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10/14/17 8:11 am sargentme5 via Klamath Basin Bird News <klamathbasinbirdnews...> [KlamathBasinBirdNews] Audubon field trip, October 21
10/14/17 6:39 am <rriparia...> [KlamathBasinBirdNews] WW Scoter and more
10/12/17 12:08 pm Harry Fuller <atowhee...> [KlamathBasinBirdNews] Mountain finches descend upon McMinnville
10/4/17 6:54 pm sargentme5 via Klamath Basin Bird News <klamathbasinbirdnews...> [KlamathBasinBirdNews] Klamath Basin Audubon monthly meeting
9/25/17 3:23 pm Harry Fuller <atowhee...> [KlamathBasinBirdNews] Jackson County: Gray Jays in flocks, feeding and being bold
9/25/17 3:20 pm BJ Matzen <bjmatzen...> [KlamathBasinBirdNews] Sandhills in the morning
9/25/17 3:09 pm Forrest English <forrest.english...> Re: [KlamathBasinBirdNews] BROAD-WINGED HAWK KlamCo
9/25/17 12:52 pm Harry Fuller <atowhee...> [KlamathBasinBirdNews] Great Gray Owl yesterday morning near Howard Prairie
9/24/17 12:13 pm Fran McDermott <franmcd...> Re: [KlamathBasinBirdNews] BROAD-WINGED HAWK KlamCo
9/24/17 7:02 am <rriparia...> [KlamathBasinBirdNews] BROAD-WINGED HAWK KlamCo
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