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6/22/17 10:05 am Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...> [COBOL] Empty nest syndrome
6/22/17 10:03 am Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...> [COBOL] Adler is GONE!
6/21/17 9:31 pm Diane Burgess <dgburgess54...> [COBOL] Wednesday Birders - Sisters area Woodpeckers
6/21/17 9:00 pm Bella Henson <arhenson.henson...> Re: [COBOL] pygmy nuthatches
6/21/17 5:50 pm Kathleen <ktmartin...> [COBOL] pygmy nuthatches
6/21/17 11:02 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Crooked River Wetlands now on the Oregon Site Guide
6/21/17 10:08 am Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...> [COBOL] Hummers too
6/21/17 10:02 am Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...> [COBOL] YEA! Ospreys
6/21/17 9:50 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Crooked River Wetlands Bird List
6/20/17 6:00 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Summer Lake report, Common Loon, Marbled Godwits
6/19/17 10:18 pm PETER LOW <plbirder...> [COBOL] Catbirds
6/19/17 9:24 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Fwd: Williamson Sapsucker
6/19/17 7:34 pm Mike Ogle <mogle...> [COBOL] Metolius
6/19/17 9:13 am Stu Garrett <garrett...> [COBOL] Sage-grouse and West Nile virus
6/19/17 7:49 am Jim Moodie <jmoodie...> [COBOL] First returning Rufous Hummingbird male: Deschutes River Woods (5 miles SW of Bend)
6/18/17 7:43 am Stu Garrett <garrett...> [COBOL] sage,grouse, WNV, Brothers PAC
6/17/17 4:30 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Plan for ECAS Wednesday Birding June 21 - Woodpeckers
6/16/17 4:35 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> [COBOL] New birds
6/16/17 3:34 pm Mike <gardenbug99...> [COBOL] No Gray Catbird
6/16/17 2:14 pm Brodie Lewis <brodietlewis...> [COBOL] Notable Wasco and Sherman county birds
6/16/17 1:35 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Wednesdays etc.
6/16/17 10:56 am John <jreuland...> [COBOL] Lake Abert Surveys
6/16/17 7:57 am Pat Blue Heron <patblueheron...> [COBOL] Fort Rock
6/15/17 4:43 pm jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] Breeding bird survey additional information
6/15/17 4:38 pm jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] Breeding Bird survey-Bowden Hills
6/15/17 4:23 pm jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] Breeding Bird Survey-Battle Mountain-Malheur County
6/15/17 4:07 pm jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] Breeding Bird Survey-Trout Creek june 6-15-17
6/15/17 4:05 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Camp Sherman Catbird info
6/15/17 7:46 am Susan Tank <wolfies.hound...> [COBOL] Bird Book Author Event
6/14/17 7:59 pm <jmeredit...> Re: [COBOL] Lark sparrow
6/14/17 7:46 pm Michelle & Kim Kathol <kakathol...> [COBOL] Lark sparrow
6/14/17 6:24 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] ECAS Wednesday Redmond, Crooked River Wetands and Hatfield.
6/14/17 1:25 pm Michelle & Kim Kathol <kakathol...> [COBOL] Common Nighthawks
6/13/17 7:04 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] location Redmond sewer pond
6/13/17 4:19 pm sue bertsch <lindasuebertsch...> [COBOL] June Birders' Night
6/12/17 9:29 pm PETER LOW <plbirder...> [COBOL] Deschutes Gray Catbirds
6/11/17 9:08 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Dean Hale Woodpecker Festival Results
6/11/17 8:14 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] ECAS Wednesday, sewage ponds Redmond, Prineville and Bend
6/11/17 3:05 pm Stephen Shunk <steve...> [COBOL] Local RBA: Redstart in Bend
6/11/17 10:12 am Stephen Shunk <steve...> Re: [COBOL] Hatfield E. Kingbird
6/11/17 4:42 am Michelle & Kim Kathol <kakathol...> [COBOL] White-throated Swift
6/10/17 10:03 pm sue bertsch <lindasuebertsch...> [COBOL] ECAS June Birders Night
6/10/17 4:52 pm Mary Ann Kruse <junehog9...> [COBOL] Fwd: Something to prove: Vauxs swifts
6/10/17 2:56 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> Re: [COBOL] Grackle
6/10/17 10:45 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Hatfield E. Kingbird
6/10/17 7:57 am Thomas Winters <tjwinters1951...> [COBOL] Grackle
6/9/17 10:02 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Fwd: Hatfield Lake Eastern Kingbird
6/9/17 1:21 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Owling in the Ochocos
6/8/17 5:55 pm <jmeredit...> Re: [COBOL] Prineville Wetlands Map
6/8/17 5:23 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Prineville Wetlands Map
6/8/17 6:57 am <wolfies.hound...> [COBOL] Early bird
6/7/17 8:26 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Wednesdays to Crook County, N Shore Rd, Eagle Rock, Post to Paulina, PUett, Paulina Valley Rd and finish with part of CR Wetlands,
6/7/17 7:46 pm M Gonzalez <towhee...> Re: [COBOL] Canyon Towhee
6/7/17 5:47 pm M Gonzalez <towhee...> [COBOL] Prineville Wetlands -- Stilts, terns, and swallows -- oh my
6/7/17 10:59 am David Stone <dns...> [COBOL] Cats and cowbirds
6/7/17 10:39 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Fwd: Re: costa's hummer
6/7/17 10:16 am David Vick <or.naturalist...> [COBOL] FOY, Eagles and free speech
6/7/17 8:58 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> Re: [COBOL] Canyon Towhee
6/7/17 8:46 am Thomas Winters <tjwinters1951...> [COBOL] Canyon Towhee
6/6/17 8:38 pm Stephen Shunk <steve...> [COBOL] Today at trout creek, cold springs
6/6/17 12:34 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Gray Catbird today
6/5/17 10:05 pm M Gonzalez <towhee...> [COBOL] Prineville Wetlands -- Willet
6/5/17 7:25 pm Brodie Lewis <brodietlewis...> [COBOL] Blue gray gnatcatcher at alder springs
6/4/17 8:13 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Plan for Wednesday Birding, June 7th, all day eastern Crook County. EARLY START
6/4/17 7:06 pm Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...> [COBOL] Young Golden Eagle
6/4/17 6:53 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Lower Bridge E. Kingbird
6/4/17 6:48 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] GRAY CATBIRDS (2) Camp Sherman, Jefferson County
6/3/17 9:40 pm G R Cornforth <grcornforth...> [COBOL] Northern Bobwhite
6/3/17 2:12 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> Re: [COBOL] Could we have seen NORTHERN BOBWHITE?
