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4/18/21 12:10 pm Joan McKIbben <joanmckibben725...> [NHBirds] FOY Litchfield and MHT airport
4/18/21 12:07 pm 'Blake Allison' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Lyme Evening Grosbeaks Sunday Morning
4/18/21 10:11 am Chris Johnson <birdnerd2...> [NHBirds] Re: S. Curtisville Rd pond, Concord 2/18
4/18/21 10:09 am Chris Johnson <birdnerd2...> [NHBirds] S. Curtisville Rd pond, Concord 2/18
4/18/21 8:24 am Susan <slhunter...> [NHBirds] Bedford Warblers
4/18/21 8:20 am Catherine Fisher <catherineckx...> [NHBirds] FOY tree swallows, Lee
4/18/21 8:05 am Pam Hunt <biodiva...> [NHBirds] Penacook Survey: new mid-April record
4/18/21 7:51 am hector galbraith <hg2...> [NHBirds] Hinsdale migrants
4/18/21 4:49 am Jane Hills <jhbird...> [NHBirds] Great Horned Owl in Manchester
4/17/21 3:29 pm Iain Macleod <pandiain.im...> [NHBirds] Grebes continue in Lakes Region
4/17/21 3:11 pm 'Blake Allison' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Lyme Loons on Saturday Afternoon
4/17/21 2:43 pm Steve Hale <srhale20...> [NHBirds] Harlequin Duck pair in Rye
4/17/21 2:13 pm Stephen Mirick <smirick...> [NHBirds] NH Coast (Bald Eagle CHICK, Gannets, Glaucous Gull, Razorbills)
4/17/21 10:33 am Tom McShane <tetamcfam...> [NHBirds] Red-necked Grebes, Newfound Lake
4/17/21 8:20 am Pam Hunt <biodiva...> Re: [NHBirds] continuing grebe fallout
4/17/21 8:19 am Pam Hunt <biodiva...> Re: [NHBirds] continuing grebe fallout
4/17/21 7:31 am Jay Pitocchelli <jpitocch...> [NHBirds] Broad-winged Hawk, Winding Brook Rd., Newbury, NH 4/16/21
4/17/21 6:47 am Iain MacLeod <iain.macleod...> RE: [NHBirds] More Grebes
4/17/21 4:53 am 'Rob Woodward' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] continuing grebe fallout
4/16/21 4:47 pm <recipes...> [NHBirds] Bluebirds have an egg!
4/16/21 3:37 pm Ducky Darrick <dadams...> [NHBirds] Peregrine
4/16/21 3:34 pm Iain Macleod <pandiain.im...> [NHBirds] More Grebes
4/16/21 2:35 pm Iain Macleod <pandiain.im...> [NHBirds] Re: Lake Waukewan Grebes
4/16/21 2:09 pm birdrecords <birdrecords...> [NHBirds] Watch for Louisiana Waterthrush!
4/16/21 1:46 pm pwatts <pwatts...> RE: [NHBirds] Digest for - 14 updates in 12 topics
4/16/21 1:17 pm 'Steve Lauermann' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] first of year Pine Warbler
4/16/21 12:44 pm Joshua Jarvis <menasor77...> [NHBirds] First of year chipping sparrow Richmond
4/16/21 12:04 pm Joshua Jarvis <menasor77...> [NHBirds] Little yellow birds in Richmond
4/16/21 9:18 am Pam Hunt <biodiva...> [NHBirds] NO fallout in Concord :-(
4/16/21 6:16 am Jon Woolf <jsw...> Re: [NHBirds] Watch for waterfowl!
4/16/21 5:59 am Iain Macleod <pandiain.im...> [NHBirds] Grebes on Little Squam
4/16/21 5:55 am Jay Pitocchelli <jpitocch...> [NHBirds] Hooded Merganser female, Great Blue Heron, Killdeer, Saint Anselm College campus, Goffstown, NH 4/15/21
4/16/21 5:51 am Jay Pitocchelli <jpitocch...> [NHBirds] White-winged Crossbills, Saint Anselm College campus, Goffstown, NH 4/15/21
4/16/21 5:35 am Jeanne-Marie Maher <jeannemariemaher...> Re: [NHBirds] Watch for waterfowl!
4/16/21 5:33 am Pam Hunt <biodiva...> RE: [NHBirds] Watch for waterfowl!
4/16/21 5:03 am Pam Hunt <biodiva...> [NHBirds] Watch for waterfowl!
