16 8:27 am KSBIRD-L Steve Seibel <sseibel999...> Pelicans migrating near Cheney
4/29/16 8:22 am KSBIRD-L Steve Seibel <sseibel999...> FOS Western Kingbird 4/28 Wichita-- also Chimney Swifts becoming more abundant
4/29/16 6:45 am KSBIRD-L Mark Land <markeland...> Swallowpaloosa
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 2:51 pm MichBirders Pelee Wings <michael...> [birders] Point Pelee area birds
4/29/16 1:07 pm MichBirders james law <lawjim...> [birders] eBird -- Nichols Arboretum -- Apr 29, 2016
4/29/16 5:27 am MichBirders Martin Bialecki <kilnfired...> [birders] Whippoorwill Manchester
4/29/16 2:50 am MichBirders marys1000 <marys1000...> Re: [birders] Reminder about Tick Season
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 6:11 pm MOU-net Joel Schmidt <joelallenschmidt...> [mou-net] Western Tanager, Kandiyohi Co.
4/29/16 5:04 pm MOU-net Ken Larson Mary Lou Frank <prairiemarshfarm...> [mou-net] Yard Birds Minnetonka
4/29/16 1:50 pm MOU-net Vic Lewis <azvegasvic...> [mou-net] Westwood Birdwalk
4/29/16 11:47 am MOU-net Paul Budde <pbudde...> [mou-net] Celebrate Urban Birding and Endangered Species!
4/29/16 10:47 am MOU-net Alex <asgreenplanet4077...> [mou-net] Westwood Hills Nature Center Walk
4/29/16 10:14 am MOU-net Terence Brashear <tpbrashear...> [mou-net] Urban Bird Festival/Endangered Species Day Events
4/29/16 9:34 am MOU-net Anthony Hertzel <axhertzel...> [mou-net] Ann Glassel
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 5:37 pm MOBIRDS-L bryan prather <0000000aaa207e24-dmarc-request...> RMBS-Am. Bittern
4/29/16 4:50 pm MOBIRDS-L therese haenni <0000000915e91be8-dmarc-request...> Central Missouri birds
4/29/16 4:47 pm MOBIRDS-L William Rowe <rowemb45...> Virginia Rail & more, RMBS
4/29/16 4:44 pm MOBIRDS-L Jane Frazier <00000046582e7231-dmarc-request...> Binder Willet, others
4/29/16 1:46 pm MOBIRDS-L Al Schirmacher <alschirmacher...> Weston Bend 4/29 12:30-3:40
4/29/16 12:43 pm MOBIRDS-L Lori Hagglund <hagglund.lori...> Re: PISI, Columbia
4/29/16 11:08 am MOBIRDS-L David Rabenau <david...> Victoria Glade (TNC), Jefferson County
4/29/16 10:48 am MOBIRDS-L Dwight <000000c2af8ee913-dmarc-request...> Pine Siskins 4/29
4/29/16 9:11 am MOBIRDS-L Robert Brundage <r.brundage...> Squall Creek national wildlife refuge
4/29/16 7:55 am MOBIRDS-L Jean Leonatti <jleonatti...> PISI, Columbia
4/29/16 7:32 am MOBIRDS-L Margaret Berglund <mmberglund...> Bird call ID
4/29/16 6:44 am MOBIRDS-L Mark Glenshaw <mglenshaw...> FOY Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, Common Nighthawk, Nashville Warblers, Forest Park
4/29/16 5:20 am MOBIRDS-L Luann Holst <000000250ce480fc-dmarc-request...> Re: Ceruleans at Castlewood SP
4/29/16 5:17 am MOBIRDS-L Al Schirmacher <alschirmacher...> My thanks!
4/29/16 5:11 am MOBIRDS-L Brad Jacobs <Brad.Jacobs...> Bobolinks on Loy Martin Rd off of US 63 north of Ashland, Boone Co. - 28 April 2016
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 4:54 pm NEBirds Moni Usasz <musasz...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...> [NEBirds] Birding at Platte River, Stone Creek Trail
4/29/16 4:41 pm NEBirds 'Elliott Bedows' <ebedows...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...> [NEBirds] Prairie Queen RA - Sarpy Co.
