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9/17/20 12:57 pm Pat Croft <patndavid...> [SJBirds] White-Crowned sparrow
9/16/20 8:40 pm k foley <kaseyfoley...> Re: [SJBirds] Baxter Park today
9/16/20 3:59 pm Kurt Mize via <k1mize...> [SJBirds] Baxter Park today
9/16/20 7:12 am Pat Croft <patndavid...> [SJBirds] Aoir Quality
9/15/20 9:29 am Frances Oliver <hummer52...> [SJBirds] Report of the burn around Del Puerto Canyon and beyond
9/15/20 9:05 am Jimmy Gain <jimgain...> [SJBirds] Ripon WTP West -Many Shorebirds
9/15/20 12:13 am k foley <kaseyfoley...> Re: [SJBirds] White-crowned Sparrows are back
9/14/20 2:28 pm Susan Schneider <susanschneider7...> [SJBirds] White-crowned Sparrows are back
9/13/20 10:03 am k foley <kaseyfoley...> [SJBirds] Fallout (non-ash)
9/12/20 11:11 am England via <wdchkgsqrl...> [SJBirds] SJ Audubon General Meeting (Zoom): Jim Rowoth "Using E-Bird"
9/11/20 11:00 am Jimmy Gain <jimgain...> Re: [SJBirds] AQI level
9/11/20 10:52 am Pat Croft <patndavid...> [SJBirds] AQI level
9/10/20 9:01 am Jimmy Gain <jimgain...> Re: [SJBirds] Migrants
9/9/20 6:29 pm Ralph via <sharks_hockey_maniac...> Re: [SJBirds] Migrants
9/9/20 11:17 am Susan Schneider <susanschneider7...> Re: [SJBirds] Red-breasted nuthatch
9/9/20 10:26 am k foley <kaseyfoley...> Re: [SJBirds] Migrants
9/9/20 10:05 am David Yee <birdmanyee...> [SJBirds] Migrants
9/9/20 9:33 am k foley <kaseyfoley...> [SJBirds] Red-breasted nuthatch
9/8/20 7:40 am Jimmy Gain <jimgain...> Re: [SJBirds] Pec Sands at Ripon Sewage Ponds West
9/7/20 1:59 pm Jimmy Gain <jimgain...> Re: [SJBirds] Pec Sands at Ripon Sewage Ponds West
9/7/20 12:12 pm David Yee <birdmanyee...> [SJBirds] Pec Sands at Ripon Sewage Ponds West
9/2/20 11:59 am England via <wdchkgsqrl...> [SJBirds] Here's the September/October 2020 Hoot Owl
9/1/20 1:15 am <SJBIRDS...> [SJBIRDS] File - Emergency Bird Rescue Information
8/27/20 6:46 pm Kurt Mize via <k1mize...> Re: [SJBirds] Migrants
8/27/20 11:07 am Pat Paternostro <BRONCOS30...> [SJBirds] Migrants
8/27/20 8:26 am Jimmy Gain <jimgain...> [SJBirds] Willet at Ripon WTP West
8/24/20 1:04 pm Ralph via <sharks_hockey_maniac...> Re: [SJBirds] BLACK TERN Ripon
8/24/20 6:44 am Kurt Mize via <k1mize...> Re: [SJBirds] BLACK TERN Ripon
8/23/20 7:31 pm Ralph via <sharks_hockey_maniac...> Re: [SJBirds] Update on BLACK TERN
8/23/20 5:10 pm Ralph via <sharks_hockey_maniac...> [SJBirds] Update on BLACK TERN
8/23/20 4:26 pm Ralph via <sharks_hockey_maniac...> [SJBirds] BLACK TERN Ripon
8/23/20 1:58 pm k foley <kaseyfoley...> Re: [SJBirds] Red-breasted Nuthatch in Stockton
8/23/20 12:33 pm Jim Rowoth <rowoth...> [SJBirds] Red-breasted Nuthatch in Stockton
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