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5/24/18 7:10 pm Thomas Turner <habarimbu...> [sbcobirding] Black Swifts Goleta Coast
5/23/18 10:10 pm Steven Gaulin <gaulin...> [sbcobirding] Goleta Slough 5/23/2018
5/23/18 6:10 pm Guy Tingos <guytingos...> [sbcobirding] Some Santa Ynez Valley notables
5/23/18 5:01 pm Glenn Kincaid <glenn...> [sbcobirding] Purple Martins in and around Nojoqui Park
5/22/18 1:50 pm Cruz Phillips via Groups.Io <cruzitas=<> [sbcobirding] Possible nesting Bell’s Sparrow
5/21/18 8:03 pm Steven Gaulin <gaulin...> [sbcobirding] more black swifts
5/21/18 3:48 pm John Deacon <iseekbirds...> [sbcobirding] Colson Canyon
5/20/18 6:48 pm Dave Compton <davcompton60...> [sbcobirding] Black Swift
5/20/18 12:02 pm Peter Schneekloth via Groups.Io <peterschneekloth=<> [sbcobirding] Black-chinned Sparrow, Tresspass Trail, Gaviota Area
5/19/18 10:43 am Wim van Dam <wim.van.dam...> Re: [sbcobirding] Fulvous Whistling-Duck?
5/19/18 10:12 am Steve Sosensky <mobile...> [sbcobirding] Fulvous Whistling-Duck?
5/19/18 9:27 am Hugh Ranson <zonetail...> [sbcobirding] Bohnett Park
5/18/18 10:17 pm Steven Gaulin <gaulin...> [sbcobirding] Banded Caspian Terns
5/17/18 10:32 am Robert Lindsay <capnbob...> [sbcobirding] Goleta Beach and Sewage Plant
5/16/18 5:29 pm Peter Schneekloth via Groups.Io <peterschneekloth=<> [sbcobirding] Chipping Sparrow - Stow Grove Park
5/15/18 9:47 pm Steven Gaulin <gaulin...> [sbcobirding] Osprey at Goleta Slough
5/15/18 9:29 pm Jamie Chavez <almiyi...> [sbcobirding] Summer Tanager on VAFB
5/15/18 8:35 pm Hugh Ranson <zonetail...> [sbcobirding] Olive-sided, and dragonfly book
5/14/18 4:50 pm Wim van Dam <wim.van.dam...> [sbcobirding] [CALBIRDS] CBRC News: Two new species accepted to CA list
5/13/18 11:55 pm Eric Culbertson <ebc101...> [sbcobirding] Good movement of Black Swifts
5/13/18 3:23 pm Adam Lewis (sbfledgling) <aj.lewis...> Re: [sbcobirding] Phainopeplas
5/13/18 2:26 pm Adam Lewis (sbfledgling) <aj.lewis...> [sbcobirding] Phainopeplas
5/12/18 1:55 pm John Callender <jbc...> [sbcobirding] Black-chinned Sparrow at Sudden Road off San Miguelito Road
5/12/18 1:39 pm Jamie Chavez <almiyi...> [sbcobirding] Santa Maria Mesa Road
5/10/18 10:32 pm Betsy Mooney <wingblossoms...> [sbcobirding] Cedar Waxwings May 9
5/10/18 6:44 pm Dika Golovatchoff <digolov...> [sbcobirding] Wood Duck - Alice Keck Park
5/10/18 5:38 pm Hugh Ranson <zonetail...> [sbcobirding] Goleta Sanitary District, Thursday afternoon
5/10/18 3:57 pm marydee2 <marydee2...> [sbcobirding] Little Blue Heron at Goleta Slough
5/10/18 11:52 am John Callender <jbc...> [sbcobirding] Bell's Sparrow on E Camino Cielo
5/9/18 10:30 am Thomas Turner <habarimbu...> [sbcobirding] Black Swift, Farren Road
5/9/18 7:57 am Betsy Mooney <wingblossoms...> [sbcobirding] Little Blue Heron
5/8/18 3:35 pm Noah Gaines <Noahgaines...> [sbcobirding] Alice Keck Ducks.