4/29/16 4:02 pm NEBirds 'Gubanyi,Joe' <Joseph.Gubanyi...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...> Re: [NEBirds] Re: Piping Plover at Conestoga Lake
4/29/16 2:55 pm NEBirds Clem Klaphake <ckavian...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...> [NEBirds] Scouted Burt County
4/29/16 2:28 pm NEBirds Brian Peterson <gordilly...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...> [NEBirds] Say's Phoebe still present at Pawnee Lake
4/29/16 11:27 am NEBirds 'Walker, TJ' <thomas.walker...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...> [NEBirds] Gosper and Dawson Counties
4/29/16 10:40 am NEBirds <esaterojarvi...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...> [NEBirds] Re: Piping Plover at Conestoga Lake
4/29/16 10:08 am NEBirds Daniel Leger <dleger1...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...> [NEBirds] NOU meeting in Kimball: reminder
4/29/16 9:17 am NEBirds 'Don & Janis Paseka' <paseka76...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...> [NEBirds] Dodge County and Fontenelle Forest Cerulean Warbler
4/29/16 9:00 am NEBirds Justin Rink <spindalis79...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...> [NEBirds] Omaha Area Migrants
4/29/16 7:04 am NEBirds 'Walker, TJ' <thomas.walker...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...> [NEBirds] Highway roadside lek
4/29/16 6:26 am NEBirds <scott_buss79...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...> [NEBirds] Peregrines in Norfolk
4/29/16 6:19 am NEBirds GEORGE J KLEMS <gjklems...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...> [NEBirds] FOY birds
4/29/16 4:47 am NEBirds Clem Klaphake <ckavian...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...> [NEBirds] More FOY
North Dakota
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 11:41 am ND-BIRDS Jean Legge <jmlegge198...> [ND-BIRDS] vesper, clay-colored sparrows
4/29/16 9:48 am ND-BIRDS cnorheim <cnorheim...> [ND-BIRDS] Trefoil birds Friday
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 5:40 pm OHIO-BIRDS J. Hochadel <jahochadel...> [Ohio-birds] Western Reserve Greenway Bike Trail [Trumbull County]
4/29/16 5:23 pm OHIO-BIRDS Coy, Patrick G. <pcoy...> [Ohio-birds] Summit Co CVNP Black Vultures
4/29/16 3:11 pm OHIO-BIRDS Steve Cagan <steve...> [Ohio-birds] White-throated Sparrows in Cleveland Heights
4/29/16 2:08 pm OHIO-BIRDS Ian Lynch <revianlynch...> [Ohio-birds] Birding and Spirituality Event
4/29/16 10:58 am OHIO-BIRDS DUG <0000004b93466e03-dmarc-request...> [Ohio-birds] CVNP Spring Migrants
4/29/16 10:54 am OHIO-BIRDS J. Hochadel <jahochadel...> [Ohio-birds] Golden-winged Warbler [Trumbull County]
4/29/16 8:40 am OHIO-BIRDS Dave Chase <dchase...> [Ohio-birds] Golden plovers
4/29/16 8:20 am OHIO-BIRDS Beverly Neubauer <neubauers.bev.ed...> [Ohio-birds] Englewood East and North Metroparks
4/29/16 8:07 am OHIO-BIRDS robert lane <ohiomagpie...> [Ohio-birds] Berlin Lake Common Loon Extravaganza / Mahoning County
4/29/16 5:57 am OHIO-BIRDS James Muller <jrmuller12+<birding...> [Ohio-birds] Sharon Woods (Franklin CO) Migrants
4/29/16 5:17 am OHIO-BIRDS Bill Whan <billwhan...> [Ohio-birds] Kirtland's warbler
4/29/16 4:38 am OHIO-BIRDS Deb Oexmann <deb...> [Ohio-birds] Miami County
4/29/16 4:29 am OHIO-BIRDS Hikida, Robert <hikida...> [Ohio-birds] Yellow-throated warbler, Athens Co.
