Received From Subject
11/6/18 2:30 pm Sky Lloyd <skylloyd54...> [NWCALBIRD] Crescent City MacGillivray's and Palm Warbler, Tropical Kingbird, WT Sparrow
11/3/18 5:10 pm John Sterling <jsterling...> [NWCALBIRD] heermann's gull Dorris Reservoir, south end
11/1/18 4:23 pm Tony Kurz <tonyk_71220...> [NWCALBIRD] American tree sparrow in Humboldt 11/01/18
10/17/18 7:07 pm Tom Leskiw <tomleskiw...> [NWCALBIRD] HumCo Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 10/17/18
10/17/18 11:48 am Rob Fowler <migratoriusfwlr...> Re: [NWCALBIRD] McCOWN’s LONGSPUR
10/17/18 8:25 am <judeclairepower...> [NWCALBIRD] McCOWN’s LONGSPUR
10/16/18 7:55 pm Mario Balitbit <mariobalitbit...> [NWCALBIRD] McCOWN'S LONGSPUR on SW corner of V street.
10/16/18 3:40 pm Rob Fowler <migratoriusfwlr...> [NWCALBIRD] V St Loop highlights 16 Oct
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