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8/7/20 11:57 am ARBIRD-L Charles H Mills <00000218c727d931-dmarc-request...> Exposure and bird photography
Received List From Subject
8/7/20 10:16 pm GABO-L Mark McShane <mcshanebirder...> [GABO-L] Birding Georgia - 1/2 August 2020
8/7/20 7:30 pm GABO-L Brenda Stryszko <stryszko...> [GABO-L] MS Kite - Putnam Co/Lake Oconee
8/7/20 3:41 pm GABO-L Eugenia R. Thompson <eroberthom...> [GABO-L] Kites — Oconee Co
8/7/20 10:54 am GABO-L Chuck Saleeby <charlessaleeby...> [GABO-L] Swallow-tailed Kites Coweta/Meriweather
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8/7/20 9:45 pm TEXBIRDS Marie Stewart <littlebitrv...> [texbirds] Hawk Watch in Cameron County?
8/7/20 7:09 pm TEXBIRDS Susan Schaezler <susan...> [texbirds] 8-7-20 Prairie Warbler @ Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary
8/7/20 3:43 pm TEXBIRDS Willie Sekula <williebird22...> [texbirds] Male Lucifer Hummingbird in Gruene
8/7/20 11:16 am TEXBIRDS Susan Heath <sheath...> [texbirds] Smith Point Hawk Watch
8/7/20 8:11 am TEXBIRDS Susan Schaezler <susan...> [texbirds] Fall Migration @ Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary
West Virginia
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8/7/20 6:45 pm WV-BIRD James Phillips <jimandjudyphillips...> Fwd: eBird Report - Knob Ridge Road, Pipestem, WV, Aug 7, 2020
8/7/20 6:13 am WV-BIRD Spencer, Sandy <00000170c8a495d6-dmarc-request...> Re: [EXTERNAL] Bats 🦇
8/7/20 4:46 am WV-BIRD jerry Kruth <00000005ead0dac6-dmarc-request...> Re: Bats 🦇
8/7/20 4:30 am WV-BIRD Tom Fox <0000007091f045bc-dmarc-request...> Bats 🦇
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