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9/25/17 9:12 pm Evan Barrientos <barrientosevan...> [RV Birds] Mt. Bailey/Silent Springs Trails Sept 23
9/25/17 4:01 pm Harry Fuller <atowhee...> [RV Birds] Cascades birds: gallery and checklist from Sept. 24
9/25/17 3:57 pm Dennis Vroman <dpvroman...> [RV Birds] Kentucky Warbler description
9/25/17 12:59 pm Dennis Vroman <dpvroman...> [RV Birds] Jo Co Kentucky Warbler
9/25/17 9:51 am Janet Kelly <chamkell...> [RV Birds] GWF Geese
9/24/17 10:27 pm Harry Fuller <atowhee...> [RV Birds] three Great Grays, many Gray Jays, but a bright day in Jackson County
9/24/17 12:13 pm Yvonne McDonald <freyavik...> [RV Birds] Barred Owl
9/23/17 2:50 pm Harry Fuller <atowhee...> [RV Birds] A great TV show today in Ashland
9/22/17 9:55 pm Harry Fuller <atowhee...> [RV Birds] Green Heron at Coburg; shorebirds at Emigrant Lake
9/22/17 5:56 pm Lee French <golola77...> [RV Birds] Shee...what a grouse!
9/22/17 12:03 pm rdm <wsjaybird...> [RV Birds] Gold-crowned Sparrows returned
9/21/17 7:57 pm Lee French <golola77...> [RV Birds] Heard only
9/20/17 6:37 pm Romain Cooper <romain...> [RV Birds] Takilma, Illinois Valley bird news
9/20/17 2:12 pm frank lospalluto <fdlospalluto...> [RV Birds] Emigrant birds 09/20
9/18/17 2:48 pm Harry Fuller <atowhee...> [RV Birds] Eastern Oregon gallery, inc. Summer Lake
9/16/17 8:46 am Jeffrey Tufts <jctufts33...> Re: [RV Birds] Red-shouldered vs. Raven: draw
9/16/17 5:56 am Karl Schneck <keschneckdds...> Re: [RV Birds] Red-shouldered vs. Raven: draw
9/15/17 8:48 pm Janet Kelly <chamkell...> Re: [RV Birds] Red-shouldered vs. Raven: draw
9/15/17 5:55 pm Karl Schneck <keschneckdds...> [RV Birds] Red-shouldered vs. Raven: draw
9/15/17 8:45 am <kirkpat...> <kirkpat...> [RV Birds] Bees at hummer feeders
9/14/17 9:41 pm Harry Fuller <atowhee...> [RV Birds] KBO field trip at Malheur--Sept. 14
9/14/17 7:36 pm Karl Schneck <keschneckdds...> [RV Birds] Looking for Lewis's Woodpecker but settled for elk herd
9/13/17 6:03 pm frank lospalluto <fdlospalluto...> Re: [RV Birds] Pectoral Sandpipers, Kirtlands and Agate, 11 Sept
9/13/17 9:10 am frank lospalluto <fdlospalluto...> [RV Birds] Golden-crowned Sparrow
9/12/17 12:09 pm Ralph Browning <sjs96...> [RV Birds] Pectoral Sandpipers, Kirtlands and Agate, 11 Sept
9/12/17 6:33 am Janet Kelly <chamkell...> [RV Birds] Voorhies Swifts
9/11/17 5:46 pm Harry Fuller <atowhee...> [RV Birds] Ankeny shorebirds, friendly screech-owl in Ashland
9/11/17 9:30 am Coprolitemergie <kristi...> [RV Birds] Vaux Swift event tonight at EdenVale Winery
9/7/17 2:15 pm Harry Fuller <atowhee...> [RV Birds] Noah Strycker: Birding Without Borders
9/3/17 7:44 pm Bob Hunter <hunterbob10...> [RV Birds] First of Season White-crowned sparrows
9/1/17 10:45 am Janet Kelly <chamkell...> Re: [RV Birds] Good show yerterday
9/1/17 7:42 am Lee French <golola77...> [RV Birds] Good show yerterday
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