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7/10/18 12:59 pm Clayton Rickett <crrickett11...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Potential Say's Phoebe- Company Lake (Troutdale)
7/10/18 11:10 am peter barnes <pbarnes123...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Company Lake, July 9, Red-eyed Vireo
7/8/18 5:17 pm Erik Knight <erikknight05...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Wash Co. shorebirds
7/8/18 11:26 am peter barnes <pbarnes123...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Force Lake July 6: Green Herons and Blue-winged Teal
7/6/18 10:58 pm peter barnes <pbarnes123...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Wapato Greenway today
7/3/18 9:12 am Owen Schmidt <oschmidt...> [PortlandAreaBirds] No Birders Night tonight
6/28/18 10:20 pm peter barnes <pbarnes123...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Vanport wetlands, Force Lake today: Yellow-headed Blackbirds, Blue-winged Teal, Green Heron
6/26/18 1:44 pm peter barnes <pbarnes123...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Williamson's Sapsuckers, possible Cassin's Finch on Abbott Rd, Clackamas county
6/26/18 10:52 am Stefan Schlick <greenfant...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Very local: Willow Flycatcher at Orenco Nature Park (Washington Co)
6/22/18 7:51 pm peter barnes <pbarnes123...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Williamson's sapsuckers Mount Hood
6/21/18 6:25 pm Eric Carlson <carl8630...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Eastern kingbird ne Portland
6/20/18 10:30 pm Stefan Schlick <greenfant...> [PortlandAreaBirds] 7 Common NIghthawks near Timber (Washington Co)
6/20/18 9:33 am Steve Engel <steve.engel...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Common Nighthawk heard at Jackson Bottom last night
6/19/18 11:34 pm peter barnes <pbarnes123...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Vanport wetlands and Force Lake today
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