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10/16/17 4:38 pm kammy Portland <kammy...> [PortlandAreaBirds] small bird nest in riparian zone along McCarthy Creek
10/12/17 2:54 pm Stefan Schlick <greenfant...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Who lost a 62mm circular polarizer at Fernhill Wetlands? (Washington Co)
10/11/17 11:52 am Jamie Simmons <sapsuckers...> Re: [PortlandAreaBirds] Prothonotary W?
10/11/17 11:42 am Thomas Love <tlove...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Prothonotary W?
10/9/17 8:10 am Hy-bird <re_hill...> [PortlandAreaBirds] A few Birdfest results
10/8/17 1:59 pm Beverly Hallberg <mapsout...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Sterna just flew by on Willamette River-bad pics- id help?
10/7/17 12:46 pm Owen Schmidt <oschmidt...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Saturday, October 7, 2017
10/6/17 10:14 am Jay Withgott <withgott...> [PortlandAreaBirds] recent N. Portland miscellany
10/3/17 9:21 am Owen Schmidt <oschmidt...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Tonight is Birders Night
10/1/17 8:36 pm Owen Schmidt <oschmidt...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Tuesday is Birders Night
10/1/17 5:59 pm Thomas Love <tlove...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Black Phoebe Tual R NWR Sunday
10/1/17 3:52 pm Will Risser <wlrisser...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Sharp-tiled sandpiper, Force Lake
10/1/17 3:42 pm Will Risser <wlrisser...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Lost windbreaker at Force Lake
9/30/17 3:54 pm William Risser <wlrisser...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Sharp tailed sp
9/29/17 4:43 pm Thomas Love <tlove...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Sharp-t. Sandpiper
9/29/17 12:26 pm dave helzer <davehelzerian...> [PortlandAreaBirds] North Portland Am. Pipit
9/28/17 8:56 pm Tom McNamara <tmcmac67...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Good day at Bonney Butte Hawkwatch
9/28/17 1:22 pm Stefan Schlick <greenfant...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Orenco birds (Washington Co)
9/24/17 8:22 pm Adrian Hinkle <adrian.hinkle...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Mt. Tabor Lapland Longspur
9/24/17 1:53 pm Tom McNamara <tmcmac67...> [PortlandAreaBirds] Mt Tabor Park (Portland) this a.m.
9/22/17 7:06 am Beverly Hallberg <mapsout...> [PortlandAreaBirds] More Common Terns, Snow Geese, Chukar - Sauvie Island
9/20/17 3:50 pm Jay Withgott <withgott...> Re: [PortlandAreaBirds] [obol] Re: Broughton Beach (Mult.) Parasitic Jaeger and Sabine's Gull
9/20/17 3:27 pm Jay Withgott <withgott...> [PortlandAreaBirds] [obol] Re: Broughton Beach (Mult.) Parasitic Jaeger and Sabine's Gull
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