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9/18/19 8:08 am kuschmanfred <makusch...> [centralvalleybirds] arrivals
9/17/19 8:04 pm Steve Hampton <stevechampton...> [centralvalleybirds] Wood Thrush soft robin-like chuckle call
9/17/19 11:19 am Kevin via Groups.Io <bionerdkevin=<yahoo.com...> [centralvalleybirds] Blackpoll warbler, upper sunrise, American River parkway, Sac Co
9/16/19 9:55 pm Steve Hampton <stevechampton...> [centralvalleybirds] Putah Cr Solano Co Wood Thrush continues
9/16/19 8:24 pm Gil Ewing <gewing1...> [centralvalleybirds] Strange goose in Fair Oaks, Sacramento Co.
9/16/19 6:05 pm kuschmanfred <makusch...> [centralvalleybirds] Winter birds at Putah Creek
9/16/19 11:56 am Chris Conard <conardc...> [centralvalleybirds] Long-tailed Jaeger reported at Folsom Lake over the weekend
9/16/19 10:39 am Holly Coates <Hccoates...> [centralvalleybirds] Solano County Wood Thrush and Northern Waterthrush
9/15/19 4:18 pm Emmett Iverson via Groups.Io <emmettscotti=<yahoo.com...> [centralvalleybirds] Northern Waterthrush along Putah Creek (Solano Co)
9/14/19 11:35 pm Steve Hampton <stevechampton...> [centralvalleybirds] Lewis’s, siskins, and yellow jackets
9/13/19 10:16 am Bruce Webb <colimabirder...> [centralvalleybirds] Sat - 9/14 Nature & Optics Festival
9/13/19 6:53 am Brewbird <michele31...> [centralvalleybirds] White-crowns!
9/12/19 12:39 pm Andy Engilis <aengilisjr...> [centralvalleybirds] Federal Migratory Bird Stamp
9/9/19 12:14 pm Emmett Iverson via Groups.Io <emmettscotti=<yahoo.com...> [centralvalleybirds] Sanderlings at Winters WTP (Yolo)
9/7/19 8:02 pm Bruce Webb <colimabirder...> Re: [centralvalleybirds] Nature & Optics Festival one week away - Oct 14
9/7/19 2:03 pm Bruce Webb <colimabirder...> [centralvalleybirds] Nature & Optics Festival one week away - Oct 14
9/7/19 12:22 pm Chris Dunford <christopher.j.dunford...> [centralvalleybirds] Solitary Sandpiper in North Davis Pond (Yolo Co.)
9/7/19 6:57 am L Pittman <pittmanl...> [centralvalleybirds] Central Valley Birding Symposium 2019 Registration Open
9/6/19 4:24 pm Glennah Trochet <trochetj...> [centralvalleybirds] September bird surveys at the Cosumnes River Preserve
9/4/19 6:15 pm Steve Hampton <stevechampton...> [centralvalleybirds] map of UC Davis Putah Cr Riparian Reserve
9/3/19 6:06 pm k foley <kaseyfoley...> [centralvalleybirds] Osprey over Crosstown Freeway in Stockton
9/3/19 2:05 pm Chris Dunford <christopher.j.dunford...> [centralvalleybirds] White Pelicans en masse at Farmers Central Pond, Woodland (Yolo)
9/2/19 1:39 pm Sally M. Walters <bajaowl...> [centralvalleybirds] Please forward Video of Shearwaters in last few days
9/2/19 9:06 am Sally M. Walters <bajaowl...> [centralvalleybirds] Questioned Phalarope, Davis Sewer ponds
9/1/19 5:50 pm Jim Holmes <jfholmes...> [centralvalleybirds] Sherman Island shorebirds
8/31/19 11:25 pm Kirk Swenson <khswenson...> Re: [centralvalleybirds] Green-tailed Towhee at Babel Slough
8/31/19 11:24 pm Kirk Swenson <khswenson...> [centralvalleybirds] Green-tailed Towhee at Babel Slough
8/31/19 3:24 pm Sally M. Walters <bajaowl...> [centralvalleybirds] Red phalarope 2
8/30/19 4:48 pm Michael Perrone via Groups.Io <michaelperrone10=<yahoo.com...> [centralvalleybirds] Babel Slough today
8/29/19 8:11 am Steve Hampton <stevechampton...> [centralvalleybirds] Migration in north Davis
8/28/19 11:32 am Dan Williams via Groups.Io <jaegermaestro=<yahoo.com...> [centralvalleybirds] Tennessee Warbler at Ancil Hoffman Park
8/26/19 9:32 pm kuschmanfred <makusch...> [centralvalleybirds] Putah Creek birds
8/26/19 9:25 am Steve Hampton <stevechampton...> [centralvalleybirds] Davis Wetlands open
8/25/19 2:30 pm Emmett Iverson via Groups.Io <emmettscotti=<yahoo.com...> [centralvalleybirds] Fw: Davis WTP Red Phalarope
8/25/19 12:38 pm Sally M. Walters <bajaowl...> [centralvalleybirds] ‘Texas morph‘ of lesser goldfinch
8/25/19 9:44 am k foley <kaseyfoley...> [centralvalleybirds] Red-breasted Nuthatches
8/22/19 11:06 am Gene R. Trapp <grtrapp...> [centralvalleybirds] Red-breasted Nuthatch at West Pond
8/21/19 10:31 am Steve Hampton <stevechampton...> [centralvalleybirds] Nine warbler species at Putah Creek Riparian Reserve today
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