4/15/21 2:01 pm Aaronian, Richard S. <raaronian...> [NHBirds] Coast
4/15/21 12:47 pm 'ANDREA ROBBINS' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Broad-winged Hawks
4/15/21 11:45 am Joshua Jarvis <menasor77...> [NHBirds] Birds, Richmond, Rindge
4/15/21 11:35 am Jim Block <jim...> [NHBirds] Woodies and Hoodies (and a few others) at Esther Currie WMA in New London -- PHOTOS
4/15/21 10:32 am Aaronian, Richard S. <raaronian...> [NHBirds] Exeter
4/15/21 10:32 am KC <deedemail...> [NHBirds] Pine Warbler in Derry
4/14/21 7:22 pm 'Blake Allison' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] First of Season Chipping Sparrow on Acorn Hill
4/14/21 5:45 pm gerry coffey <gerrycoffey123...> [NHBirds] interaction between Leucistic Red-Winged Blackbird and another male
4/14/21 11:43 am 'Derek and Jeannette Lovitch' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Summer and Fall pelagic birding trips from Maine
4/14/21 8:41 am Jay Pitocchelli <jpitocch...> [NHBirds] Chipping Sparrows, Saint Anselm College campus, Goffstown, NH 4/14/21
4/14/21 8:31 am Iain MacLeod <iain.macleod...> [NHBirds] Breeding Merlins in Holderness again
4/14/21 7:54 am raqbirds via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] budding Pine Grosbeaks
4/14/21 6:49 am Frechette <frechette7...> [NHBirds] Congratulations Jon Woolf
4/14/21 6:48 am Frechette <frechette7...> [NHBirds] White-winged Crossbills eating oak buds
4/13/21 6:52 pm Diana S <wildlifenorth100...> [NHBirds] 2 Pileated, 2 Palm Warblers in Windham
4/13/21 6:49 pm Jennifer Frost -Dunbarton <jennfrost67...> [NHBirds] Dozens of Bluebirds....Not!
4/13/21 6:34 pm bikenbird via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] REMINDER*** NH Audubon Seacoast Chapter Wednesday April 14, 2021 7:30 PM Zoom Program - Ravens, Wolves and People ***
4/13/21 5:32 pm Gail Coffey <gcoffeywriter...> [NHBirds] Hermit Thrush Evening Song-Wilton
4/13/21 3:24 pm Ducky Darrick <dadams...> [NHBirds] Also
4/13/21 3:14 pm Ducky Darrick <dadams...> [NHBirds] Fish crow
4/13/21 2:01 pm Catherine Fisher <catherineckx...> [NHBirds] Red-breasted nuthatch female excavating nesting cavity, Lee
4/13/21 11:31 am birdrecords <birdrecords...> [NHBirds] Glossy Ibis=Hopkinton
4/13/21 11:16 am Jay Pitocchelli <jpitocch...> [NHBirds] Killdeer nest with eggs, Saint Anselm College campus, Goffstown, NH 4/10/21
4/13/21 9:03 am 'Stephen Whitney' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Loons on Wickwas & Birding Meredith
4/13/21 3:13 am 'Jeff MacQueen' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> Re: [NHBirds] Sandhill Crane Monroe
4/13/21 2:52 am Jane Rice <moultnews...> [NHBirds] Loons, etc
4/13/21 2:30 am 'Jeff MacQueen' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Sandhill Crane Monroe
4/13/21 12:29 am Alfred Maley <alfredmaley...> [NHBirds] Barred Owl Defends Nest Site Against Raccoon
4/12/21 6:31 pm 'Duane Cross' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Sandhill Crane Monroe
4/12/21 5:40 pm 'Dan Hubbard' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Fw: Re: Fw: Scott Weidensaul at The Music Hall, Portsmouth NH - 4/20
4/12/21 5:27 pm sallie barker <salliebarker...> [NHBirds] Loons on Little Sunapee
4/12/21 4:03 pm <mrsuomala...> <mrsuomala...> [NHBirds] Rare Bird Alert, New Hampshire, April 12, 2021
4/12/21 3:41 pm JM Maher <jeannemariemaher...> [NHBirds] feeders
4/12/21 3:29 pm Patricia Maxwell Wood <patriciamaxwellwood...> [NHBirds] Burley Farm and Deer Hill WMA
4/12/21 2:55 pm Iain Macleod <pandiain.im...> [NHBirds] Barn Swallow, Goshawk, Ospreys
4/12/21 12:52 pm Heidi Rogers <hrogers.gm...> [NHBirds] Nesting
4/12/21 8:01 am Aaronian, Richard S. <raaronian...> [NHBirds] Exeter Yellowlegs
4/12/21 7:04 am Cindy House <cjhouse...> [NHBirds] Evening Grosbeaks in South Sutton
4/11/21 7:36 pm Lisa Stolper <lkstolper...> [NHBirds] FOY Louisiana Waterthrush - Keene
4/11/21 5:51 pm Elaine Faletra <elaine.faletra...> [NHBirds] Pair of ruffed grouse here
4/11/21 4:07 pm Tom McShane <tetamcfam...> [NHBirds] Loons Newfound Lake, Bristol
4/11/21 1:03 pm Dorsey, Kurk <Kurk.Dorsey...> [NHBirds] Lee/Durham highlights
4/11/21 12:26 pm <recipes...> [NHBirds] Loons and turtles agree, spring is here!