5/8/18 2:10 pm Jessie Altstatt <jessie.altstatt...> [sbcobirding] Baltimore Oriole upper Refugio
5/8/18 12:04 pm Adam Lewis (sbfledgling) <aj.lewis...> [sbcobirding] Goleta Slough
5/7/18 7:22 am Bradley Hacker via Groups.Io <bradley_r_hacker=<> [sbcobirding] Ruddy Shelduck
5/6/18 6:24 pm Mark Holmgren <maholmgren33...> [sbcobirding] More Mesa this morning
5/6/18 4:02 pm Peter Schneekloth via Groups.Io <peterschneekloth=<> [sbcobirding] Northern Pygmy Owl - Video
5/6/18 3:44 pm Dave Compton <davcompton60...> Re: [sbcobirding] South Coast Sunday birds
5/6/18 3:43 pm Nick Lethaby <nlethaby...> [sbcobirding] Ocean Beach Park
5/6/18 3:10 pm Wim van Dam <wim.van.dam...> Re: [sbcobirding] South Coast Sunday birds
5/6/18 2:34 pm Dave Compton <davcompton60...> [sbcobirding] South Coast Sunday birds
5/6/18 2:21 pm Peter Schneekloth via Groups.Io <peterschneekloth=<> [sbcobirding] De La Guerra Spring and Cachuma Campground - No. Pygmy Owl, Rufous Crowned Sparrow and Costa's Hummingbirds
5/6/18 2:07 pm Thomas Turner <habarimbu...> [sbcobirding] Olive Sided in Isla Vista
5/5/18 9:09 pm Hugh Ranson <zonetail...> [sbcobirding] Getting-late Yellow-rumped
5/5/18 5:34 pm Florence Sanchez via Groups.Io <sanchezucsb11=<> [sbcobirding] Botanic Garden today
5/5/18 4:48 pm Cher Hollingworth <hollingw...> [sbcobirding] Scott's Orioles & Brewer's Sparrows
5/4/18 7:18 pm Jake Broad via Groups.Io <californiajbroad=<> [sbcobirding] Cattle Egret Photo
5/4/18 2:45 pm Jake Broad via Groups.Io <californiajbroad=<> [sbcobirding] Cattle egret
5/4/18 11:28 am Jamie Chavez <almiyi...> Re: [sbcobirding] Is there any organized Santa Barbara County effort for eBird's Global Big Day?
5/4/18 9:59 am John Callender <jbc...> [sbcobirding] Is there any organized Santa Barbara County effort for eBird's Global Big Day?
5/4/18 6:24 am Joan Lentz <joanlentz...> [sbcobirding] new book on dragonflies by our local birders!
5/3/18 8:57 pm Mark Holmgren <maholmgren33...> [sbcobirding] Kinevan and Area K, late afternoon
5/3/18 8:45 pm Maggie Sherriffs <maggiesherriffs...> [sbcobirding] Vaux's Swift swarm
5/3/18 2:14 pm Florence Sanchez via Groups.Io <sanchezucsb11=<> [sbcobirding] Museum of Natural History & Rocky Nook Park
5/2/18 10:15 pm Betsy Mooney <wingblossoms...> [sbcobirding] Bullock's Oriole
5/2/18 8:31 pm Hugh Ranson <zonetail...> [sbcobirding] Goleta birds, Wednesday
5/2/18 3:45 pm Joan Lentz <joanlentz...> [sbcobirding] birding northern San Jose Creek this a.m.