4/29/16 2:49 am OHIO-BIRDS J. Hochadel <jahochadel...> [Ohio-birds] [Serious] A warning/request to list members
4/29/16 1:10 am OHIO-BIRDS EDWIN SHANK <kshank...> [Ohio-birds] {Spam?} Fw: new message
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 4:05 pm OKbirds David Arbour <arbour...> Bobolinks
4/29/16 3:48 pm OKbirds David Arbour <arbour...> Red Slough today
4/29/16 2:48 pm OKbirds Terry Mitchell <terry...> Tulsa Area
4/29/16 10:27 am OKbirds Doug Wood <DWood...> Mississippi Kite Durant
4/29/16 9:32 am OKbirds Mary Peterson <m_mpeterson...> Pathfinder Parkway on 4-29-2016
4/29/16 8:04 am OKbirds rgunn1 <rgunn1...> FOS on South Jenkins
4/29/16 7:13 am OKbirds Bill Carrell <cyanocitta.tachopteryx...> Playing Catch-Up
4/29/16 6:16 am OKbirds Doug Wood <DWood...> FW: eBird Report - Durant
4/29/16 5:01 am OKbirds rgunn1 <rgunn1...> Re: Fulvous Whistling Ducks at Red Slough update
South Dakota
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4/29/16 3:13 pm sd-birds randy podoll <rpodoll...> [sd-birds] <sd-birds-noreply...> [sd-birds] White-faced Ibis
4/29/16 11:10 am sd-birds <treasurecreek...> [sd-birds] <sd-birds-noreply...> [sd-birds] Ernie Miller Award
4/29/16 10:48 am sd-birds <treasurecreek...> [sd-birds] <sd-birds-noreply...> [sd-birds] Spring arrivals Whitewood
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 6:17 pm wisbirdn Jeff Galligan <jgalligan27...> [wisb] Wehr Summer Tanager?
4/29/16 5:52 pm wisbirdn Jim Edlhuber <jimedlhuber...> [wisb] Willets and more at South Shore Yacht Club MKE Co. 4/29/16, some images...
4/29/16 3:48 pm wisbirdn Tom Wood <tcwood729...> [wisb] Cattle Egret in Fond du Lac County
4/29/16 3:44 pm wisbirdn Tom Wood <tcwood729...> [wisb] Horicon National Wildlife Refuge in Dodge County today
4/29/16 9:14 am wisbirdn Jennifer Ambrose <jenthreat...> [wisb] Re: Summer Tanager-Milw County-Wehr Nature Center
4/29/16 8:25 am wisbirdn Dennis Casper <denncasp.wisbirder...> [wisb] Urban Ecology Center Bird Walk, April 28, 2016
4/29/16 7:19 am wisbirdn Karen Etter Hale <chimneyswift1...> [wisb] Re: Seeking Chimney Swift Information
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 4:20 pm CTBirds JOHN OGREN via CTBirds <ctbirds...> [CT Birds] Plum Bank Tri-colored Heron
4/29/16 11:40 am CTBirds fulvio montanari via CTBirds <ctbirds...> [CT Birds] 1 Spotted sandpiper /BINNEY PARK
4/29/16 11:20 am CTBirds David F Provencher \(Generation - 4\) via CTBirds <ctbirds...> Re: [CT Birds] Bluff Point Coastal Reserve - Black Swan
4/29/16 11:11 am CTBirds Timothy L Thompson via CTBirds <ctbirds...> [CT Birds] Bluff Point Coastal Reserve - Black Swan
4/29/16 10:51 am CTBirds zellene via CTBirds <ctbirds...> [CT Birds] Bloomfield Thrasher
4/29/16 10:22 am CTBirds julian hough via CTBirds <ctbirds...> [CT Birds] Extralimital Swainson's Warbler in Central Park, NYC
4/29/16 9:51 am CTBirds Paul Desjardins via CTBirds <ctbirds...> [CT Birds] Windsor
4/29/16 9:46 am CTBirds greg hanisek via CTBirds <ctbirds...> [CT Birds] Grasshopper Sparrow
4/29/16 7:31 am CTBirds Darcy Thurrott via CTBirds <ctbirds...> [CT Birds] FOY hummingbird,wren
4/29/16 7:25 am CTBirds Beverly Propen via CTBirds <ctbirds...> [CT Birds] Eisenhower Park
4/29/16 6:50 am CTBirds Ian Devlin via CTBirds <ctbirds...> [CT Birds] Baltimore Oriole and Black-throated Green Warbler Selleck Woods Darien
4/29/16 5:09 am CTBirds Batsford, William via CTBirds <ctbirds...> [CT Birds] Worm-eating Warbler
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 6:19 pm DE-BIRDS Andrew Ednie <ednieap...> [de-birds] RBA: Birdline Delaware, April 29th, 2016
4/29/16 1:40 pm DE-BIRDS Brian Kushner <bkushner2...> Re: [de-birds] Gray catbirds arriving early?