4/11/21 11:49 am paul <pkursewicz...> [NHBirds] Wood Ducks
4/11/21 9:39 am Ducky Darrick <dadams...> [NHBirds] Group of RTH
4/11/21 9:32 am Pam Hunt <biodiva...> [NHBirds] Penacook Survey - 51 species
4/11/21 8:50 am Roger Stephenson <rstephenson...> [NHBirds] Odiorne Sunday morning
4/11/21 6:17 am Jay Pitocchelli <jpitocch...> [NHBirds] Northern Flicker, Chipping Sparrow, Winding Brook Rd., Newbury, NH 4/10/21
4/10/21 4:42 pm 'stuart varney' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> Re: [NHBirds] More Chickadee MIGRATION!
4/10/21 4:04 pm Christopher McPherson <cmcpherson687...> [NHBirds] Black Vulture, Brookline NH
4/10/21 4:00 pm 'Blake Allison' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] American Goldfinches!
4/10/21 3:15 pm Brian Reilly <reillybj...> [NHBirds] Chipping Sparrow - Keene
4/10/21 3:03 pm Gail Coffey <gcoffeywriter...> [NHBirds] Chipping Sparrow-Wilton
4/10/21 2:52 pm Stephen Mirick <smirick...> [NHBirds] More Chickadee MIGRATION!
4/10/21 12:05 pm <recipes...> [NHBirds] More bluebird cam, now with added chickadees
4/10/21 9:01 am 'Scott W.' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] American Kestrels Walpole
4/10/21 8:15 am Jay Pitocchelli <jpitocch...> [NHBirds] Yellow-bellied Sapsucker drumming, Winding Brook Rd., Newbury, NH 4/10/21
4/10/21 8:09 am 'Rob Woodward' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] "White" Merganser - Laconia
4/9/21 4:45 pm 'Blake Allison' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Tree Swallows Arrived 2021-04-09 on Acorn Hill
4/9/21 4:30 pm Elaine Faletra <elaine.faletra...> Re: [NHBirds] Inland Razorbill sightings!
4/9/21 4:21 pm sallie barker <salliebarker...> [NHBirds] Great Blues in Springfield
4/9/21 4:00 pm Elaine Faletra <elaine.faletra...> Fwd: [NHBirds] Evening Grosbeaks and Redpolls in Jefferson
4/9/21 3:52 pm Dave Tucker <dhtucker...> [NHBirds] cuckoo
4/9/21 1:52 pm David Govatski <david.govatski...> [NHBirds] Evening Grosbeaks and Redpolls in Jefferson
4/9/21 1:33 pm Stephen Mirick <smirick...> [NHBirds] Wild Turkeys SWIMMING in Great Bay!
4/9/21 1:22 pm Bruce Boyer <brumyster...> [NHBirds] Bluebirds & Tree Swallow
4/9/21 1:06 pm Roger Stephenson <rstephenson...> [NHBirds] Epping birds
4/9/21 12:16 pm Aaronian, Richard S. <raaronian...> [NHBirds] NH coast
4/9/21 12:06 pm Pam Hunt <biodiva...> [NHBirds] Spring arrivals - Clough
4/9/21 11:51 am Sylvia Hartmann <s42yth...> [NHBirds] Pine warblers now
4/9/21 11:15 am Jay Pitocchelli <jpitocch...> [NHBirds] Hermit Thrush, Pine Warbler, Brown-headed Cowbird and other species. Saint Anselm College campus, Goffstown, NH 4/8/21
4/9/21 10:01 am Ken Klapper <kklapper...> [NHBirds] Inland Razorbill sightings!
4/9/21 6:22 am 'Blake Allison' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Bluebird Domesticity
4/9/21 3:04 am <recipes...> [NHBirds] Return of the bluebirds!
4/8/21 7:06 pm Jon Woolf <jsw...> [NHBirds] NH Audubon Pelagic Birding Trip!
4/8/21 5:40 pm Elaine Faletra <elaine.faletra...> [NHBirds] Pine siskin today
4/8/21 5:38 pm 'Claudette Morneau' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Northern Shovelers
4/8/21 5:21 pm Brian Reilly <reillybj...> [NHBirds] American Woodcock - Keene
4/8/21 3:05 pm Sylvia Miskoe <sylviasmiskoe...> [NHBirds] Kildeer
4/8/21 2:11 pm <sum......> <summer...> [NHBirds] Merlins in Keene, possible nesting pair
4/8/21 1:38 pm Joshua Jarvis <menasor77...> [NHBirds] Swanzey and Richmond birds.
