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9/18/19 11:11 pm Daniel Gilman <spiderdan1974...> [StanislausBirds] Dry Creek Migrants
9/15/19 10:07 am Frances Oliver <hummer52...> [StanislausBirds] Alert for Stanislaus County
9/13/19 4:52 pm Ralph via Groups.Io <sharks_hockey_maniac=<> [StanislausBirds] Dry Creek Today
9/13/19 12:26 pm Sal <bees2...> [StanislausBirds] First of Season White-crowned Sparrows, Red-breasted Nuthatch
9/13/19 11:47 am Daniel Gilman <spiderdan1974...> [StanislausBirds] RBNU Modesto
9/12/19 7:14 pm Sal <bees2...> [StanislausBirds] Audubon Program, Manfred Kusch on Hummingbirds
9/8/19 5:11 pm Ralph via Groups.Io <sharks_hockey_maniac=<> [StanislausBirds] Yesterday and Today, including a Stanislaus RUDDY TURNSTONE
9/5/19 3:59 pm L Pittman <pittmanl...> [StanislausBirds] Central Valley Birding Symposium Nov. 21-24, 2019 Program & Registration Info
8/29/19 3:14 pm Ralph via Groups.Io <sharks_hockey_maniac=<> [StanislausBirds] Ceres WTP, Vivian & Fulkerth and Dry Creek
8/21/19 11:10 pm Daniel Gilman <spiderdan1974...> [StanislausBirds] Dry Creek
8/21/19 5:25 pm Ralph via Groups.Io <sharks_hockey_maniac=<> [StanislausBirds] Immature RUFOUS-CROWNED SPARROW on Dry Creek this afternoon
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