Received From Subject
9/16/20 5:48 pm Brian and Cindy Drill via Mnbird <mnbird...> [Mnbird] Redstart
9/12/20 1:11 pm ihatehicks666 via Mnbird <mnbird...> Re: [Mnbird] Albino Red Tailed Hawk sighting!
9/12/20 1:00 pm Lanson Klein via Mnbird <mnbird...> [Mnbird] Albino Red Tailed Hawk sighting!
9/12/20 12:27 pm Cherise Robb via Mnbird <mnbird...> Re: [Mnbird] Red breasted nuthatch
9/12/20 8:36 am Norma May via Mnbird <mnbird...> [Mnbird] A Trio of Flickers
9/11/20 8:27 pm Pamela Freeman via Mnbird <mnbird...> Re: [Mnbird] red breasted nuthatch
9/11/20 2:18 pm Larson, Norman W. via Mnbird <mnbird...> [Mnbird] red breasted nuthatch
9/7/20 6:42 pm Al Batt via Mnbird <mnbird...> [Mnbird] Frolicking in Freeborn County
9/6/20 11:54 am Betsy Kerr via Mnbird <mnbird...> [Mnbird] Sora Rails, Hennepin Cty.
8/27/20 11:28 am Nan Emmer via Mnbird <mnbird...> [Mnbird] Ospreys on the hunt for fish....
8/27/20 9:51 am Betsy Kerr via Mnbird <mnbird...> [Mnbird] RBN in Golden Valley
8/21/20 5:33 pm Richard Becker via Mnbird <mnbird...> [Mnbird] Fun sharpie sighting in South Minneapolis
8/20/20 3:27 pm Kyle TePoel via Mnbird <mnbird...> [Mnbird] Sharp-Tailed Sandpiper, Scott County
8/20/20 9:15 am Tami Vogel via Mnbird <mnbird...> [Mnbird] Active Morning
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