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11/27/19 12:38 pm Bates Estabrooks <wgpu...> [BIRDWG01] Red Crossbill Type?
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Date: 11/27/19 12:38 pm
From: Bates Estabrooks <wgpu...>
Subject: [BIRDWG01] Red Crossbill Type?
In a new-found effort to understand Red Crossbill types, along with getting out and recording and photographing the locals, I have been perusing eBird media. I happened upon this checklist that IDs all of the pictured birds as Type 1:

The look of some of the birds (the ones clinging to the moss/bark) strike me as being too large-billed for Type 1, but could possibly be Type 2 (found occasionally in the southern Blue Ridge). Regrettably, no recordings are included. Type 2 would be a good find for the area.


Thank you.

Bates Estabrooks


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