4/29/16 1:38 pm DE-BIRDS Brian Henderson <wbhenderson...> Re: [de-birds] Gray catbirds arriving early?
4/29/16 1:31 pm DE-BIRDS Ann Marie Dinkel <Adinkl...> Re: [de-birds] Gray catbirds arriving early?
4/29/16 1:02 pm DE-BIRDS Bob Bryant <0000026a887c7513-dmarc-request...> [de-birds] Gray catbirds arriving early?
4/29/16 12:49 pm DE-BIRDS Joan Wheeler <sojourner143...> Re: [de-birds] Catbirds!!
4/29/16 12:46 pm DE-BIRDS Julian, Richard (DNREC) <Richard.Julian...> [de-birds] Big Beaks at Cape Henlopen
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 4:25 pm Maine-birds 'Derek Lovitch' via Maine birds <maine-birds...> [Maine-birds] Fwd: Bradbury Mountain State Park (29 Apr 2016) 35 Raptors
4/29/16 3:16 pm Maine-birds 'Carl Small' via Maine birds <maine-birds...> [Maine-birds] Birdnote
4/29/16 2:43 pm Maine-birds 'Derek and Jeannette Lovitch' via Maine birds <maine-birds...> [Maine-birds] This Week's Highlights and New Arrivals, 4/23-29
4/29/16 9:48 am Maine-birds Doug Hitchcox <dhitchcox...> Re: [Maine-birds] Little Egret - Falmouth, 4/29
4/29/16 9:14 am Maine-birds 'Alex Barker' via Maine birds <maine-birds...> [Maine-birds] Noon owl
4/29/16 4:28 am Maine-birds Doug Hitchcox <dhitchcox...> [Maine-birds] Little Egret - Falmouth, 4/29
4/29/16 3:38 am Maine-birds Marianne Taylor <andale62...> [Maine-birds] Spotted Sandpipers, Skowhegan
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 5:16 pm mdbirding 'James Tyler Bell' via Maryland & DC Birding <mdbirding...> [MDBirding] Fw: [ABA Rare Bird Alert] LITTLE EGRET, a potential first for North...
4/29/16 5:10 pm mdbirding Wayne Bierbaum <wm.bierbaum...> [MDBirding] Re: Hummingbird in Riva
4/29/16 4:49 pm mdbirding Hugh David Fleischmann <david...> [MDBirding] Early evening visit to Patterson Park. SORA!!!
4/29/16 4:15 pm mdbirding John Hubbell <johngilhub1...> [MDBirding] Allegany County, 4/29
4/29/16 12:19 pm mdbirding Eugenie Nable <eugenie.nable...> [MDBirding] Re: New feature eBird!
4/29/16 12:17 pm mdbirding Eugenie Nable <eugenie.nable...> [MDBirding] Re: House finch eggs Question
4/29/16 12:08 pm mdbirding Eugenie Nable <eugenie.nable...> [MDBirding] myrtle warbler (Setophaga coronata coronata)
4/29/16 12:06 pm mdbirding Karen Caruso <karen.caruso...> [MDBirding] Sandy Point State Park - Usual suspects, nice walk....
