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8/7/22 3:54 pm 'Darryl Parker' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Stellar photos
8/7/22 11:55 am Christian Martin <cmartin...> RE: [NHBirds] Harriers and migrants Coos County
8/7/22 11:28 am raqbirds via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Harriers and migrants Coos County
8/6/22 12:21 pm Steve Smith <kwedun...> [NHBirds] Steller's Sea Eagle seen NL August 5th
8/5/22 7:11 am Bird Watcher's Supply & Gift <birdwsg...> [NHBirds] Swarovski Optics Day
8/5/22 7:07 am Steve Mirick <smirick...> [NHBirds] August 5 - This Date in NHBirds List History!
8/4/22 11:26 am birdrecords <birdrecords...> [NHBirds] Egret! Heron!? Egret?
8/4/22 8:59 am birdrecords <birdrecords...> [NHBirds] Identifying Bird Sounds with the Merlin App
8/2/22 10:47 am Sean Beckett <sean...> [NHBirds] Cape May and Plum Island guided trips this fall
8/2/22 10:00 am birdrecords <birdrecords...> [NHBirds] Reminder to Enter Summer eBird Data
8/2/22 9:01 am birdrecords <birdrecords...> [NHBirds] American White Pelican in Pittsburg
8/1/22 2:26 pm <mrsuomala...> <mrsuomala...> [NHBirds] Rare Bird Alert, New Hampshire, August 1, 2022
8/1/22 8:30 am birdrecords <birdrecords...> [NHBirds] Yellow-crowned Night-Heron in Gilford
8/1/22 8:02 am Charlie Nims <charlie.nims...> [NHBirds] Caps Ridge\Pothole Rocks
7/31/22 5:02 pm 'Blake Allison' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Lyme Yellow-billed Cuckoo Sunday Morning, the 31st
7/31/22 2:05 pm <recipes...> [NHBirds] Loon chicks now five and six weeks, see pix on my blog
7/31/22 7:00 am Joshua Jarvis <menasor77...> Re: [NHBirds] Identification correction. Not Sharp shinned, Merlin
7/31/22 6:22 am Christian Martin <cmartin...> RE: [NHBirds] Identification correction. Not Sharp shinned, Merlin
7/31/22 2:58 am Joshua Jarvis <menasor77...> [NHBirds] Identification correction. Not Sharp shinned, Merlin
7/30/22 5:26 am Steve Mirick <smirick...> [NHBirds] Little Stint - NO
7/29/22 8:17 am Steve Mirick <smirick...> [NHBirds] Little Stint - YES
7/29/22 8:13 am Ken Klapper <kklapper...> [NHBirds] More Sandwich warblers on the move (Bay-breasted, Mourning)
7/29/22 4:16 am Steve Mirick <smirick...> [NHBirds] LITTLE STINT in Hampton
7/28/22 2:55 pm Phyllis Yaffie <pyaffie...> [NHBirds] Great Egrets in Deerfield
7/27/22 8:24 am David Moulton <moulton.davidh...> [NHBirds] Black Vultures soaring over Pickering
7/26/22 12:48 pm Jane Rice <moultnews...> [NHBirds] Newfound Lake today
7/25/22 2:45 pm <mrsuomala...> <mrsuomala...> [NHBirds] Rare Bird Alert, New Hampshire, July 25, 2022
7/24/22 3:34 pm Steve Mirick <smirick...> [NHBirds] Coastal Migration - Shorebirds are moving!
7/24/22 10:04 am Diana S <wildlifenorth100...> [NHBirds] Birding, etc in Machias, Maine
7/24/22 5:17 am <recipes...> [NHBirds] Loon chicks at four and five weeks, photos
7/23/22 3:24 pm Steve Mirick <smirick...> [NHBirds] NH Coastal Observations (King Eider, shorebirds, migrants)
7/23/22 6:32 am Aaronian, Richard S. <raaronian...> [NHBirds] Hampton Salt Marsh Cons. Area
7/22/22 8:31 am Ken Klapper <kklapper...> [NHBirds] Songbirds... on the move in Sandwich (Tennessee, etc)
7/21/22 3:44 pm Cliff Otto <bye.bye.nh.birdy...> [NHBirds] Most distinctive birds most at risk of extinction
7/21/22 8:41 am birdrecords <birdrecords...> [NHBirds] A Little Stretch of Nothing?
