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1/15/19 6:47 am Mardi Dickinson <mardi1d...> [JERSEYBI] Chidi Paige - BirdCallsRadio
1/14/19 4:14 pm Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...> [JERSEYBI] Cumberland - Vesper yes! - Shortie, Cranes
1/14/19 6:57 am B.G. Sloan <bgsloan3...> [JERSEYBI] One less dove in the yard this morning (photo)
1/13/19 4:17 pm Jennifer W. Hanson <ammodramus88...> [JERSEYBI] Mercer/Monmouth Counties 1/13/19 - Trumpeter Swans, Bald Eages
1/13/19 2:23 pm Linda Mack <lj.mack...> [JERSEYBI] Banded Brant
1/13/19 1:08 pm Lisa Potash <lisapotash6...> [JERSEYBI] Owl in the Box Update
1/13/19 12:14 pm Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...> [JERSEYBI] Salem county snow birdng
1/12/19 5:50 pm Yong Kong <yklitespeed...> [JERSEYBI] Diurnal short-eared owl at Brig
1/12/19 2:17 pm Thomas W. Reed <coturnicops...> [JERSEYBI] Add'l Avalon notes & jetty safety
1/12/19 12:49 pm Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...> [JERSEYBI] Forsythe - ipswich sparrow survey
1/12/19 8:36 am John Collins <jjcbirder...> Re: [JERSEYBI] GWFG Overpeck
1/12/19 7:43 am Aiden Dartley <adartley123...> Re: [JERSEYBI] GWFG Overpeck
1/12/19 7:35 am Tom Brown <tshrike19...> [JERSEYBI] Recap of Long Branch CBC
1/11/19 3:09 pm bramble <bramble...> [JERSEYBI] Upcoming BCAS Chapter Meeting and Program: The Best of Bergen Birds, Blogs & Books, with Jim Wright
1/11/19 3:05 pm James O'Brien <jphillipobrien...> [JERSEYBI] Red Bank Eagles
1/11/19 10:02 am Thomas W. Reed <coturnicops...> [JERSEYBI] Thick-billed Murre at Avalon; misc. Cape May notes
1/10/19 6:51 am Sandra Mc <jerseyb...> [JERSEYBI] Northern Harrier activity
1/9/19 1:36 pm Aiden Dartley <adartley123...> [JERSEYBI] GWFG Overpeck
1/9/19 9:28 am Tom Reed <coturnicops...> [JERSEYBI] Avalon: Thick-billed Murre, 10,000+ Razorbills
1/8/19 5:19 pm Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...> [JERSEYBI] Cape May today - my late start, Avalon
1/8/19 4:12 pm Yong Kong <yklitespeed...> [JERSEYBI] Yong Comment - Re: [JERSEYBI] Black Phoebe con't at Heislerville WMA,Sussex Co.
1/8/19 2:03 pm mike hiotis <mchhiotis...> [JERSEYBI] Black Phoebe con't at Heislerville WMA,Sussex Co.
1/8/19 12:17 pm Steve Mattan <stevemattan...> Re: [JERSEYBI] Great Horned Owls
1/8/19 8:35 am Marty DeAngelo <martytdx...> [JERSEYBI] Great Horned Owls
1/7/19 12:45 pm Landis Eaton <hensfoot1...> [JERSEYBI] Greater White Fronted Goose
1/6/19 4:54 pm Sandra Mc <jerseyb...> [JERSEYBI] Black Phoebe in pm-no
1/6/19 3:57 pm Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...> [JERSEYBI] black phoebe notes
1/6/19 2:43 pm James O'Brien <jphillipobrien...> [JERSEYBI] Red Bank birds
1/6/19 9:33 am Tom Brown <tshrike19...> [JERSEYBI] Long Branch CBC (preliminary results)
1/6/19 9:25 am Kenneth Foulke <0000022c3b78cbe9-dmarc-request...> [JERSEYBI] Great egret in Avalon
1/6/19 7:43 am Fred Vir <avtrader...> Re: [JERSEYBI] Black Phoebe..questions..melanism..Florida records
1/5/19 6:36 pm Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...> [JERSEYBI] phoebe hunt - Sunday
1/5/19 3:31 pm Fred Vir <avtrader...> Re: [JERSEYBI] Black Phoebe
1/5/19 2:20 pm Fairfax Hutter <savoirfairfax...> [JERSEYBI] Washington Crossing Audubon field trip to Barnegat Light tomorrow, 1/6/19 is still a go!
