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1/12/19 9:10 pm <eea...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Short-eared Owl Surveys in need of Volunteers
1/8/19 7:07 pm Jay Withgott <withgott...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Re: [obol] NE Portland Yellow and Palm Warblers
1/1/19 8:16 pm peter barnes <pbarnes123...> [PortlandAreaBirds] No YBSA in Gresham today
1/1/19 9:25 am Owen Schmidt <oschmidt...> [PortlandAreaBirds] No Portland Birders Night tonight
12/31/18 10:40 am peter barnes <pbarnes123...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in Gresham this morning
12/31/18 8:28 am Owen Schmidt <oschmidt...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Portland Birders Night is Tuesday
12/30/18 10:44 am Brodie Cass Talbott <brodietlewis...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Eur. Wigeon, Nor. Shrike @ vanport
12/29/18 3:11 pm Pointers <pointers...> Re: [PortlandAreaBirds] Eurasian wigeon force lake
12/29/18 2:06 pm Brodie Cass Talbott <brodietlewis...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Eurasian wigeon force lake
12/26/18 7:49 pm Stefan Schlick <greenfant...> [PortlandAreaBirds] RE: Forest Grove CBC results
12/26/18 1:13 pm Thomas Love <tlove...> [PortlandAreaBirds] RE: Forest Grove CBC results
12/24/18 9:15 pm Stefan Schlick <greenfant...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Forest Grove CBC results
12/20/18 12:27 pm William Risser <wlrisser...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Tabor birds
12/18/18 4:22 pm Stefan Schlick <greenfant...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Sherwood Red-naped Sapsucker continues (Washington Co)
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