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3/25/17 11:11 pm Pam Unger <000001bf50cfbe5e-dmarc-request...> [Ohio-birds] Greenlawn Cemetery (Columbus) sapsuckers etc.
3/25/17 6:14 pm Nancy Anderson <0000000bf2aec77c-dmarc-request...> [Ohio-birds] Villa Angela/Wildwood Parks Cleveland 3/25 Migrants
3/25/17 5:51 pm rob thorn <robthorn...> [Ohio-birds] DublinSciotoGorge,3-25:migrants
3/25/17 5:14 pm Douglas Vogus <vogeye...> [Ohio-birds] Summit County Migrants
3/25/17 2:45 pm Regina Schieltz <reginasch54...> [Ohio-birds] Darke County Bonaparte's Gulls, etc.
3/25/17 2:18 pm Joel Zaas <jhzaas...> [Ohio-birds] Northern Shrike
3/25/17 2:15 pm Doreene Linzell <dlinzell611...> [Ohio-birds] Fish Crows - South Euclid
3/25/17 2:04 pm Steve Jones <sjlarue1...> [Ohio-birds] Loony Day in North Central Ohio Counties
3/25/17 2:03 pm Brian <brian0918...> [Ohio-birds] Summit Co - Northern Shrike
3/25/17 4:54 am Ohio Birder <ohiobirder...> [Ohio-birds] Woodcocks - Medina County
3/25/17 4:10 am Douglas Vogus <vogeye...> [Ohio-birds] CVNP Great Egret
3/24/17 7:51 pm Sally Isacco <disacco...> [Ohio-birds] Woodcocks at Erie Bluffs
3/24/17 3:18 pm shughes3 <shughes3...> Re: [Ohio-birds] CHIPPING IN >>>
3/24/17 1:25 pm Dean Sheldon <seedbed...> [Ohio-birds] CHIPPING IN >>>
3/24/17 8:49 am Haans Petruschke <haans42...> [Ohio-birds] Nesting Juncos singing on Gildersleeve Mountain
3/24/17 8:31 am John Pogacnik <jpogacnik...> [Ohio-birds] Fish Crows and other migrants, Lake Erie Bluffs 3/24
3/24/17 6:45 am Brian <brian0918...> [Ohio-birds] Little Gull at Nimisila Reservoir, Summit Co
3/24/17 4:36 am Paul_H <000003bbe4728c00-dmarc-request...> [Ohio-birds] Killbuck Marsh and Funk
3/23/17 6:24 pm Tom Fishburn <justachild...> [Ohio-birds] Cuyahoga County, Coe Lake Berea: Horned Grebes, Scaup, Redhead, Gadwall, Hooded Mergansers (photos)
3/23/17 3:41 pm Brian <brian0918...> [Ohio-birds] Little Gull - Summit Co
3/22/17 6:20 pm Casey Tucker <tuckercasey...> [Ohio-birds] Ohio Avian Research Conference-Hold the Date!
3/22/17 4:05 pm Douglas Vogus <vogeye...> [Ohio-birds] Bath Nature Preserve
3/22/17 8:42 am Jo Ann Kubicki <jak1...> Re: [Ohio-birds] Redhead and a couple of Grebes on Coe Lake in Berea
3/22/17 7:19 am Patty McKelvey <pambirds...> Re: [Ohio-birds] Woodcocks (Stark Co)
3/22/17 7:13 am Gilbert DiSanto <gilbertino8...> Re: [Ohio-birds] Woodcocks (Stark Co)
3/21/17 6:44 pm Holly Lynn <hollymlynn...> [Ohio-birds] Short-eared Owls
3/21/17 5:52 pm Jon Cefus <jcefus...> [Ohio-birds] Woodcocks (Stark Co)
3/21/17 5:36 pm Mary Huey <mary.huey...> [Ohio-birds] Woodcocks
3/21/17 5:04 pm Melanie Shuter <mbshuter...> [Ohio-birds] Deer Creek - Pickaway County - Surf Scoters, Red-throated Loon
3/21/17 4:07 pm Brian Menker <00000181ea064de6-dmarc-request...> [Ohio-birds] Eared Grebe photos-Clark County
3/21/17 3:58 pm Dave Lewis <Loopyonetwo...> [Ohio-birds] Stow
3/21/17 2:52 pm Stierhoff, Elayna M. <EMStierhoff...> [Ohio-birds] Pine warbler Logan County
3/21/17 1:40 pm Brian Menker <00000181ea064de6-dmarc-request...> [Ohio-birds] Eared Grebe-Clark county Yes
3/21/17 10:36 am Jeff Peters <jeffrey.peters...> [Ohio-birds] Eared Grebe at Buck Creek State Park
3/21/17 10:17 am Kathy Shank <kshank...> [Ohio-birds] Redhead and a couple of Grebes on Coe Lake in Berea
3/20/17 2:02 pm Brad Perkins <bperkins75...> [Ohio-birds] Dillon Lake Loons, Golden Eyes, Horned Grebe's, Red Breasted Mergansers, etc.