5/2/18 3:11 pm Florence Sanchez via Groups.Io <sanchezucsb11=<> [sbcobirding] Botanic Garden Wednesday, May 2
5/2/18 9:48 am Robert Lindsay <capnbob...> [sbcobirding] Refugio this morning
5/2/18 8:04 am Betsy Mooney <wingblossoms...> [sbcobirding] Bullock's Oriole
5/1/18 9:46 pm Jamie Chavez <almiyi...> [sbcobirding] Request for Assistance - UCSB Class
5/1/18 7:01 pm Thomas Turner <habarimbu...> [sbcobirding] Vaux Swift
5/1/18 4:04 pm Joan Lentz <joanlentz...> [sbcobirding] Great day for migrants stacking up at El Capitan State Beach
5/1/18 3:37 pm Florence Sanchez via Groups.Io <sanchezucsb11=<> Re: [sbcobirding] Phainopeplas
5/1/18 3:33 pm Florence Sanchez via Groups.Io <sanchezucsb11=<> Re: [sbcobirding] Refugio Road today
5/1/18 3:28 pm Adam Lewis (sbfledgling) <aj.lewis...> [sbcobirding] Phainopeplas
5/1/18 3:22 pm Thomas Turner <habarimbu...> [sbcobirding] Refugio Road today
5/1/18 2:10 pm Nick Lethaby <nlethaby...> [sbcobirding] Refugio Road
5/1/18 10:13 am Dave Compton <davcompton60...> [sbcobirding] White-eyed Vireo
4/30/18 8:57 pm Steven Gaulin <gaulin...> [sbcobirding] Tern report: Goleta Slough 4/30/2018 4:30 PM
4/30/18 8:35 pm Steven Gaulin <gaulin...> [sbcobirding] Arroyo Hondo Sunday April 29
4/30/18 7:34 pm Nick Lethaby <nlethaby...> [sbcobirding] Black Swift
4/30/18 10:28 am Cruz Phillips via Groups.Io <cruzitas=<> [sbcobirding] 2 Black Swifts in the Wind on Sunday
4/30/18 8:20 am Bradley Hacker via Groups.Io <bradley_r_hacker=<> [sbcobirding] 2 Wandering Tattlers
4/29/18 7:53 pm Bradley Hacker via Groups.Io <bradley_r_hacker=<> [sbcobirding] Sierra Madre
4/29/18 7:15 pm Conor Scotland <scotland.conor...> [sbcobirding] Northern Waterthrush Still There
4/29/18 6:53 pm Nick Lethaby <nlethaby...> [sbcobirding] Bank Swallow
4/29/18 5:47 pm Florence Sanchez via Groups.Io <sanchezucsb11=<> [sbcobirding] Botanic Garden, Sunday, APril 29
4/29/18 5:40 pm Florence Sanchez via Groups.Io <sanchezucsb11=<> [sbcobirding] East Pinery Road on Friday April 27
4/29/18 1:40 pm Nick Lethaby <nlethaby...> [sbcobirding] Kinevan Road
4/29/18 1:05 pm Dave Compton <davcompton60...> [sbcobirding] Northern Parula and Refugio Creek birding, Sunday, 4-18
4/29/18 12:17 pm Janice Levasheff via Groups.Io <jlevasheff=<> [sbcobirding] SB Audubon May Dates and Deadlines
4/29/18 9:09 am Alan Prichard <alan.prichard...> [sbcobirding] Jameson Lake
4/28/18 8:42 pm Nick Lethaby <nlethaby...> [sbcobirding] Saturday birds
4/28/18 11:36 am Peter Schneekloth via Groups.Io <peterschneekloth=<> [sbcobirding] Possible Solitary Sandpiper - Los Alamos wastewater pond
4/28/18 6:55 am Elias Elias <call7076338833...> [sbcobirding] Access to the whistling duck on weekends
4/27/18 9:38 pm Mark Holmgren <maholmgren33...> [sbcobirding] Area K and Lake Los Carneros
4/26/18 9:49 pm Wim van Dam <wim.van.dam...> [sbcobirding] Least Bittern update, Thursday April 26
4/26/18 9:14 pm Dika Golovatchoff <digolov...> [sbcobirding] Little Blue Heron Goleta Slough
4/26/18 3:04 pm Wes Fritz <wes-fritz...> Re: [sbcobirding] Barka Slough
4/26/18 2:16 pm John Deacon <iseekbirds...> [sbcobirding] Barka Slough
4/26/18 1:11 pm Thomas Turner <habarimbu...> [sbcobirding] Devereux Slough area, minor notes
4/26/18 11:48 am John Callender <jbc...> [sbcobirding] Palm Warbler at the Carpinteria Bluffs
4/26/18 10:25 am Robert Lindsay <capnbob...> [sbcobirding] Goleta, 4/26 am
4/25/18 6:43 pm Jake Broad via Groups.Io <californiajbroad=<> [sbcobirding] Phalarope follow up
4/25/18 4:44 pm Eric Culbertson <ebc101...> [sbcobirding] Santa Monica Creek Hummingbirds
4/25/18 2:44 pm Jake Broad via Groups.Io <californiajbroad=<> [sbcobirding] Fulvous whistling duck & phalarope
4/25/18 9:32 am Jerry and Toni <blueray...> Re: [sbcobirding] LLC Least Bittern
4/25/18 9:07 am Dave Compton <davcompton60...> [sbcobirding] Least Bittern
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