4/29/16 11:57 am mdbirding Scott Baron <baron.scott...> [MDBirding] Summer Tanager, Montgomery Co.; April 29
4/29/16 11:25 am mdbirding Janbraumuller <janbraumuller...> [MDBirding] Fwd: House finch eggs Question
4/29/16 10:59 am mdbirding marian rutigliano <mcrutig...> [MDBirding] Backyard White-Throated Sparrows
4/29/16 10:25 am mdbirding Don Simonson <don.r.simonson...> [MDBirding] Yard Neotropic Migrants Darnestown Mont. Co.
4/29/16 8:26 am mdbirding Wayne Baumgartner <whbaumga...> [MDBirding] Sedge Wren at KAG
4/29/16 7:28 am mdbirding Wallace Kornack <wallace...> [MDBirding] Rock Creek Park, Friday 4/29/16
4/29/16 7:19 am mdbirding Andy Wilson <awilson.gettysburg...> Re: [MDBirding] New feature eBird!
4/29/16 7:11 am mdbirding Patricia Wood <pwood...> [MDBirding] New feature eBird!
4/29/16 4:49 am mdbirding Wayne Bierbaum <wm.bierbaum...> [MDBirding] Hummingbird in Riva
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 5:35 pm arlingtonbirds '<dacooper...>' <dacooper...> [arlingtonbirds] <arlingtonbirds-noreply...> [Arlington Birds] Black-crowned Night-Herons
4/29/16 5:28 pm MASSBIRD John Liller <john.liller...> [MASSBIRD] Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary - 4/29/16
4/29/16 3:55 pm arlingtonbirds <jthomas139...> [arlingtonbirds] <arlingtonbirds-noreply...> [Arlington Birds] Orchard oriole and N. Rough winged swallows at Winter Pond
4/29/16 2:43 pm MASSBIRD Joshua Rose <opihi...> Re: [MASSBIRD] LITTLE GULL at Silver Lake, Pittsfield
4/29/16 2:16 pm MASSBIRD John Nelson <jnelson...> [MASSBIRD] Wenham Canal highlights
4/29/16 1:26 pm MASSBIRD Jim Berry <jim.berry3...> [MASSBIRD] Willowdale SF (east), Apr 29, 2016
4/29/16 11:57 am MASSBIRD Joshua Rose <opihi...> [MASSBIRD] LITTLE GULL at Silver Lake, Pittsfield
4/29/16 10:42 am MASSBIRD Sue McGrath <newburyportbirders...> [MASSBIRD] Am. Kestrels - Crow Lane, Newburyport
4/29/16 10:38 am arlingtonbirds <Dave.Williams6...> [arlingtonbirds] <arlingtonbirds-noreply...> [Arlington Birds] Horn Pond, Woburn
4/29/16 10:19 am MASSBIRD <stevensimpson...> [MASSBIRD] FOY Yellow Warblers at Fresh Pond
4/29/16 9:59 am MASSBIRD Jim Guion <jim_guion...> [MASSBIRD] Alewife Reservation - hopping with Yellow Warblers and Warbling Vireos this morning
4/29/16 9:36 am MASSBIRD Robert Mussey <mussey.robert...> [MASSBIRD] FOY Hummingbird, Milton
4/29/16 9:03 am MASSBIRD Dan Berard <djberard84...> [MASSBIRD] Incorrect Least Tern eBird report clarification.