3/20/17 12:49 pm Linda Woolard <woolardl...> [Ohio-birds] loons
3/20/17 12:26 pm Margaret Bowman <mbowman...> [Ohio-birds] Surf Scoters - Huron Co.
3/20/17 7:19 am Emily Keeler <00000132ab489587-dmarc-request...> Re: [Ohio-birds] Surf Scoters - Hargus Lake
3/20/17 6:32 am Ben Crow <Ben.Crow...> [Ohio-birds] Surf Scoters - Hargus Lake
3/20/17 6:27 am Michael Nierzejewski <bronko...> [Ohio-birds] Golden eagle near ashtabula county
3/19/17 8:07 pm Steve Hughes <shughes3...> [Ohio-birds] Common Mergansers
3/19/17 6:24 pm Sally Isacco <disacco...> [Ohio-birds] Short-eared Owls at Lorain County Airport
3/19/17 4:30 pm Chris Pierce <c.pierce...> [Ohio-birds] Pleasant Hills Lake and Funk Bottoms
3/19/17 2:36 pm Andrew & Annette Boose <boose...> [Ohio-birds] Hoover Reservoir
3/19/17 2:34 pm Leslie Sours <lmsours...> [Ohio-birds] Common Loons at Deer Creek SP--Pickaway County
3/19/17 2:34 pm Andrew & Annette Boose <boose...> [Ohio-birds] Hoover Reservoir
3/19/17 2:19 pm Komjati Design <dkomjati...> [Ohio-birds] Loons And Horned Grebes in Medina County
3/19/17 1:52 pm Simpson, Bruce <simpson...> [Ohio-birds] Blendon Woods Metro Park-waterfowl, songbirds
3/19/17 12:15 pm Jon Cefus <jcefus...> [Ohio-birds] Common Loons - Carroll Co.
3/19/17 11:19 am Ernie Cornelius <ecornelius1...> [Ohio-birds] Common Loons
3/18/17 7:39 pm Jim Tomko <jwtomkood...> [Ohio-birds] Redheads Portage Cy.
3/18/17 6:14 pm Joe Faulkner <joeinthewoods...> [Ohio-birds] Woodcock, rain, dancing, yes
3/18/17 5:45 pm Steve Hughes <shughes3...> [Ohio-birds] Hooded Merganser, Silver Springs Dog Park Lake, Summit County.
3/18/17 4:25 pm Mark Vass <000001e9902b144b-dmarc-request...> [Ohio-birds] Snow Buntings - Ashtabula Co.
3/18/17 2:16 pm Elaine & Marty Cohen <buckeye4c...> [Ohio-birds] Fwd: [Ohio-birds] Eurasian widgeon
3/18/17 2:12 pm Elaine & Marty Cohen <buckeye4c...> [Ohio-birds] Eurasian widgeon
3/18/17 1:53 pm Lisa Brohl <lakbrohl...> [Ohio-birds] Ross's Goose on South Bass Island
3/18/17 1:33 pm Douglas Vogus <vogeye...> [Ohio-birds] Nimisila Pine Warbler
3/18/17 12:51 pm Regina Schieltz <reginasch54...> [Ohio-birds] Darke County eagle and others
3/18/17 11:06 am rob thorn <robthorn...> [Ohio-birds] AlumCreekLake,3-18 not 3-19
3/18/17 11:03 am rob thorn <robthorn...> [Ohio-birds] AlumCreekLake,3-19:waterfowlSurge
3/18/17 9:30 am Bill Whan <billwhan...> Re: [Ohio-birds] Crossbills?