4/8/21 5:20 am Debra Powers <dmp2ec...> Re: [NHBirds] 9 piping plovers
4/8/21 5:18 am Debra Powers <dmp2ec...> [NHBirds] 9 piping plovers
4/7/21 7:43 pm Jon Woolf <jsw...> [NHBirds] Massabesic Audubon Center, 4/7
4/7/21 6:53 pm bikenbird via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] *** NH Audubon Seacoast Chapter Wednesday April 14, 2021 7:30 PM Zoom Program - Ravens, Wolves and People ***
4/7/21 12:07 pm raqbirds via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Greater Scaup etc., Lily Pond, Gilford
4/7/21 11:23 am Patricia Wood <patriciamaxwellwood...> [NHBirds] Odiorne and Hampton Beach SP Sightings 4/6 and 4/7
4/7/21 11:09 am Aaronian, Richard S. <raaronian...> [NHBirds] Coast
4/7/21 4:34 am Miriam Simmons <simmonsmiriamj...> [NHBirds] Re: ..free, 5 bird houses
4/6/21 8:10 pm Iain Macleod <pandiain.im...> Re: [NHBirds] Leucistic Red-winged blackbird at Q
4/6/21 7:29 pm Elaine Faletra <elaine.faletra...> [NHBirds] Leucistic Red-winged blackbird at Q
4/6/21 6:10 pm Miriam Simmons <simmonsmiriamj...> [NHBirds] ..free, 5 bird houses
4/6/21 4:41 pm Courtney Turner <ctgrumpybear911...> [NHBirds] Ring-necked duck At Winnie The Pooh Trail in Barrington
4/6/21 1:49 pm Anne Ryc <annehadshi...> [NHBirds] Pied-billed grebe in Concord
4/6/21 1:33 pm Pamela Hunt <phunt...> [NHBirds] Meadowlark volunteers needed
4/6/21 1:00 pm Marc Beerman <oldmanphoto22...> [NHBirds] Wood Ducks
4/6/21 11:54 am Evelyn Nathan <evynathan...> [NHBirds] pipits, etc., in Kingston
4/6/21 9:10 am Heidi Rogers <hrogers.gm...> [NHBirds] Spring birds and suet
4/6/21 8:20 am Dorsey, Kurk <Kurk.Dorsey...> [NHBirds] Crane, Durham
4/5/21 7:04 pm Iain Macleod <pandiain.im...> [NHBirds] Lakes Region Ospreys and Eagles, etc
4/5/21 3:13 pm Ducky Darrick <dadams...> Re: [NHBirds] Rare Bird Alert, New Hampshire, April 5, 2021
4/5/21 2:53 pm <mrsuomala...> <mrsuomala...> [NHBirds] Rare Bird Alert, New Hampshire, April 5, 2021
4/5/21 2:47 pm Pam Hunt <biodiva...> [NHBirds] fun seacoast finds this morning
4/5/21 1:14 pm <phillip...> [NHBirds] Leucistic Song Sparrow
4/5/21 12:46 pm <nellsu......> <nellsull0425...> [NHBirds] Hampton Piping Plovers
4/5/21 12:08 pm Elaine Faletra <elaine.faletra...> [NHBirds] Re: Hawk ID help please!!!
4/5/21 5:30 am Jane Hills <jhbird...> [NHBirds] Early migrants
4/4/21 4:16 pm Scott Spangenberg <sjspangenberg...> [NHBirds] FOY Broadwing, Palm Warbler, and Tree Swallow in Amherst
4/4/21 1:47 pm 'Patrick Marr' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Harriers and FOY Osprey in Dublin
4/4/21 10:43 am Dorsey, Kurk <Kurk.Dorsey...> [NHBirds] Durham Easter highlights
4/4/21 9:55 am Ducky Darrick <dadams...> [NHBirds] Nother rusty
4/4/21 6:41 am Ducky Darrick <dadams...> [NHBirds] Rusty
4/4/21 2:51 am Sandy Turner <tmsprgrn...> [NHBirds] Monroe Sandhill Cranes
4/3/21 7:43 pm Jed Merrow <jedmerrow...> [NHBirds] Osprey, teal concord
4/3/21 7:15 pm Joan McKIbben <joanmckibben725...> [NHBirds] FOY Osprey Horseshoe Pond Merrimack
4/3/21 7:00 pm Elaine Faletra <elaine.faletra...> [NHBirds] Hawk ID help please!!!
4/3/21 1:39 pm Kathy Dube <kiedube...> [NHBirds] N. Shoveler
4/3/21 11:50 am Roger Stephenson <rstephenson...> [NHBirds] Some FOYs around Great Bay
4/3/21 7:51 am Tom McShane <tetamcfam...> [NHBirds] Common Redpoll, Plymouth
4/3/21 4:21 am Kirk Elwell <gentilisfinder...> [NHBirds] Wilson's Snipes/Kensington
4/2/21 3:43 pm Stephen Mirick <smirick...> [NHBirds] Cliff Swallow at Odiorne!