4/29/16 8:55 am MASSBIRD Warren Childs <wmchilds...> [MASSBIRD] Re: FOY Hummingbird Norwell
4/29/16 8:54 am MASSBIRD Warren Childs <wmchilds...> [MASSBIRD] FOY Hummingbird
4/29/16 8:54 am MASSBIRD <dave.williams6...> [MASSBIRD] Horn Pond, Woburn - RB Grosbeak, Warbling vireos, Yellow, B&W, Palm, Pine warblers, Common yellowthroat, Kestrels
4/29/16 8:35 am MASSBIRD Barbara Volkle and Steve Moore <barb620...> [MASSBIRD] Nahant Yellow-throated Vireo Bailey's Hill, 7:45am
4/29/16 8:32 am MASSBIRD <reports...> [MASSBIRD] Plum Island MA (27 Apr 2016) 31 Raptors
4/29/16 8:30 am MASSBIRD <brianrfg...> [MASSBIRD] Brookline Yellow-throated Warbler
4/29/16 7:32 am arlingtonbirds Ram Subramanian <ramkumar...> [arlingtonbirds] <arlingtonbirds-noreply...> [Arlington Birds] eBird -- Mystic Lakes--Sandy Beach, Winchester -- Apr 29, 2016
4/29/16 6:25 am arlingtonbirds SHEILA DRISCOLL <smd68...> [arlingtonbirds] <arlingtonbirds-noreply...> [Arlington Birds] Hummingbird in Winchester
4/29/16 5:06 am MASSBIRD Sue McGrath <newburyportbirders...> [MASSBIRD] Pike's Bridge Rd., W. Newbury - VA. Rail
New Hampshire
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4/29/16 5:43 pm NHBirds <jacksonwrxt89...> [NHBirds] 5 Warbler Species & More, Lake Sunapee Area
4/29/16 4:16 pm NHBirds Gail Coffey <gcoffeywriter...> [NHBirds] Thrasher and House Wren in Hollis and BW Hawk in Wilton
4/29/16 2:16 pm NHBirds Al Howard <alanlhoward...> [NHBirds] Derry Transfer Station
4/29/16 12:07 pm NHBirds Pam Hunt <biodiva...> [NHBirds] Penacook arrivals: 6 warblers, thrasher, kingbird, towhee, swift, etc.
4/29/16 11:43 am NHBirds Jane Rice <moultnews...> [NHBirds] recent arrivals in Moultonborough
4/29/16 11:29 am NHBirds Kyle Wilmarth <kyle.wilmarth...> [NHBirds] Glossy Ibis, World End Pond
4/29/16 10:34 am NHBirds 'suki russo' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Hinsdale Setbacks
4/29/16 10:25 am NHBirds Jody Williams <fisherwoods...> [NHBirds] Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Rumney. 4/29
4/29/16 9:01 am NHBirds Henry Walters <walters.henry...> [NHBirds] Virginia rail and others, Hancock
4/29/16 8:09 am NHBirds <s42yth...> [NHBirds] foy baltimore oriole
4/29/16 7:18 am NHBirds Steve Mirick <smirick...> [NHBirds] Moderator Message - Please Read!
4/29/16 6:16 am NHBirds Scott Heron <smheron...> [NHBirds] Mallard chicks in Kingston
New Jersey
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 3:14 pm JerseyBirds Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...> [JERSEYBI] ruff - Heislerville - yes
4/29/16 12:36 pm JerseyBirds Bill Elrick <belrick...> [JERSEYBI] Garret Mountain Reservation 15 warbler day
4/29/16 12:06 pm JerseyBirds Yong Kong <yklitespeed...> [JERSEYBI] 4-29-2016 Cape May Coral Ave. Seawatch - Parasitic Jaeger
New York
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 6:02 pm GeneseeBirds-L Bird observations from western New York <geneseebirds-l...> [GeneseeBirds-L] Golden-crowned Kinglets In My Yard - Olcott
4/29/16 5:45 pm HMBirds Naomi Lloyd <naomi_kestrel...> [hmbirds] <hmbirds-noreply...> Re: [HMBirds] Dear Mountain Nature Tail
4/29/16 5:18 pm HMBirds Kathryn Schneider <fallline...> [hmbirds] <hmbirds-noreply...> [HMBirds] Dear Mountain Nature Tail
