Received From Subject
7/12/20 10:39 am Ken and Brenda Kyle via <kbgoldennugget2=<> [CALBIRDS] Short-billed/Long-billed Dowitcher PHOTO(s) taken JUNE 23,2020 at KERN NWR
7/11/20 7:19 am tissa1020 <tissa1020...> [CALBIRDS] Help Identifying - Single note call mostly in the mornings along Oso near Margarite Pkwy
7/9/20 8:07 am Dorian Anderson <thespeckledhatchback...> [CALBIRDS] Recent bird photos from around CA - lots of passerines for a change....
7/6/20 8:44 pm Ryan Terrill <Ornithoterrill...> [CALBIRDS] California/county listing online app
7/4/20 10:24 am <lehman.paul...> via <lehman.paul=<> [CALBIRDS] San Diego Little Stint returns
7/3/20 9:52 am <lehman.paul...> via <lehman.paul=<> [CALBIRDS] true summer status of Ring-billed Gull along CA coast?
6/27/20 3:03 pm <lehman.paul...> via <lehman.paul=<> [CALBIRDS] 32 COOK'S PETRELS and 2 Craveri's in San Diego & L. A. County waters; possible future chase trip?
6/21/20 7:28 pm wagtail1997 <orcorba...> [CALBIRDS] 2nd Virtual Field Trip
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