4/2/21 2:07 pm 'Geoff Niswander' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] GWT Hillsboro/East Washington
4/2/21 12:49 pm 'Dan Hubbard' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Fw: PRO/AH/EDR> Salmonellosis, st Typhimurium - USA (02): songbird source, CDC
4/2/21 11:08 am Alfred Maley <alfredmaley...> [NHBirds] Drama in the Yard: Redtail Takes MODO From Cooper’s Hawk
4/2/21 10:13 am Phyllis Yaffie <pyaffie...> [NHBirds] Adult Eagles at Chapman’s Landing
4/2/21 6:55 am birdrecords <birdrecords...> [NHBirds] When will they arrive?
4/2/21 6:00 am Kirk Elwell <gentilisfinder...> [NHBirds] Wilson's Snipe
4/2/21 5:57 am Debra Powers <dmp2ec...> [NHBirds] 5-piping plovers
4/1/21 4:15 pm Judy Dearborn <dearbornjudy...> [NHBirds] Birding in southern Coos county April 1....No joke!
4/1/21 4:01 pm Frechette <frechette7...> [NHBirds] 2 Pied-billed Grebes Peterborough
4/1/21 1:56 pm Craig Brown <craigbrownnh...> [NHBirds] Cedar Waxwings in Manchester
4/1/21 9:19 am Christopher McPherson <cmcpherson687...> [NHBirds] Re: Blue jay call question
4/1/21 7:25 am Fred Sladen <fwsladen...> [NHBirds] Fox Sparrows in Sutton
4/1/21 6:25 am Jim Sparrell <jimsparrell...> Re: [NHBirds] Blue jay call question
4/1/21 5:55 am Jim Guion <jim_guion...> Re: [NHBirds] Blue jay call question
4/1/21 5:54 am Jay Pitocchelli <jpitocch...> [NHBirds] Eastern Phoebe, Bartlett, NH 3/30/21
4/1/21 5:50 am <Maryh......> <Maryhood17...> [NHBirds] FOY Blue heron in Stratham
4/1/21 5:37 am raqbirds via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Concord waterfowl and hawks (no cranes)
4/1/21 5:17 am Jon Woolf <jsw...> Re: [NHBirds] Blue jay call question
3/31/21 6:01 pm <maryhof......> <maryhoffheimer...> [NHBirds] Woodcock are back!
3/31/21 5:49 pm 'Duane Cross' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Blue jay call question
3/31/21 5:37 pm 'Duane Cross' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Phoebe, Flicker and BEAR in Littleton
3/31/21 3:29 pm Fred Sladen <fwsladen...> [NHBirds] Spring arrivals North Sutton
3/31/21 2:49 pm Cindy House <cjhouse...> [NHBirds] FOY Pine Warbler, Bohemian Waxwings and Fox Sparrow, Birch Hill Road, South Sutton
3/31/21 2:03 pm Roger Stephenson <rstephenson...> [NHBirds] Five shovelers Exeter WWTP
3/31/21 11:58 am Catherine Fisher <catherineckx...> [NHBirds] FOY kildeer, house wren, nest-building bluebirds, Lee
3/31/21 11:31 am <cga......> <cgagnon...> [NHBirds] Exeter Wastewater
3/31/21 11:03 am Aaronian, Richard S. <raaronian...> [NHBirds] Exeter and Brentwood
3/31/21 10:11 am Suzanne Smith <zanne719...> [NHBirds] FOY birds -- Hebron
3/31/21 10:08 am Heidi Rogers <hrogers.gm...> [NHBirds] New birds today
3/30/21 7:06 pm Ducky Darrick <dadams...> [NHBirds] Eventful evening in Swanzey
3/30/21 6:32 pm Gail Coffey <gcoffeywriter...> [NHBirds] Pine Warbler Wilton
3/30/21 4:46 pm Len Medlock <lenmedlock...> [NHBirds] Exeter WWTP waterfowl (shovelers, teal, etc)
3/30/21 3:57 pm Unity Dienes <unitydienes...> [NHBirds] Cranes in Concord--whoops
3/30/21 3:41 pm 'Blake Allison' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] New Arrivals the Week of 2021-03-29
3/30/21 9:33 am Heidi Rogers <hrogers.gm...> [NHBirds] Tree Swallows
3/30/21 9:03 am 'Stephen Whitney' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Birding Bristol
3/30/21 8:18 am Anne Ryc <annehadshi...> [NHBirds] Killdeer
3/30/21 7:31 am Unity Dienes <unitydienes...> Re: [NHBirds] Loons in Gilford
3/30/21 5:33 am <mccoskren...> [NHBirds] Loons in Gilford
3/29/21 4:09 pm JM Maher <jeannemariemaher...> [NHBirds] more snow (geese)
3/29/21 3:12 pm 'Patrick Marr' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] GOEA and NOHA at Mud Pond in Dublin
3/29/21 2:35 pm <mrsuomala...> <mrsuomala...> [NHBirds] Rare Bird Alert, New Hampshire, March 29, 2021
3/29/21 1:40 pm Elaine Faletra <elaine.faletra...> [NHBirds] Leucitic common redpoll?