4/29/16 5:11 pm NYSbirds-L Deborah Allen <dallenyc...> [nysbirds-l] Central Park NYC - Friday April 29, 2016 incl. Orange-crowned Warbler
4/29/16 2:59 pm Cayugabirds-L Donna Scott <dls999...> [cayugabirds-l] Lansing Warblers, others
4/29/16 2:58 pm HMBirds Scott Stoner <ScottJStoner...> [hmbirds] <hmbirds-noreply...> [HMBirds] Fort Edward Thurs afternoon
4/29/16 12:49 pm HMBirds zach schwartz-weinstein <zachsw...> [hmbirds] <hmbirds-noreply...> [HMBirds] Five Rivers 4/29
4/29/16 12:40 pm HMBirds <j.taft69...> [hmbirds] <hmbirds-noreply...> [HMBirds] Ovenbird Black Throated Blue Warbler etc
4/29/16 12:18 pm Cayugabirds-L Donna Scott <dls999...> [cayugabirds-l] A. Redstart
4/29/16 12:03 pm Cayugabirds-L david nicosia <daven1024...> Re: [cayugabirds-l] Catbird
4/29/16 11:50 am GeneseeBirds-L Bird observations from western New York <geneseebirds-l...> [GeneseeBirds-L] High Acres Nature Area
4/29/16 11:14 am Cayugabirds-L Betsy Darlington <darlingtonbets...> [cayugabirds-l] White-crowned
4/29/16 10:41 am GeneseeBirds-L Bird observations from western New York <geneseebirds-l...> [GeneseeBirds-L] 2016 Ruby-crowned Kinglet Photos - Olcott
4/29/16 10:30 am OSBirds 'Bright, Sandy' <brights...> [osbirds] <osbirds...> [osbirds] Blackburnians
4/29/16 10:25 am NYSbirds-L Sean Sime <sean...> [nysbirds-l] Kings County Grasshopper Sparrow and caution
4/29/16 10:00 am Cayugabirds-L Carol Keeler <carolk441...> [cayugabirds-l] Catbird
4/29/16 9:43 am HMBirds <hersheyj...> [hmbirds] <hmbirds-noreply...> [HMBirds] Vischer Ferry - 4/29
4/29/16 8:06 am NYSbirds-L syschiff <icterus...> [nysbirds-l] Marine Nature Study Area, Oceanside
4/29/16 8:03 am Cayugabirds-L Dave Gislason <dgiffer...> [cayugabirds-l] RB Grosbeak and Brown Trasher in Trumbull Corners
4/29/16 7:48 am HMBirds Tristan Lowery <tristanlowery...> [hmbirds] <hmbirds-noreply...> [HMBirds] Normanskill Farm - 4/29
4/29/16 7:14 am NYSbirds-L Robert Lewis <rfermat...> Re: [nysbirds-l] Swainson's Warbler NOT seen as of 7:20 a.m., C.P. NYC 4/29
4/29/16 6:52 am NYSbirds-L Joan Collins <joan.collins...> [nysbirds-l] Bohemian Waxwings/N. Saw-whet Owl/Red Crossbills/Rusty Blackbirds/Black-backed Woodpeckers & more
4/29/16 6:30 am HMBirds <kharper...> [hmbirds] <hmbirds-noreply...> [HMBirds] Lesser Yellowlegs Wrights Loop
4/29/16 6:28 am Cayugabirds-L Donna Lee Scott <dls9...> [cayugabirds-l] WOOD THRUSH
4/29/16 5:42 am Cayugabirds-L Nari Mistry <nbm2...> Re:[cayugabirds-l] Nashville warbler; also Yellow Warbler
4/29/16 5:26 am HMBirds 'LNMP' <lnmp...> [hmbirds] <hmbirds-noreply...> [HMBirds] Thrasher
4/29/16 4:52 am NYSbirds-L Thomas Fiore <tomfi2...> [nysbirds-l] Swainson's Warbler NOT seen as of 7:20 a.m., C.P. NYC 4/29
4/29/16 4:33 am Cayugabirds-L Carol Keeler <carolk441...> [cayugabirds-l] Grosbeak
4/29/16 4:21 am NYSbirds-L Corey Finger <10000birdsblogger...> [nysbirds-l] SWWA, Central Park - No
4/29/16 4:12 am NYSbirds-L Ben Cacace <bcacace...> [nysbirds-l] Central Park: Pulitzer Fountain Common Grackle Roost
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 5:49 pm PABIRDS Cathy <000000bdc7ba13d9-dmarc-request...> Allegheny County
4/29/16 3:11 pm PABIRDS Mark Vass <hawk5571...> 9 Shorebird Species @ Imperial - Allegheny Co.
