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2/20/19 10:35 am Tom <annntom...> [IN-BIRD-L] Fwd: Fw: eBird Report - Lamb Lake, Feb 17, 2019
2/19/19 6:03 pm Dan Kaiser <dhkaiser...> [IN-BIRD-L] Sunrise Snow Geese at Goose Pond
2/19/19 12:13 pm Spike Selig <spikeselig...> [IN-BIRD-L] California RTHs nesting W of Eagle Creek Park Indy
2/19/19 8:05 am Jamie Baker <jamiedarylbaker...> [IN-BIRD-L] Kentucky has one of your PEFA!
2/17/19 4:38 pm Greene, Terri B <tgreene...> [IN-BIRD-L] Yard birds and Sandhill Cranes, SW Monroe Co
2/17/19 10:29 am Becky <in-bird-l...> [IN-BIRD-L] Eagle Creek Park bird hike
2/16/19 6:47 pm John Winebrenner <in-bird-l...> [IN-BIRD-L] Missisinewa Eagle roost
2/16/19 4:43 pm Rick Welton <rwwelton...> [IN-BIRD-L] Reynolds Crk, Porter Co, 2-15
2/16/19 2:41 pm zzedpowers <in-bird-l...> [IN-BIRD-L] Eagle Marsh, Ft Wayne
2/16/19 2:05 pm Randy Pals <rjpals...> [IN-BIRD-L] Bridge into Michigan City Harbor Closed
2/16/19 1:19 pm Carolyn A. Marsh <cmarshbird...> [IN-BIRD-L] Illiana Birds: Great Black-backed Gulls
2/15/19 6:31 pm (null) ddstriegel <ddstriegel...> [IN-BIRD-L] Floyd County American Woodcocks Displaying
2/14/19 4:55 pm Greene, Terri B <tgreene...> [IN-BIRD-L] American Woodcock, SW Monroe Co
2/14/19 3:46 am Dan Kaiser <dhkaiser...> [IN-BIRD-L] Sandhill Crane with Bands and Bracelets
2/13/19 6:07 pm Spike Selig <spikeselig...> [IN-BIRD-L] Kestrel attacking Light morph WRTH
2/13/19 4:46 pm Spike Selig <spikeselig...> [IN-BIRD-L] Light morph adult Western Eagle Creek area Monday launches
2/13/19 2:01 pm Lucas Wilson <lucasgwilson...> [IN-BIRD-L] Greater White-Fronted Geese
2/13/19 2:00 pm Spike Selig <spikeselig...> [IN-BIRD-L] 2 Kesrels attack Intermediate morph Western RTH EC Monday.
2/11/19 11:39 pm thegarlicks <thegarlicks...> Re: [IN-BIRD-L] Strange Cardinal
2/11/19 11:13 pm Patricia Reynolds <eagleowl4180...> Re: [IN-BIRD-L] Strange Cardinal
2/11/19 7:25 pm Spike Selig <spikeselig...> [IN-BIRD-L] Strange Cardinal
2/11/19 4:15 am Robert Guth <bobwgfsa...> [IN-BIRD-L] Greene County at Goose Pond, Snow Geese
2/10/19 2:41 pm Greene, Terri B <tgreene...> [IN-BIRD-L] Yard Birds, SW Monroe Co
2/10/19 1:31 pm Lucas Wilson <lucasgwilson...> [IN-BIRD-L] Waterfowl in Ripley/Franklin County
2/10/19 9:54 am Becky <in-bird-l...> [IN-BIRD-L] Eagle Creek Park Sunday bird hike
2/9/19 5:23 pm Andrew Wolfe <jawwolfe...> [IN-BIRD-L] Birding around Salamonie Today: field sparrow, savannah sparrow, waxwings, towhees
2/9/19 5:02 pm Spike Selig <spikeselig...> [IN-BIRD-L] Videos of light morph and Intermediate morph Western Red-tails flying together Today
2/9/19 10:47 am john skene <jkskene...> [IN-BIRD-L] Celery Bog Nature Area, Feb 9, 2019 Gr.Wh-fr.Goose
2/9/19 10:08 am Hengeveld, James David <jhengeve...> [IN-BIRD-L] Lake Lemon--Hengeveld's, Feb 8, 2019
2/8/19 2:18 pm Spike Selig <spikeselig...> [IN-BIRD-L] Video of Adult light morph Western Red-tailed Hawk taking flight
2/8/19 6:47 am Shari McCollough <in-bird-l...> Re: [IN-BIRD-L] Breeding Bird Survey update (no sightings)
2/7/19 1:57 pm Philip Clay English <engliph...> Re: [IN-BIRD-L] Breeding Bird Survey update (no sightings)
2/7/19 1:23 pm Kearns, Amy <AKearns...> [IN-BIRD-L] Breeding Bird Survey update (no sightings)
2/7/19 10:16 am Spike Selig <spikeselig...> [IN-BIRD-L] Correct URL for id request of Red-tailed hawk
2/7/19 9:56 am Spike Selig <spikeselig...> [IN-BIRD-L] Need help on Hawk Identification
2/6/19 6:54 am Hengeveld, James David <jhengeve...> [IN-BIRD-L] east Lake Lemon-2/5/19
2/5/19 7:21 pm charlie hornung <chazz225...> [IN-BIRD-L] Addition to my last list
2/5/19 7:09 pm charlie hornung <chazz225...> [IN-BIRD-L] Pileated wood pecker
2/5/19 6:20 am Spike Selig <spikeselig...> [IN-BIRD-L] Red-tailed Hawks building nest W of Eagle Creek Golf course, Indy
2/4/19 3:20 pm Don Gorney <in-bird-l...> Re: [IN-BIRD-L] Herring or GBB Gull at Lake Claire?