1/5/19 2:12 pm Brian Kushner <bkushner2...> Re: [JERSEYBI] Forsythe
1/5/19 12:36 pm Scott Barnes <scott.barnes...> [JERSEYBI] Barnegat Light trip cancelled tomorrow
1/5/19 12:09 pm Karenne Snow <njwren46...> [JERSEYBI] Forsythe
1/5/19 7:02 am David Bernstein <jackstraw1963...> [JERSEYBI] Black Phoebe
1/4/19 8:43 pm Samuel Galick <sam.galick...> [JERSEYBI] Black Phoebe, Sussex County
1/4/19 2:53 pm Eric Stiles <eric.stiles...> [JERSEYBI] FW: Eagle and Peregrine Falcon Annual Reports
1/4/19 12:34 pm CHELEMER, MARC J <mc2496...> [JERSEYBI] Kearny Marsh at lunchtime: no American White Pelican, but lots and lots of other birds
1/4/19 11:20 am Yong Kong <yklitespeed...> [JERSEYBI] Homewood’s Northern Saw-whet owl’s skew call, Camden County
1/4/19 8:37 am Richard Radis <isotria...> [JERSEYBI] Barnegat Christmas Bird Count Dec 30
1/4/19 8:16 am B.G. Sloan <bgsloan3...> [JERSEYBI] Last Bird/First Bird
1/3/19 1:33 pm Brian Kushner <bkushner2...> Re: [JERSEYBI] Razorbill flight continues
1/3/19 11:39 am Jon Stippick <jonstippick...> [JERSEYBI] Razorbill flight continues
1/3/19 10:06 am Scott Barnes <scott.barnes...> [JERSEYBI] Youth Birding, Barnegat Light trips rescheduled
1/3/19 9:41 am Susan Treesh <sktreesh...> [JERSEYBI] Say's Phoebe reported from Wallkill (but on NY side)
1/2/19 4:20 pm Yong Kong <yklitespeed...> [JERSEYBI] Yong Comment - Re: [JERSEYBI] Avalon – Dovekie, 3000+ Razorbills
1/2/19 3:02 pm Shawn Wainwright <shawneagleeyes1...> [JERSEYBI] Ocean County year in review 2018
1/2/19 1:34 pm Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...> [JERSEYBI] the razorbill event, and the Heislerville LB Heron
1/2/19 11:02 am Thomas W. Reed <coturnicops...> [JERSEYBI] Avalon – Dovekie, 3000+ Razorbills
1/1/19 4:11 pm Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...> [JERSEYBI] on accessing numbers for spots in ebird - personal numbers
1/1/19 3:19 pm Mardi Dickinson <mardi1d...> [JERSEYBI] Donald Kroodsma - BirdCallsRadio
1/1/19 3:13 pm G Schuck <gschuckle5...> [JERSEYBI]
1/1/19 3:07 pm jimmy lee LAST_NAME <leewah...> Re: [JERSEYBI] Last Bird/First Bird
1/1/19 2:49 pm JFoulke <0000022c3b78cbe9-dmarc-request...> [JERSEYBI] Tree Swallows in Trenton
1/1/19 1:14 pm Jeff <purplesandpiper...> Re: [JERSEYBI] Last Bird/First Bird
1/1/19 1:13 pm Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...> [JERSEYBI] new years day birding - slow....
1/1/19 1:11 pm Peggy Cadigan <peggycadigan...> Re: [JERSEYBI] Last Bird/First Bird
1/1/19 1:05 pm Karenne Snow <njwren46...> Re: [JERSEYBI] Last Bird/First Bird
1/1/19 12:05 pm John Beetham <john.beetham...> Re: [JERSEYBI] Last Bird/First Bird
1/1/19 10:51 am vincent N <vfn7...> [JERSEYBI] Common Merganser flock: Mercer County Park, West Windsor
1/1/19 8:42 am JFoulke <0000022c3b78cbe9-dmarc-request...> Re: [JERSEYBI] Last Bird/First Bird
1/1/19 8:39 am ANN PLAISTED <lodiref...> Re: [JERSEYBI] Last Bird/First Bird
1/1/19 8:14 am judson hamlin <jhhamlin...> Re: [JERSEYBI] Last Bird/First Bird
1/1/19 8:10 am Cindy Smith <scindy670...> Re: [JERSEYBI] Last Bird/First Bird
1/1/19 7:28 am Aiden Dartley <adartley123...> [JERSEYBI] Overpeck
1/1/19 6:27 am L Larson <0000057b603ab9b2-dmarc-request...> Re: [JERSEYBI] Legendary birder Stiles Thomas is moving
1/1/19 6:18 am jim wright <wrightjamesb...> [JERSEYBI] Legendary birder Stiles Thomas is moving
12/31/18 9:00 am L Larson <0000057b603ab9b2-dmarc-request...> [JERSEYBI] Black Guillemot, Monmouth Co NJ
12/30/18 4:37 pm Yong Kong <yklitespeed...> [JERSEYBI] Holgate CBC
12/30/18 3:49 pm Susan Matson <smatson123...> Re: [JERSEYBI] Razorbills MIA at Sandy Hook