3/29/21 1:07 pm Fred Sladen <fwsladen...> [NHBirds] Bluebirds in North Sutton
3/29/21 12:58 pm Iain Macleod <pandiain.im...> [NHBirds] More Lakes Region birds
3/29/21 9:12 am Pam Hunt <biodiva...> [NHBirds] Concord Cranes - NO at 11:00
3/29/21 8:59 am Linda M. Charron <clinda912...> [NHBirds] bluebird in New Boston
3/29/21 7:23 am Aaronian, Richard S. <raaronian...> [NHBirds] Exeter
3/29/21 6:07 am Jack Swatt <jswattbirds...> [NHBirds] Lempster Sparrows and Evening Grosbeaks
3/29/21 5:16 am Pam Hunt <biodiva...> [NHBirds] Sandhill Cranes in Concord
3/29/21 2:47 am evyn <evynathan...> [NHBirds] Re: Creepin' at Becks - Chapter 12: "A Fowl Day"
3/29/21 1:04 am Joshua Jarvis <menasor77...> [NHBirds] Monadnock region migrants
3/28/21 4:32 pm Roger Stephenson <rstephenson...> [NHBirds] Semi p continues
3/28/21 4:15 pm sallie barker <salliebarker...> [NHBirds] Great Blue Heron - Sunapee
3/28/21 2:56 pm 'Fran Keenan' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] FOY Common loon Massabesic Lake
3/28/21 2:19 pm Iain Macleod <pandiain.im...> [NHBirds] Lakes Region rainy highlights: Shoveler, G-w Teal, Merlin, Scaups, Phoebe, Snipe, Kingfisher, Fish Crow
3/28/21 1:01 pm CK Borg <borealbirder...> [NHBirds] Creepin' at Becks - Chapter 12: "A Fowl Day"
3/28/21 10:36 am Iain Macleod <pandiain.im...> [NHBirds] Lakes Region Waterfowl-- Shoveler, Scaup, etc
3/28/21 7:42 am hector galbraith <hg2...> [NHBirds] Hinsdale migrants and fish crow passage
3/28/21 7:00 am Jane Hills <jhbird...> [NHBirds] Head's Pond today
3/28/21 6:51 am Ed Norton <etnorton...> [NHBirds] Northern shovelers Exeter WTP
3/27/21 4:01 pm Stephen Mirick <smirick...> [NHBirds] Coastal MIGRATION! (Swallows, Kestrels, Turkey Vultures, BARN SWALLOW, CHICKADEES!)
3/27/21 3:42 pm Pam Hunt <biodiva...> [NHBirds] SW NH highlights
3/27/21 2:54 pm Aaronian, Richard S. <raaronian...> [NHBirds] Exeter birding
3/27/21 1:31 pm Jon Woolf <jsw...> [NHBirds] Tree swallows back at MAC
3/27/21 11:58 am 'ann' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Lancaster birds
3/27/21 9:31 am Ed Norton <etnorton...> [NHBirds] American kestrels
3/27/21 9:00 am Ed Norton <etnorton...> [NHBirds] Northern shrike
3/27/21 8:03 am hector galbraith <hg2...> [NHBirds] Hinsdale migrants
3/27/21 7:01 am Roger Stephenson <rstephenson...> [NHBirds] Foy eastern meadowlark
3/27/21 6:41 am Fred Sladen <fwsladen...> [NHBirds] Eagle
3/26/21 6:05 pm Diana S <wildlifenorth100...> Re: [NHBirds] Piping Plover made a friend!
3/26/21 5:21 pm Elaine Faletra <elaine.faletra...> [NHBirds] Redpoll with orange cap
3/26/21 4:35 pm Elaine Faletra <elaine.faletra...> [NHBirds] What happens when a redpoll gets totally soaked?
3/26/21 2:52 pm David Lipsy <dlipsy...> [NHBirds] Brown-headed Cowbirds, Concord NH
3/26/21 2:43 pm DEBRA M POWERS <dmp2ec...> [NHBirds] Piping Plover made a friend!
3/26/21 1:59 pm Jonathan Schwartz <gmjonschwartz...> [NHBirds] Phoebes in Wilmot
3/26/21 1:42 pm Mik Oyler <oylermik...> [NHBirds] North Conway
3/26/21 11:02 am Tom Young <tomyoungnh...> [NHBirds] 4 Sandhill Cranes in Nashua 3/26/21
3/26/21 9:57 am Patience Chamberlin <patiencechamberlin...> [NHBirds] P grosbeak correction!
3/26/21 9:47 am birdrecords <birdrecords...> [NHBirds] Hummingbirds in the Snow!
