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9/26/23 10:25 am Gordon Andersson <gpandersson...> [mou-net] FW: Migratory Birds Webinar: Recording and Resources
9/25/23 2:40 pm Steve Weston <sweston2g...> Re: [mou-net] a parliament of owls
9/25/23 11:17 am Steve Weston <sweston2g...> [mou-net] Stan Tekiela at MRVAC this Thursday
9/25/23 7:19 am Jim and Jennifer Levitt <jtlevitt...> Re: [mou-net] a parliament of owls
9/25/23 6:32 am Stephen Greenfield <tapaculo47...> [mou-net] a parliament of owls
9/23/23 8:19 pm Jesse Ellis <calocitta8...> [mou-net] Royal Tern Sept 22 Washington Co
9/23/23 12:55 pm Howard Towle <00002fdb906c067f-dmarc-request...> [mou-net] Ross's Goose? - Hennepin Co
9/23/23 8:06 am Nancy Sundeen <grancy6724...> Re: [mou-net] Ross's Goose - Hennepin County
9/22/23 2:53 pm Dan Ahlman <daahlman...> Re: [mou-net] Ross's Goose - Hennepin County
9/22/23 11:11 am Howard Towle <00002fdb906c067f-dmarc-request...> [mou-net] Ross's Goose - Hennepin County
9/21/23 7:14 pm Kriseichers <kriseichers...> [mou-net] Western Suburbs Birds and Beer
9/20/23 7:32 pm Liz Harper <00000d9c313bb76b-dmarc-request...> [mou-net] MOU Awards Committee is Seeking Nominations for annual awards - due October 23rd
9/20/23 12:48 pm Trey Weaver <trweaver89...> [mou-net] MOU Field Trip Opportunity, Sept 23rd @ Lowry Nature Center
9/19/23 8:45 am marshall or janet howe/mcmillen <howe.mcmillen...> [mou-net] More Red Crossbills, Hubbard County
9/18/23 7:24 am BENJAMIN Douglas <hj70ft...> [mou-net] Carpenter Nature Center and MOU Annual Migratory Bird Watch
9/13/23 11:53 am brsmith <brsmith...> [mou-net] RA
9/13/23 9:53 am Gordon Andersson <gpandersson...> [mou-net] FW: ABC webinar re. where do Minnesota birds go?
9/9/23 1:21 pm Michelle Terrell <mterrell.mou...> [mou-net] New Issues of Minnesota Birding and the Loon Available
9/4/23 8:10 pm Stephen Greenfield <tapaculo47...> [mou-net] Minnesota Global Birders, online: Dominican Republic
9/3/23 10:55 am marshall or janet howe/mcmillen <howe.mcmillen...> [mou-net] Cerulean Warbler, Hubbard County
9/3/23 9:01 am linda whyte <0000004e7b0e779a-dmarc-request...> [mou-net] Brown Pelican post
9/1/23 2:40 pm Jim & Charlene Nelson <00003b87f2c9230f-dmarc-request...> Re: [mou-net] Crossbills, Hubbard County
9/1/23 9:36 am Steve Weston <sweston2g...> [mou-net] MRVAC Trumpeter Newsletter
9/1/23 4:57 am Rich Hoeg <richardhoeg...> [mou-net] Using a Security Camera as a TrailCam
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