7/21/22 7:59 am Roger Stephenson <rstephenson...> [NHBirds] need a leg up on Stilts
7/20/22 5:56 pm Cameron Johnson <camjohnsonphoto...> [NHBirds] Mississippi Kite at Stratham Hill Park
7/20/22 8:09 am gerry coffey <gerrycoffey123...> [NHBirds] Grasshopper Sparrow status Woodmont
7/18/22 2:18 pm <mrsuomala...> <mrsuomala...> [NHBirds] Rare Bird Alert, New Hampshire, July 18, 2022
7/18/22 11:22 am 'Bill' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Phoebes
7/18/22 9:09 am Linda M. Charron <clinda912...> Re: [NHBirds] Late nesting Bluebirds,Cedar Waxwings bathing
7/18/22 7:19 am Steve Mirick <smirick...> [NHBirds] NHButterfly - A new email group devoted to Butterflies of New Hampshire
7/18/22 5:29 am Pamela Hunt <phunt...> [NHBirds] Isles of Shoals birding trips with Shoals Marine Lab
7/17/22 9:14 am Jon Woolf <jsw...> [NHBirds] NH Audubon Fall Pelagic Birding Trip
7/17/22 5:26 am Chris Heys <chris.p.heys...> [NHBirds] Rindge Migrants
7/16/22 8:44 pm Charlie Nims <charlie.nims...> [NHBirds] Red Crossbills
7/16/22 6:42 am jennifer Frost <jennfrost67...> [NHBirds] Late nesting Bluebirds,Cedar Waxwings bathing
7/16/22 3:46 am Joshua Jarvis <menasor77...> [NHBirds] Kikiki goes the Sharpy (Winchester)
7/15/22 2:26 pm 'Rob Woodward' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] birds, bugs, bear - Cherry Pond
7/15/22 1:46 pm Linda M. Charron <clinda912...> Re: [NHBirds] irate house wren moves in
7/13/22 10:35 am Jane Rice <moultnews...> RE: [NHBirds] Bobolink bonanza - Laconia
7/13/22 9:04 am 'Rob Woodward' via NHBirds <nhbirds...> [NHBirds] Bobolink bonanza - Laconia
7/12/22 4:01 pm <jim...> [NHBirds] Birds of Early Summer -- PHOTOS
7/12/22 8:57 am Bill Chaisson <wpchaisson...> Re: [NHBirds] Owls being weirdos
7/12/22 2:42 am Alfred Maley <alfredmaley...> [NHBirds]
7/11/22 2:22 pm <mrsuomala...> <mrsuomala...> [NHBirds] Rare Bird Alert, New Hampshire, July 11, 2022
7/11/22 12:09 pm <jady......> <jadygirlz...> [NHBirds] Re: Owls being weirdos
7/11/22 12:07 pm <jady......> <jadygirlz...> [NHBirds] Re: Prairie Warbler and Bobcat (pics)
7/11/22 11:35 am Sylvia Miskoe <sylviasmiskoe...> Re: [NHBirds] Digest for - 1 update in 1 topic
7/11/22 11:28 am <recipes...> [NHBirds] More visits with the loons, photos
7/10/22 3:35 pm Patt S <somabodytherapy...> [NHBirds] Scarlet Tanager
7/8/22 7:08 pm Wayne Scott <wsscott...> [NHBirds] Fish Crows in Plymouth
7/8/22 5:31 pm Ducky Darrick <dadams...> [NHBirds] Owls being weirdos
7/8/22 12:34 pm <cga......> <cgagnon...> [NHBirds] Prairie Warbler and Bobcat (pics)
7/8/22 10:17 am Aaronian, Richard S. <raaronian...> [NHBirds] Seabrook/Hampton coast
7/8/22 7:04 am Iain MacLeod <iain.macleod...> [NHBirds] JUST PUBLISHED: Birds of the Squam Lakes Region
7/8/22 6:50 am <cga......> <cgagnon...> [NHBirds] 10 warblers at Millsfield Pond
7/8/22 6:01 am Steve Mirick <smirick...> [NHBirds] July 8 - This Date in NHBirds List History!
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