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12/5/21 3:56 pm Dave <froba...> [StanislausBirds] More on the Sage Thrasher
12/5/21 2:12 pm Dave <froba...> [StanislausBirds] RL Hawk and Sage Thrasher
12/4/21 6:34 pm Harold Reeve <birder...> [StanislausBirds] Brewer's Sparrow in Ceres
11/24/21 5:46 pm Ralph via <sharks_hockey_maniac...> [StanislausBirds] O'Neill Forebay correction
11/23/21 11:15 pm Ralph via <sharks_hockey_maniac...> [StanislausBirds] O'Neill Forebay TUFTED DUCK no, but a few other birds worth noting.
11/22/21 1:18 am Harold Reeve <birder...> [StanislausBirds] Black-headed Gull at Modesto WTP
11/21/21 4:04 pm mojoedevine via <mojoedevine...> [StanislausBirds] Tufted Duck reported at Medeiros, San Luis Reservoir
11/8/21 4:21 pm Daniel Gilman <spiderdan1974...> [StanislausBirds] Naraghi Hooded Merganser and others
11/7/21 7:04 pm Ralph via <sharks_hockey_maniac...> [StanislausBirds] Naraghi Lake Horned Grebe? NOPE
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