3/26/21 8:27 am Patience Chamberlin <patiencechamberlin...> [NHBirds] Portsmouth CC
3/26/21 8:15 am hector galbraith <hg2...> [NHBirds] Hinsdale Eurasian Green-winged Teal
3/26/21 8:14 am raqbirds via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Sapsucker in Webster
3/26/21 7:36 am Patience Chamberlin <patiencechamberlin...> [NHBirds] Pine grosbeaks Portsmouth CC
3/26/21 7:28 am Gail Coffey <gcoffeywriter...> [NHBirds] Two Eastern Phoebes -Wilton
3/26/21 5:16 am Jay Pitocchelli <jpitocch...> [NHBirds] Kestrel, Phoebe, Carolina Wren among 32 species yesterday, Saint Anselm College campus, Goffstown, NH 3/25/21
3/25/21 5:33 pm Iain Macleod <pandiain.im...> [NHBirds] Snow Geese and Woodcock in Center Harbor
3/25/21 5:10 pm Mascoma Chapter NH Audubon <mascomabirds...> Re: [NHBirds] Peaceable kingdom
3/25/21 3:28 pm Gayle Crowley <gcrowley310...> [NHBirds] Benson’s Park Hudson
3/25/21 2:56 pm Marc Beerman <oldmanphoto22...> [NHBirds] Fox Sparrows & Juncos
3/25/21 2:53 pm Stephen Mirick <smirick...> [NHBirds] 42 Species at Portsmouth Country Club!
3/25/21 2:27 pm Kyle Wilmarth <kyle.wilmarth...> [NHBirds] Barrow’s Goldeneye in Salem
3/25/21 1:26 pm Sylvia Miskoe <sylviasmiskoe...> [NHBirds] Peaceable kingdom
3/25/21 1:26 pm Christian Martin <cmartin...> [NHBirds] Eagles incubating and a Saw-whet Owl
3/25/21 11:06 am Heidi Rogers <hrogers.gm...> [NHBirds] Fox Sparrow
3/25/21 10:53 am Bruce Boyer <brumyster...> [NHBirds] FOY Phoebe, Jaffrey Center (heard)
3/25/21 10:41 am Anne Ryc <annehadshi...> [NHBirds] Wood duck in Concord
3/25/21 7:10 am Pam Hunt <biodiva...> [NHBirds] Sparrows and waterfowl in Canterbury
3/24/21 9:55 pm Ducky Darrick <dadams...> [NHBirds] Ring necks
3/24/21 9:51 pm Ducky Darrick <dadams...> [NHBirds] Short eared owl- yes
3/24/21 4:57 pm egrc43 <egrc43...> [NHBirds] Marsh Rt 1 Hampton, NH
3/24/21 4:44 pm Jon Woolf <jsw...> [NHBirds] Bald Eagle recovery
3/24/21 4:19 pm Ginny Umiker <ginnyumiker...> [NHBirds] Redpolls
3/24/21 4:11 pm 'Blake Allison' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Season High Species Count on March 24!
3/24/21 2:38 pm Bill Duffy <turnbill...> [NHBirds] Sparrows in Bradford
3/24/21 1:31 pm Sylvia Miskoe <sylviasmiskoe...> [NHBirds] back yard
3/24/21 11:25 am Charlie Nims <charlie.nims...> [NHBirds] Northern Shrike
3/24/21 10:01 am Diana S <wildlifenorth100...> [NHBirds] Re: Hampton and Rye
3/24/21 8:28 am Alfred Maley <alfredmaley...> [NHBirds] Peregrine in the Girdled White Pine
3/24/21 8:25 am 'Blake Allison' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] First of Season Eastern Phoebe in Lyme Wednesday Morning
3/24/21 7:40 am Anne Ryc <annehadshi...> [NHBirds] Kestrel in Concord
3/24/21 7:15 am CRAIG GIBSON <cbgibson...> [NHBirds] Winter Crow Roost; blog updates & videos!
3/24/21 6:11 am Sandy Turner <tmsprgrn...> [NHBirds] Monroe Sandhill Cranes
3/24/21 5:46 am Mik Oyler <oylermik...> [NHBirds] North Conway
3/24/21 5:17 am Heidi Rogers <hrogers.gm...> [NHBirds] Yard Birds
3/24/21 3:37 am Chris Heys <chris.p.heys...> Re: [NHBirds] Loon Pawtuckaway Lake
3/24/21 1:42 am Chris Heys <chris.p.heys...> [NHBirds] Jaffrey Catbird(?)