3/18/17 7:31 am Ken Andrews <ken.hikes...> [Ohio-birds] Common Loon and Hooded Mergansers and MORE at Coe Lake, Berea
3/18/17 6:48 am Brian <brian0918...> [Ohio-birds] Nimisila Reservoir - Surf Scoter
3/17/17 12:55 pm Steve Jones <sjlarue1...> Re: [Ohio-birds] Pleasant Hill Lake(Ashland County) Red-necked Grebe, YES!
3/17/17 12:50 pm Steve Jones <sjlarue1...> [Ohio-birds] Pleasant Hill Lake(Ashland County) Red-necked Grebe, YES!
3/17/17 10:36 am Terry Sponseller <tsbs...> [Ohio-birds] Surf Scoter, Nimisila Reservoir 3/17
3/17/17 9:05 am Matt <mmvalencic...> [Ohio-birds] LaDue Waterfowl - Geauga County
3/17/17 8:30 am Karen Martens <karen.h.martens...> [Ohio-birds] Wood ducks
3/17/17 8:02 am Douglas Vogus <vogeye...> [Ohio-birds] Summit Lake Waterfowl 03/17
3/17/17 7:24 am Amalee W <theonlyamalee...> [Ohio-birds] Rain & woodcocks?
3/17/17 7:20 am William Hull <mangoverde...> Re: [Ohio-birds] Crossbills?
3/17/17 7:18 am Haans Petruschke <haans42...> Re: [Ohio-birds] Crossbills?
3/17/17 6:56 am Bill Whan <billwhan...> [Ohio-birds] Crossbills?
3/16/17 5:37 pm rob thorn <robthorn...> [Ohio-birds] HooverReservoir,3-16:waterfowl,RustyBlackbird
3/16/17 10:55 am Kathy Shank <kshank...> [Ohio-birds] Common Loon and Hooded Mergansers at Coe Lake, Berea
3/15/17 7:10 pm rob thorn <robthorn...> [Ohio-birds] SharonWoods,Columbus,3-15:TreeSwallows,Phoebe
3/15/17 3:18 pm Susanna <susanna...> [Ohio-birds] Sharp-shinned Hawk in Columbus yard
3/15/17 1:25 pm Leslie Sours <lmsours...> Re: [Ohio-birds] Red-necked Grebe
3/15/17 9:46 am Doreene Linzell <dlinzell611...> [Ohio-birds] Red-necked Grebe
3/15/17 9:01 am Ricardo Garcia <ryi.mexi.kanz...> [Ohio-birds] ducks at Spring Valley Wildlife Area, March 15
3/15/17 8:26 am Steve Jones <sjlarue1...> Re: [Ohio-birds] SPAM!!
3/15/17 5:15 am Liz McQuaid <prwarbler...> [Ohio-birds] SPAM!!
3/15/17 5:15 am Debora Parker <medinaparker...> [Ohio-birds] {Spam?} Re: [Ohio-birds] just for you
3/15/17 2:01 am Ohio birds <000003c0bb627cab-dmarc-request...> [Ohio-birds] just for you
3/14/17 11:58 am Ohio birds <kshank...> [Ohio-birds] {Spam?} Re: information
3/14/17 10:58 am Susanna <susanna...> [Ohio-birds] E Towhee still in Columbus yard
3/13/17 2:03 pm Brad Perkins <bperkins75...> [Ohio-birds] Common Loon and Mergansers at Dillon State Park in Muskingum County.
3/13/17 8:56 am Brian <brian0918...> [Ohio-birds] Ivory Gull deceased
3/13/17 6:32 am Paul Graham <paulgraham...> [Ohio-birds] 2 Fox Sparrows
3/12/17 7:47 pm Stefan Gleissberg <stefan...> [Ohio-birds] Pickerington Ponds -- ducks and more
3/12/17 2:44 pm rob thorn <robthorn...> [Ohio-birds] Greenlawn-to-Hilliard,3-12:Red-br.Nuthatches,Sparrows
3/12/17 10:44 am John-C-Seiler <jseiler6200...> [Ohio-birds] Barred Owl
3/12/17 8:22 am Ryan Milhouse <milhouseryan...> Re: [Ohio-birds] yard sparrows this am
3/12/17 6:40 am Paul Graham <paulgraham...> [Ohio-birds] yard sparrows this am
3/11/17 6:13 pm Regina Schieltz <reginasch54...> [Ohio-birds] Darke County report ducks, etc.