12/30/18 1:32 pm Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...> [JERSEYBI] My area of the Cumberland CBC - Phoebes, thrasher, 2 YR Warblers
12/30/18 5:27 am William Saidel <saidel...> [JERSEYBI] for the sake of completeness, a common loon, too
12/30/18 4:55 am William Saidel <saidel...> [JERSEYBI] Barnegat Light on Saturday
12/29/18 6:17 pm Carole Hughes <ceruleanwarbler4...> Re: [JERSEYBI] Razorbills MIA at Sandy Hook
12/29/18 4:50 pm Susan Matson <smatson123...> [JERSEYBI] Razorbills MIA at Sandy Hook
12/29/18 2:42 pm Yong Kong <yklitespeed...> [JERSEYBI] Common Elder at Atlantic City--Absecon Inlet
12/28/18 2:43 pm Ida Ruch <0000028743192a35-dmarc-request...> Re: [JERSEYBI] Brig Refuge was open today despite the government shutdown
12/28/18 2:31 pm Yong Kong <yklitespeed...> [JERSEYBI] Brig Refuge was open today despite the government shutdown
12/28/18 1:59 pm Yong Kong <yklitespeed...> [JERSEYBI] Ipswich Sparrow with bling, Brig Refuge, Atlantic County
12/28/18 4:58 am Harvey Tomlinson <oddbirdsin...> [JERSEYBI] Bullock's Oriole-NOT
12/28/18 4:13 am Greg Prelich <gprelich...> [JERSEYBI] Sandy Hook during the shutdown
12/27/18 4:09 pm Harvey Tomlinson <oddbirdsin...> [JERSEYBI] Bullocks Oriole
12/27/18 10:08 am CHELEMER, MARC J <mc2496...> [JERSEYBI] An enjoyable Sandy Hook morning (Long post: 645)
12/26/18 11:34 am colleen snow <c.snow357...> [JERSEYBI] Bald Eagle, Rose Hill Cemetery, Linden
12/26/18 9:43 am B.G. Sloan <bgsloan3...> [JERSEYBI] Last Bird/First Bird
12/26/18 8:32 am Ilene Schneider <marltonbirder...> [JERSEYBI] Brig?
12/26/18 6:52 am robert dodelson <rdodelson...> [JERSEYBI] Assunpink today
12/25/18 4:55 pm Mardi Dickinson <mardi1d...> [JERSEYBI] Jeff Wells - BirdCallsRadio
12/25/18 1:01 am Michael Hodanish <luv2howl...> [JERSEYBI] Barnegat Light observations 12/23
12/24/18 11:56 am Jon Stippick <Jonstippick...> [JERSEYBI] Holgate CBC - Sunday 12/30; Birders Needed!
12/24/18 7:38 am Tom Reed <coturnicops...> [JERSEYBI] Razorbill flight continues
12/23/18 6:09 pm David Weber <weberbirding...> [JERSEYBI] Huge Razorbill movement this past week
12/23/18 5:13 pm Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...> [JERSEYBI] Moorestown CBC - preliminary results
12/23/18 3:33 pm B.G. Sloan <bgsloan3...> [JERSEYBI] Johnson Park eagles
12/22/18 12:46 pm Larry Zirlin <larry-zirlin...> [JERSEYBI] Trumpeter Swan + Tundra Swan at Stone Tavern Lake?
12/22/18 7:45 am Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...> [JERSEYBI] ebird - year in review
12/21/18 2:50 pm Brett Ewald <bmewald...> [JERSEYBI] Ipswich Sparrow Counters Needed
12/21/18 2:35 pm Jeffrey Climpson <jkgreenwing...> [JERSEYBI] American Bittern report for Georges Preserve
12/21/18 2:32 pm Jeffrey Climpson <jkgreenwing...> [JERSEYBI] American Bittern - Elvin Georges Grassland Preserve, Hunterdon Co., and other sightings
12/19/18 5:51 pm Jim Grieshaber <jgrieshaber44...> [JERSEYBI] Sandhill Cranes Continue...
12/19/18 6:44 am Robert DeCandido PhD <rdcny...> [JERSEYBI] 1918 Christmas Bird Counts - NJ statewide
12/18/18 5:37 pm Yong Kong <yklitespeed...> [JERSEYBI] Purple Gallinule -Second Salem County Record reported by Salem County Records
12/17/18 6:36 pm Yong Kong <yklitespeed...> [JERSEYBI] Yong comment - Re: [JERSEYBI] kid with a new toy
12/17/18 12:17 pm Robert DeCandido <rdcny...> [JERSEYBI] 1908 Christmas Bird Count NJ
12/17/18 11:43 am Chris Brown <cbrown.birdman...> [JERSEYBI] Barnacle Goose, Beterans Park, Mercer County
12/17/18 6:18 am Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...> [JERSEYBI] on apps for weather and related issues like tides
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