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6/3/24 10:26 am Chris McCreedy <cristofolos...> ESbirds: Spring 2024 reports for Mono County for North American Birds
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Date: 6/3/24 10:26 am
From: Chris McCreedy <cristofolos...>
Subject: ESbirds: Spring 2024 reports for Mono County for North American Birds
Chris McCreedy <cristofolos...>
Wed, Feb 28, 7:53 PM
to Eastern
This is a reminder to all who birded Mono County during the Spring Season
(1 Mar 2024 - May 31 - 2024) that reports, descriptions, and photos of
notable sightings are needed by 10 Jun 2024. Please finalize your eBird
checklists or email reports to me by that date. I can be reached at
<cristofolos...> or <cmccreedy...>

When reporting a rarity, please specify in the species comments:

1. the initial observer
2. the author of the documentation

This information will be used to properly credit the observer(s) in the NAB
report. Also, please take the time to properly document and describe a
rarity so that the observation is worthy of becoming a permanent
ornithological record.

In addition, please email me regarding observations of:

1. notable high counts
2. notable high and low elevation observations
3. out-of-range observations

Thank you for your diligence in reporting your records. Also, thank you to
everyone that sent reports last season! Your reports were easy to
understand and very helpful.

Chris McCreedy


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