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9/26/23 8:07 pm England via <wdchkgsqrl...> [SJBirds] HAWK HILL RAPTOR MIGRATION TRIP (October 1 @ 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
9/25/23 10:21 pm Ralph via <sharks_hockey_maniac...> [SJBirds] Staten Island and Woodbridge Road this afternoon
9/20/23 10:43 pm Ralph via <sharks_hockey_maniac...> [SJBirds] Staten Island Sanderling-NO, but plenty of other stuff. Including a SNOWY PLOVER
9/20/23 7:34 pm England via <wdchkgsqrl...> [SJBirds] SJAS Field Trips This Saturday: Mountain House, or Point Reyes?
9/11/23 11:45 am England via <wdchkgsqrl...> [SJBirds] Sept 16 (Woodbridge Wilderness), Sept 17 (Fish Hatchery)
9/8/23 7:21 pm donna marciano <paulmarciano...> Re: [SJBirds] FOS birds
9/8/23 12:46 pm Kurt Mize via <k1mize...> [SJBirds] FOS birds
9/6/23 5:27 pm England via <wdchkgsqrl...> [SJBirds] SJ Audubon Sept 12 General Meeting: Chris Conard: Namibia, Botswana and Zambia, with a little bit of South Africa
9/6/23 12:18 pm Kurt Mize via <k1mize...> [SJBirds] Parkwoods Drive
9/6/23 11:17 am England via <wdchkgsqrl...> [SJBirds] COSUMNES RIVER WALK SEPTEMBER 9 @ 7:00 AM - 10:30 AM
9/2/23 9:49 pm Ralph via <sharks_hockey_maniac...> [SJBirds] Great birds at Stockton WTP this afternoon
9/1/23 10:08 am England via <wdchkgsqrl...> [SJBirds] SEPTEMBER ACTIVITIES--SAN JOAQUIN AUDUBON (Chris Conard at General Meeting, and September Field Trips)
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