3/23/21 6:00 pm Katharine Thompson <kthom22...> [NHBirds] No red-headed woodpecker at wilder dam boat ramp
3/23/21 5:47 pm <roger...> [NHBirds] Loon Pawtuckaway Lake
3/23/21 5:44 pm Diana S <wildlifenorth100...> [NHBirds] Hampton and Rye
3/23/21 5:35 pm Gail Coffey <gcoffeywriter...> [NHBirds] 2 Eastern Phoebes in Keene
3/23/21 1:10 pm Pam Hunt <biodiva...> RE: [NHBirds] Bohemian Waxwings, Sandwich
3/23/21 12:58 pm Iain MacLeod <iain.macleod...> RE: [NHBirds] Bohemian Waxwings, Sandwich
3/23/21 12:50 pm Alan McIntyre <mcintyreal...> [NHBirds] Hoary redpoll
3/23/21 11:58 am Ken Klapper <kklapper...> [NHBirds] Bohemian Waxwings, Sandwich
3/23/21 10:19 am Chris Heys <chris.p.heys...> [NHBirds] Phoebe Jaffrey
3/23/21 9:59 am Fred Sladen <fwsladen...> [NHBirds] New Arrivals Sutton
3/23/21 8:56 am Linda M. Charron <clinda912...> [NHBirds] Goldfinch in bright yellow...New Boston
3/23/21 8:38 am 'Blake Allison' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] First of Season Song Sparrow Tuesday Morning
3/23/21 8:15 am David Lipsy <dlipsy...> [NHBirds] Lesser Scaup - Horseshoe Pond - Concord
3/23/21 7:21 am wendy chatel <wendychatel...> [NHBirds] Fox Sparrow - Wolfeboro
3/22/21 5:11 pm Gail Coffey <gcoffeywriter...> [NHBirds] Re: Hooksett-Goldfinch????
3/22/21 3:52 pm Christopher McPherson <cmcpherson687...> [NHBirds] The trillers
3/22/21 3:04 pm <mrsuomala...> <mrsuomala...> [NHBirds] Rare Bird Alert, New Hampshire, March 22, 2021
3/22/21 2:11 pm <jady......> <jadygirlz...> [NHBirds] Re: Help ID'ing - Woodcock in Dover?
3/22/21 11:50 am ROBERT SWEET <rgsweet...> [NHBirds] Hooksett-Gold finch update!!!!
3/22/21 8:28 am Anne Ryc <annehadshi...> [NHBirds] Red-shouldered hawk in Concord
3/22/21 6:37 am <brett......> <brett.cropp...> [NHBirds] Help ID'ing - Woodcock in Dover?
3/21/21 8:05 pm Elaine Faletra <elaine.faletra...> Re: [NHBirds] Re: Hooksett-Goldfinch????
3/21/21 6:22 pm Jennifer Frost -Dunbarton <jennfrost67...> [NHBirds] Re: Hooksett-Goldfinch????
3/21/21 5:49 pm Jay Pitocchelli <jpitocch...> [NHBirds] Saw-whet Owl, Winding Brook Rd., Newbury, NH 3/21/21
3/21/21 4:56 pm Christopher McPherson <cmcpherson687...> [NHBirds] Black bird vocalization
3/21/21 4:27 pm Wayne Scott <wsscott...> [NHBirds] Black-backed Woodpecker
3/21/21 4:15 pm Linda M. Charron <clinda912...> Re: [NHBirds] Hooksett-Goldfinch????
3/21/21 3:42 pm Patricia Maxwell Wood <patriciamaxwellwood...> Re: [NHBirds] Hooksett-Goldfinch????
3/21/21 2:58 pm Anne H. <annehadshi...> Re: [NHBirds] Hooksett-Goldfinch????
3/21/21 2:45 pm Elaine Faletra <elaine.faletra...> Re: [NHBirds] Hooksett-Goldfinch????
3/21/21 2:33 pm Aaronian, Richard S. <raaronian...> [NHBirds] Exeter Fox Sparrow
3/21/21 1:40 pm Bill Duffy <turnbill...> [NHBirds] FOY Woodcock in Bradford
3/21/21 12:00 pm <jacksonwrxt89...> [NHBirds] Charlestown Waterfowl
3/21/21 10:25 am Patience Chamberlin <patiencechamberlin...> [NHBirds] Eurasian wigeon Portsmouth CC
3/21/21 9:33 am Laura Greengerg <llgreenberg...> [NHBirds] Eastern Phoebe
3/21/21 5:28 am paul <pkursewicz...> Re: [NHBirds] Hooksett-Goldfinch????
3/20/21 3:34 pm S. Lewis <samlewis100...> [NHBirds] Barred Owl -Lee
3/20/21 9:40 am Alex Lamoreaux <aslamoreaux...> Re: [NHBirds] Hooksett-Goldfinch????
3/20/21 8:10 am Linda M. Charron <clinda912...> Re: [NHBirds] Hooksett-Goldfinch????
3/20/21 8:03 am ROBERT SWEET <rgsweet...> [NHBirds] Hooksett-Goldfinch????
3/19/21 12:23 pm Jay Pitocchelli <jpitocch...> [NHBirds] Red-winged Blackbird, Newbury, NH 3/19/21
3/19/21 9:23 am birdrecords <birdrecords...> [NHBirds] Goldeneye id
3/19/21 7:48 am Stephen Mirick <smirick...> [NHBirds] Looking for bird bander in NH
3/19/21 5:51 am David Govatski <david.govatski...> [NHBirds] Jefferson Birds on the Last Day of Winter
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