4/29/16 3:02 pm PABIRDS Matthew Juskowich <0000000ca4f4ccd1-dmarc-request...> Mallard attacked injured lesser yellowlegs canonsburg lake washington county
4/29/16 2:46 pm PABIRDS Glenn Koppel <kestrel22...> Butler Birds today
4/29/16 12:32 pm PABIRDS Donna Collett <dcollett57...> zRuby throated Hummingbird. FOYWashington Cty
4/29/16 11:14 am PABIRDS Hawkcount.Org Reports <reports...> Hawk Mountain Sanctuary (29 Apr 2016) 3 Raptors
4/29/16 10:31 am SCBIRDCL Jon Kauffman <jvk5019...> Re: BESP-SE side
4/29/16 9:58 am PABIRDS Richard Rehrig <rrehrig...> Snowy Egret - BSP - Carbon County
4/29/16 9:58 am SCBIRDCL Mark Bonta <000025b3dbf0d3fd-dmarc-request...> BESP-SE side
4/29/16 9:47 am SCBIRDCL Robert Snyder <rhs2...> Re: Henslow's sparrow on Reese Hollow Rd
4/29/16 9:03 am PABIRDS Mark Vass <hawk5571...> Dunlin - Allegheny Co.
4/29/16 8:08 am SCBIRDCL Ron Rovansek <rrovansek...> Arboretum Bird Walk
4/29/16 7:59 am PABIRDS g. g <birdersx5...> Common Ravens, Washington County
4/29/16 6:20 am SCBIRDCL <meocec...> <000027d7a2c8cc0b-dmarc-request...> FOY Wood Thrush
4/29/16 5:56 am PABIRDS Pamela Fisher <000000233af33264-dmarc-request...> Common Raven, Lancaster County
4/29/16 5:31 am PABIRDS Daniel E. Weeks <daniel.e.weeks...> eBird -- Frick Park, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County -- Apr 29, 2016
Rhode Island
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 10:24 am RIBIRDS Laura Carberry <lcarberry...> [RIBIRDS] <RIBIRDS-noreply...> [RIBIRDS] ASRI's Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge
4/29/16 10:09 am RIBIRDS Laura Carberry <lcarberry...> [RIBIRDS] <RIBIRDS-noreply...> [RIBIRDS] ASRI's Plum Island Birding Adventure
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 6:19 pm VTBIRD Theresa Armata <tarmat...> [VTBIRD] New arrivals
4/29/16 4:52 pm VTBIRD Bruce MacPherson <00000017afe5cb7a-dmarc-request...> [VTBIRD] Snow Geese at Mud Creek WMA
4/29/16 4:00 pm VTBIRD Pamela Coleman <0000003fbb1e7534-dmarc-request...> [VTBIRD] Emerald Lake E Dorset ... Yellowrumps dwindling
4/29/16 1:30 pm VTBIRD Sue <2birdvt...> [VTBIRD] Brandon list
4/29/16 11:53 am VTBIRD Martha Pfeiffer <0000001a1bef7484-dmarc-request...> [VTBIRD] Louisiana Waterthrushes
4/29/16 6:28 am VTBIRD Sue <2birdvt...> [VTBIRD] Waterthrush
General Birding
All General Birding Topics
Received List From Subject
4/29/16 12:06 pm NFC-L Laura C. Gooch <lgooch...> Re: [nfc-l] Article about NFCs and light
4/29/16 3:38 am NFC-L Daniel Joshua Mennill <dmennill...> Re: [nfc-l] Article about NFCs and light
4/29/16 3:11 am NFC-L Ted Floyd <tfloyd...> [nfc-l] E. Colorado; Vesper Sparrow NFCs back on Apr. 21-22
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