3/11/17 3:43 pm jen brumfield <elfin_skimmer...> [Ohio-birds] Fish Crows (38) in Lakewood
3/11/17 10:56 am rob thorn <robthorn...> [Ohio-birds] Alum-Delaware,3-11:ducks,harrier
3/11/17 10:33 am Robert Evans <benbovas...> [Ohio-birds] Woodcock, Muskingum Co. - quantitative and qualitative observations
3/10/17 4:16 pm Regina Schieltz <reginasch54...> [Ohio-birds] Darke Co. Tree Swallow
3/10/17 1:49 pm Susanna <susanna...> [Ohio-birds] Chipping Sparrow, E. Towhee in Columbus yard
3/10/17 8:47 am Ken Ostermiller <ken.ostermiller...> [Ohio-birds] New Ohio eBird Hotspots are active
3/10/17 5:33 am H Thomas Bartlett <hthomas.bartlett...> [Ohio-birds] Short-eared Owl and Laughing Gull
3/9/17 6:55 pm Doug Overacker <cdoveracker...> [Ohio-birds] Buck Creek State Park
3/9/17 5:55 pm rob thorn <robthorn...> [Ohio-birds] O'ShaughnessyReservoir,3-09:Redheads,Vultures,Waxwings
3/9/17 4:26 pm Kathy Mock <2klmockingbird...> [Ohio-birds] Akron Merlin remains at Greenlawn Cemetery 9 March 2017
3/9/17 9:46 am Doreene Linzell <dlinzell611...> [Ohio-birds] Harlequin Duck
3/9/17 7:58 am Vincent Capozziello <vcapozziello...> [Ohio-birds] Northern Shrike at Magee Marsh
3/8/17 12:13 pm Ricardo Garcia <ryi.mexi.kanz...> [Ohio-birds] black scoter still at Caesar Creek
3/6/17 7:16 pm rob thorn <robthorn...> [Ohio-birds] rainyHoover,3-06:Mergansers,TreeSparrows
3/6/17 6:29 pm Mary Huey <mary.huey...> [Ohio-birds] Ducks at LaDue Reservoir, Geauga County
3/6/17 2:53 pm Douglas Vogus <vogeye...> [Ohio-birds] Ottawa NWR Census
3/5/17 3:56 pm Robert Evans <benbovas...> [Ohio-birds] Woodcock, Muskingum Co.
3/5/17 3:43 pm Paul Graham <paulgraham...> [Ohio-birds] Black Vultures roosting flock
3/5/17 3:18 pm Elaine & Marty Cohen <buckeye4c...> [Ohio-birds] interesting mix of birds in St Martin
3/5/17 1:31 pm rob thorn <robthorn...> [Ohio-birds] urbanScioto,Columbus,3-05:divingDucks
3/5/17 11:13 am Helen Ostermiller <hostermiller...> [Ohio-birds] Another early arrival
3/5/17 11:03 am Ricardo Garcia <ryi.mexi.kanz...> [Ohio-birds] black scoter on Caesar Creek Lake, Warren County, March 5
3/5/17 10:26 am Ryan Tomazin <wvwarblers...> [Ohio-birds] Washington County - Newport Barn Swallow, etc.
3/4/17 10:08 am rob thorn <robthorn...> [Ohio-birds] AlumCreekLake,3-04:waterfowl,eagles
3/4/17 2:31 am Douglas Vogus <vogeye...> [Ohio-birds] Cuyahoga Valley Towpath Census
3/2/17 3:46 pm Kathy Mock <2klmockingbird...> [Ohio-birds] Summit County Merlin, 2 March 2017
3/2/17 1:37 pm Robert Evans <benbovas...> [Ohio-birds] Fox sparrow - Muskingum Co.
