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5/27/20 1:04 pm Gary File <garycarlafile...> [kerncobirding] Alder Flycatcher
5/14/20 6:42 pm Ken and Brenda Kyle <kbgoldennugget2...> [kerncobirding] <kerncobirding-noreply...> [kerncobirding] Kern National Wildlife Refuge visit 5/14/2020
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Date: 5/27/20 1:04 pm
From: Gary File <garycarlafile...>
Subject: [kerncobirding] Alder Flycatcher
Alder Flycatcher was still present this morning  at 7:15 and again after 9:00am
near the 14th green California City Golf Course.
Gary File

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Date: 5/14/20 6:42 pm
From: Ken and Brenda Kyle <kbgoldennugget2...> [kerncobirding] <kerncobirding-noreply...>
Subject: [kerncobirding] Kern National Wildlife Refuge visit 5/14/2020
We are listing a few of the birds that we saw at the Kern National Wildlife Refuge 5/14/2020. We saw a Wilson's Phalarope behind the visitors center. Long-billed Curlews were also seen behind the visitor center. We saw two Greater-white fronted Geese. One was seen in the second pond as we left the visitor center area. The other was seen on the gravel road in the area of parking lot 2. An American Bittern was observed flying in the area of parking lot 2. Before leaving the refuge, we checked behind the visitor center and saw a Peregrine Falcon feeding on an American Coot. Tomorrow, we will place some photos of this visit along with a report on e-Bird.

                                                                       Ken and Brenda Kyle                                                                       Bakersfield


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