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10/15/17 8:01 pm 'Mike Hearell' via UtahBirdTalk <utahbirdtalk...> [Birdtalk] Pineview Birds 10/15
10/15/17 2:17 pm 'Mike Hearell' via UtahBirdTalk <utahbirdtalk...> [Birdtalk] Cemetery Point
10/10/17 5:57 pm Rich Young <richbyoung75...> [Birdtalk] A Continuation of Migrating Bird Images Seen at Big Cottonwood Park East
10/9/17 6:35 pm Joel and Kathy <twobirders...> [Birdtalk] Saw-whet Owl
10/9/17 6:18 pm M. H. Wallace <pooder...> [Birdtalk] Spotted Towhee & White-breasted Nuthatch
10/8/17 8:37 pm 'Mike Hearell' via UtahBirdTalk <utahbirdtalk...> [Birdtalk] B.E. & Weber Birds
10/8/17 2:03 pm 'Mike Hearell' via UtahBirdTalk <utahbirdtalk...> [Birdtalk] Harris's Sparrow Dropped Pin
10/5/17 12:18 pm Keeli Marvel <keeli.marvel...> [Birdtalk] Meeting and field trip info for this month
10/1/17 3:56 pm Joel and Kathy <twobirders...> [Birdtalk] Causeway, Garr Ranch, Farmington Bay WMA
9/30/17 7:57 am Michael Lester <mlester126...> [Birdtalk] Golden-Plovers--AI Causeway
9/27/17 2:46 pm Rich Young <richbyoung75...> [Birdtalk] Male Evening Grosbeak photographed today at Big Cottonwood Park East, Holladay UT.
9/27/17 11:32 am 'Bryant Olsen' via UtahBirdTalk <utahbirdtalk...> [Birdtalk] Ruff,Farmington bay
9/25/17 4:52 pm 'Edson Leite' via UtahBirdTalk <utahbirdtalk...> [Birdtalk] Look at what I got in San Diego Fw: eBird Report - SD Pelagic 24Sep17_7, Sep 24, 2017
9/23/17 11:26 am Kenny Frisch <kenneth.frisch...> Re: [Birdtalk] Davis Co: Red Knot--AI causeway
9/23/17 10:19 am STEPHEN T <carlilest...> [Birdtalk] Birds on the Move and Other Ramblings
9/23/17 8:33 am Michael Lester <mlester126...> [Birdtalk] Davis Co: Red Knot--AI causeway
9/19/17 7:48 am Kristin Purdy <kristinpurdy...> [Birdtalk] Steller's Jays sightings continue
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