3/2/17 10:49 am Ken Andrews <Ken.hikes...> [Ohio-birds] Merlin in Parma, Ohio - Cuyahoga County
3/2/17 10:15 am Leslie Sours <lmsours...> Re: [Ohio-birds] Harlequin Duck Sim's Park cuyahoga
3/1/17 2:33 pm rob thorn <robthorn...> [Ohio-birds] ColumbusCreeks,2-28/3-01:Catbird,Red-shoulderedHawk
3/1/17 6:59 am Craig Caldwell <craig_caldwell...> [Ohio-birds] The Cardinal wants your sightings
2/28/17 3:00 pm Kathy Mock <2klmockingbird...> [Ohio-birds] Summit County Merlin, Greenlawn Cemetery, Romig Rd., Akron OH, 28 Feb 2017
2/28/17 9:07 am Ken Ostermiller <ken.ostermiller...> [Ohio-birds] Wellington Reservation Lorain County
2/28/17 7:46 am jen brumfield <elfin_skimmer...> [Ohio-birds] Harlequin Duck Sim's Park cuyahoga
2/27/17 7:29 pm Bill Heck <bill.heck...> [Ohio-birds] Columbus Audubon Tuesday, 7:00 pm: Birds Really Are Dinosaurs
2/27/17 4:14 pm Rick Luehrs <Rluehrs...> [Ohio-birds] Northern Shrike in Greene County
2/27/17 2:46 pm rob thorn <robthorn...> [Ohio-birds] urbanAlumCreek,Columbus,2-27:Eagle,Phoebe,FoxSparrows
2/27/17 8:41 am Andy Avram <ajavram...> [Ohio-birds] Sandhill Cranes - Lake County...
2/26/17 9:07 pm Steve Jones <sjlarue1...> [Ohio-birds] Weekend wrap up Killdeer, Big Island, La Rue, and Lawrence Woods (Wyandot, Marion, and Hardin Counties)
2/26/17 6:38 pm Darlene Sillick <azuretrails...> [Ohio-birds] Delaware County Bird Club Feb 27 meeting
2/26/17 5:01 pm Ken Andrews <Ken.hikes...> [Ohio-birds] Waterfowl at Cleveland Public Power on the lakeshore
2/26/17 2:21 pm inga schmidt <ingais...> [Ohio-birds] tundra swans - Geauga Co.
2/26/17 2:19 pm Barrett,Robert P <rbarret...> Re: [Ohio-birds] Sandhills Cranes
2/26/17 11:27 am rob thorn <robthorn...> [Ohio-birds] PrairieOaks,2-26:Vultures,bluebirds
2/26/17 11:19 am Nancy Anderson <0000000bf2aec77c-dmarc-request...> [Ohio-birds] Sims Park, Euclid 2/26 Harlequin Duck/Long-tailed
2/25/17 5:17 pm rob thorn <robthorn...> [Ohio-birds] Groveport-to-PickPonds,2-25:TreeSwallow,waterfowl
2/25/17 9:03 am Marilyn E Rohr <rohrmarilyn...> [Ohio-birds] FOY TVs, Chardon
2/25/17 8:40 am Annette <waxwing...> [Ohio-birds] Sandhills Cranes
2/25/17 6:14 am Coy, Patrick G. <pcoy...> [Ohio-birds] Summit Co Merlin, Woodcock, Bufflehead
2/25/17 5:13 am John-C-Seiler <jseiler6200...> [Ohio-birds] Eurasian Wigeon
2/24/17 7:51 pm jen brumfield <elfin_skimmer...> [Ohio-birds] Erie County highlights - California Gull
2/24/17 4:46 pm Paul McSweeny <pmcsweeny...> [Ohio-birds] Woodcocks - Dublin
2/24/17 4:32 pm Chris Pierce <c.pierce...> [Ohio-birds] Woodcocks - Lewis Rd Riding Area - Berea Oh
2/24/17 10:25 am Tracy the Birder <winterfell.six...> Re: [Ohio-birds] Bird Checklists
2/24/17 9:47 am Bill Whan <billwhan...> [Ohio-birds] Bird Checklists
2/24/17 8:40 am John Pogacnik <jpogacnik...> [Ohio-birds] Lake Erie Bluffs, 2/24
2/23/17 5:43 pm Kathy Mock <2klmockingbird...> [Ohio-birds] Merlin, Greenlawn Cemetery, Summit Co.
2/23/17 3:19 pm Regina Schieltz <reginasch54...> [Ohio-birds] Darke Co. Pectorals
2/23/17 12:26 pm Bob and Elaine McNulty <bob.mcn...> [Ohio-birds] Rocky Fork Metro Park
2/23/17 9:12 am Robert Evans <benbovas...> [Ohio-birds] Field sparrow - Muskingum County
2/23/17 8:46 am John Pogacnik <jpogacnik...> [Ohio-birds] Lake Erie Bluffs, 2/23
2/23/17 5:55 am Brian <brian0918...> [Ohio-birds] Summit Co Woodcocks
2/23/17 5:08 am Britt Townsend <britt_townsend...> [Ohio-birds] Geauga woodcocks
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