6/2/17 10:08 pm G R Cornforth <grcornforth...> [COBOL] Could we have seen NORTHERN BOBWHITE?
6/2/17 9:27 pm <wolfies.hound...> [COBOL] Common NIghthawk
6/2/17 12:20 pm Mike Ogle <mogle...> [COBOL] Gadwall drake
6/2/17 11:59 am JOHN GERKE <JOHNGERKE...> [COBOL] First baby quail!
6/2/17 11:37 am Elise W <ewolf97...> [COBOL] leave a baby bird or take to rescue???
6/2/17 6:33 am Stephen Shunk <steve...> Re: [COBOL] Pileated WP
6/1/17 4:50 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Warning re Malheur, flat tires again
5/31/17 11:39 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] future ECAS birding, for Bobolinks etc
5/31/17 11:08 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Unlikely Scissortail Fly
5/31/17 11:03 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Pileated WP
5/31/17 9:58 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] one day blitz Malheur sapler, Wednesday birding ECAS
5/30/17 9:02 pm Brodie Lewis <brodietlewis...> [COBOL] Re vaux's swifts
5/30/17 5:04 pm Dave Tracy <davidctracy...> [COBOL] ECAS Birding By Ear Tuesday May 30th
5/30/17 3:41 pm KIM BODDIE <kcboddie...> Re: [COBOL] posible Phainopepla
5/30/17 12:01 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Owling near Sisters
5/30/17 10:01 am clay crofton <claycbirds...> [COBOL] Hart Mountain
5/30/17 9:30 am clay crofton <claycbirds...> [COBOL] Flook Lake-Hart Mountain
5/30/17 9:15 am Joel Geier <joel.geier...> [COBOL] "Blue" Grouse in Ochoco Mountains
5/28/17 9:08 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Plan for Wednesday birding May 31, Malheur, leave SIX A.M.
5/28/17 8:18 pm Hailey Walls <hailey.m.w...> [COBOL] Possible Phainopepla near cabin lake
5/28/17 5:52 pm Mary Ann Kruse <junehog9...> [COBOL] Vaux's swifts
5/28/17 5:19 pm Jacob Mathison <jacobmathison1...> [COBOL] RFI: Three-toed WP location
5/27/17 7:09 pm Mike Ogle <mogle...> [COBOL] For Tom
5/27/17 6:23 pm Howard Horvath <horvathhoward...> [COBOL] A trip to Malheur NWR
5/27/17 1:11 pm Elise W <ewolf97...> [COBOL] nevermind
5/27/17 1:05 pm Elise W <ewolf97...> [COBOL] any ideas on who this is?
5/26/17 3:55 pm Alice Elshoff <calice58...> [COBOL] Bob-o-link count
5/26/17 1:32 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> [COBOL] RBA: Bobolink
5/25/17 9:32 pm Jim Moodie <jmoodie...> [COBOL] Deschutes County, west of Sisters: American Three-toed Woodpecker-two pairs!
5/25/17 8:25 pm Tom Lawler <tjlawler...> [COBOL] Cabin Lake 5/25
5/25/17 5:00 pm Dave Tracy <davidctracy...> [COBOL] ECAS Birding by Ear Tuesday May 23rd
5/24/17 8:35 pm M Gonzalez <towhee...> [COBOL] Crooked River Park
5/24/17 6:57 pm Craig Miller <gismiller...> [COBOL] Hatfield Lake birds today
5/24/17 10:09 am Michelle & Kim Kathol <kakathol...> [COBOL] Lark Sparrow
5/24/17 7:40 am Mel Holt <melholt541...> [COBOL] New yard bird
5/23/17 6:54 pm sue bertsch <lindasuebertsch...> [COBOL] Wednesday Birding 5/24/2017
5/23/17 5:39 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] carpool for Alder Springs Wednesday
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