2/4/19 2:53 pm Andrew Wolfe <jawwolfe...> [IN-BIRD-L] Herring or GBB Gull at Lake Claire?
2/4/19 10:03 am Andrew Wolfe <jawwolfe...> [IN-BIRD-L] Fwd: eBird Report - Lake Claire Huntington, Feb 4, 2019
2/3/19 8:04 pm John Winebrenner <in-bird-l...> [IN-BIRD-L] Northern county birds
2/3/19 12:40 pm Becky <in-bird-l...> [IN-BIRD-L] Eagle Creek Park Sunday bird hike
2/2/19 5:20 pm Lucas Wilson <lucasgwilson...> [IN-BIRD-L] Bischoff Reservoir Geese
2/2/19 2:03 pm Kenneth J. Brock <kj.brock...> [IN-BIRD-L] NW Ind 2-February-2019
2/2/19 11:43 am Robert Kissel <bluesdoc...> [IN-BIRD-L] E Peewee: Upon further review...
2/2/19 10:22 am zzedpowers <in-bird-l...> Re: [IN-BIRD-L] E Peewee
2/2/19 10:09 am Sherry Mitchell-Bruker <in-bird-l...> Re: [IN-BIRD-L] Late afternoon visitors at feeders, SW Monroe Co
2/2/19 10:07 am Robert Kissel <bluesdoc...> [IN-BIRD-L] E Peewee
2/1/19 12:52 pm charlie hornung <chazz225...> [IN-BIRD-L] Yellow-rumped Warbler Clark County
2/1/19 8:40 am leslie selden <lesliekromselden...> [IN-BIRD-L] Sandhills over Carmel?
2/1/19 8:09 am Susan Hengeveld <shengeve...> [IN-BIRD-L] Glaucous Gull Lake Lemon
1/31/19 5:16 pm Greene, Terri B <tgreene...> [IN-BIRD-L] Late afternoon visitors at feeders, SW Monroe Co
1/31/19 1:25 pm Kearns, Amy <AKearns...> [IN-BIRD-L] Breeding Bird Survey Routes Available (no sightings)
1/29/19 5:50 pm Bob Decker <bdecker.bird...> [IN-BIRD-L] Gibson county birding
1/29/19 3:47 pm Lucas Wilson <lucasgwilson...> [IN-BIRD-L] Batesville Short-Eared Owl
1/29/19 9:51 am Kenneth J. Brock <kj.brock...> [IN-BIRD-L] Cold morning on the lakefront
1/28/19 12:22 pm KEVIN B RYAN <kevamandaryan...> [IN-BIRD-L] merlin
1/28/19 12:18 pm Greg Majewski <gamajewski...> [IN-BIRD-L] Fort Wayne Screech Owl
1/27/19 5:48 pm Kirk Roth <kirkleeroth...> [IN-BIRD-L] Cackling Geese - Columbus
1/27/19 3:32 pm Greene, Terri B <tgreene...> [IN-BIRD-L] Yard birds, SW Monroe Co
1/27/19 1:00 pm Don Williams <sailbird...> [IN-BIRD-L] Eagle Creek Park, January 27, 2019
1/26/19 2:37 pm Andrew Wolfe <jawwolfe...> [IN-BIRD-L] Shrike still at Eagle Marsh as of Thursday, good ducks
1/26/19 1:57 pm Andrew Wolfe <jawwolfe...> [IN-BIRD-L] Birding NW Salamonie Lake Area: Towhees, Sapsucker, and C Waxwing
1/26/19 12:42 pm Kenneth J. Brock <kj.brock...> [IN-BIRD-L] Lakefront 26-Jan-2019 Two adult male Surf Scoters
1/26/19 11:34 am terry ballenger <t.ballenger...> [IN-BIRD-L] Sandhills
1/26/19 11:11 am zzedpowers <in-bird-l...> [IN-BIRD-L] Rough-legged Hawk, Allen County
1/26/19 9:24 am Phil <in-bird-l...> [IN-BIRD-L] Johnny Appleseed Park - Fort Wayne
1/25/19 7:27 pm Hengeveld, Susan E. <shengeve...> [IN-BIRD-L] L376 ornithology class field trips - Monroe/ Brown County
1/25/19 4:29 pm Greene, Terri B <tgreene...> [IN-BIRD-L] Bald Eagle flying over Popcorn Church Rd, Lawrence Co
1/24/19 7:55 am Larry Caldwell <finrod...> [IN-BIRD-L] Sandhill Cranes
1/22/19 9:44 am Andrew Wolfe <jawwolfe...> [IN-BIRD-L] Nice Lunchtime Drive along Wabash!
1/22/19 6:47 am <falarn...> [IN-BIRD-L] Red-breasted Nuthatch
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