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4/15/18 3:45 am Ben Cacace <bcacace...> [nfc-l] Manhattan: Upper East Side, 15-Apr (NFC)
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Date: 4/15/18 3:45 am
From: Ben Cacace <bcacace...>
Subject: [nfc-l] Manhattan: Upper East Side, 15-Apr (NFC)
This morning from at least 2am on I've been hearing the same type of flight
call. I made 3m 22s recording containing at least 7 calls. I trimmed the
file to 1m 32s and uploaded to eBird. I posted a few images of the
sonograms on Twitter here < >. I can hear the
calls on the file but they are quiet. The calls continued until at least
4:15a. It was overcast and the winds were out of the ENE just over 10 mph
gusting to 26 mph.

Let me know if there's any possibility of identifying the calls to species
or group.

Here's the text on the checklist: Listened back to the recording after
uploading. Can hear 7 separate calls over 3'22". I've edited the file down
to 1'32" removing the dead air before and after the events. Calls can be
heard at roughly 5", 13", 40", 55", 1'00", 1'03" and 1'26".

Ben Cacace
Manhattan, NYC
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