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6/18/18 12:07 pm Isacoff, Jon <isacoff...> Re: [inland-NW-birders] Pend Oreille Co. ALDER FLYCATCHER
6/18/18 11:49 am Isacoff, Jon <isacoff...> [inland-NW-birders] Pend Oreille Co. ALDER FLYCATCHER
6/17/18 10:08 pm Nathan Schmutz <nathanschmutz...> [inland-NW-birders] Franklin county barn owl
6/15/18 12:41 pm Carl Lundblad <carl.lundblad...> [inland-NW-birders] Rainy Days on the St. Joe River and Central Panhandle
6/14/18 8:49 am Charles Swift <chaetura...> [inland-NW-birders] Fwd: [IBLE] ALDER FLYCATCHER in Boundary County
6/13/18 8:38 pm The Catfinch <c9r0m0...> [inland-NW-birders] Sprague Lake Ibis, Terns and More
6/13/18 9:03 am Charles Swift <chaetura...> [inland-NW-birders] potential Idaho state first Alder Flycatcher (Boundary Co. eBird report)
6/11/18 8:46 pm Isacoff, Jon <isacoff...> [inland-NW-birders] Sprague Wading Party
6/10/18 11:40 pm Richard Baltierra <wolfbaltierra...> [inland-NW-birders] Rock Lake Clark's Grebes
6/9/18 8:44 pm Richard Baltierra <wolfbaltierra...> [inland-NW-birders] Kamiak Poorwill, and Rock Lake Semipalmated Plover
6/8/18 8:52 pm Norm Engeland <nengeland...> [inland-NW-birders] Spokane Peregrine Falcon
6/8/18 9:11 am Carol Riddell <cariddellwa...> [inland-NW-birders] Wilson Creek White-faced Ibis
6/7/18 5:55 pm donna bragg <1donnabragg...> Re: [inland-NW-birders] Spokane County Big Day
6/7/18 3:56 pm Michael Woodruff <mkd.woodruff...> [inland-NW-birders] Spokane County Big Day
6/6/18 12:09 pm Catherine Temple <ctemple99...> [inland-NW-birders] The early bird.....
6/5/18 9:10 pm Tina wynecoop <wynecoop...> [inland-NW-birders] A River of Warblers: ‘The Greatest Birding Day of My Life’
6/5/18 11:10 am Sarah Walker <sarahwalk7...> [inland-NW-birders] Fwd: Mixed colony Bank & Cliff swallows
6/5/18 11:10 am Sarah Walker <sarahwalk7...> [inland-NW-birders] Mixed nesting colony Bank and Cliff Swallows
6/4/18 9:17 am Charles Swift <chaetura...> Re: [inland-NW-birders] Chipman Trail birds (mostly Whitman Co., WA), 6/3/18
6/4/18 8:21 am Charles Swift <chaetura...> [inland-NW-birders] Chipman Trail birds (mostly Whitman Co., WA), 6/3/18
6/2/18 12:42 pm John Hanna <johnwalterhanna...> [inland-NW-birders] Asotin County - Peola Road Again - OWLS YES!
6/1/18 12:15 pm Catherine Temple <ctemple99...> [inland-NW-birders] Shrike, yes
5/31/18 11:24 am Keith Carlson <kec201814...> [inland-NW-birders] Possible nesting Loggerhead Shrike in Asotin County.
5/30/18 7:06 pm Sarah Walker <sarahwalk7...> Re: [inland-NW-birders] Elusive Peola Road Sage Thrasher - Asotin County, WA
5/30/18 9:46 am John Hanna <johnwalterhanna...> [inland-NW-birders] Elusive Peola Road Sage Thrasher - Asotin County, WA
5/29/18 7:40 pm Scott O'Donnell <scott...> [inland-NW-birders] Red-eyed Vireo on Rattlesnake Grade
5/29/18 1:23 pm Mike & MerryLynn <m.denny...> Re: [inland-NW-birders] Great-tailed Grackle Sprague
5/29/18 1:20 pm Mike & MerryLynn <m.denny...> [inland-NW-birders] Great-tailed Grackle Sprague
5/27/18 7:11 pm Mike & MerryLynn <m.denny...> [inland-NW-birders] Stilt Sandpiper
5/27/18 3:10 pm Kim Thorburn <kthorburn...> [inland-NW-birders] Spokane Least Flycatcher
5/27/18 1:45 pm Norm Engeland <nengeland...> [inland-NW-birders] Spokane YB Chat, Veery, MacGillivray's Warbler
5/27/18 11:38 am Keith Carlson <kec201814...> [inland-NW-birders] Aootin County Loggerhead Shrike
5/27/18 10:49 am Tim O'Brien <kertim7179...> [inland-NW-birders] Newman Lake Bobolink
5/25/18 3:58 pm Tim O'Brien <kertim7179...> [inland-NW-birders] Mount Spokane today - Fox Sparrow, Olive-sided Flycatcher
5/24/18 8:04 am Tim O'Brien <kertim7179...> [inland-NW-birders] RBA: Bay-breasted Warbler in Ephrata this Thursday morning
5/22/18 8:14 pm Nancy Miller <nmiller...> [inland-NW-birders] western kingbird
5/22/18 6:06 pm Bill Siems <wfsiems...> [inland-NW-birders] Swanson Lakes area Loggerhead Shrike
5/22/18 5:33 am Matt Bartels <mattxyz...> [inland-NW-birders] Washington Bird Records Committee recent decisions (Spring 2018 interim packet)
5/21/18 12:53 pm Tim O'Brien <kertim7179...> [inland-NW-birders] West Plains sparrows, Least Flycatcher, and more today (Spokane county)
5/21/18 11:04 am Bill Siems <wfsiems...> [inland-NW-birders] Slavin Ranch Lark Sparrows, Gray Flycatchers, Black Terns, etc
5/21/18 10:02 am Catherine Temple <ctemple99...> [inland-NW-birders] terns
5/20/18 1:15 pm Charles Swift <chaetura...> [inland-NW-birders] Moscow area N. Waterthrush
5/19/18 8:40 am Tim O'Brien <kertim7179...> [inland-NW-birders] Peone Sandhill Crane (Spokane county)
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