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6/17/18 6:05 pm Tom Lawler <tjlawler...> [COBOL] 6/16 Sunriver Nature Center Bird Walk
6/17/18 9:10 am <jmeredit...> [COBOL] plan for ECAS birding on Wednesday, June 20
6/16/18 11:07 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> [COBOL] Lake Creek Lodge
6/16/18 5:47 pm David Vick <or.naturalist...> [COBOL] Smith Rock raptors and a big surprise
6/16/18 4:47 pm Mary Ann Kruse <junehog9...> [COBOL] found Nikon binocular case
6/16/18 12:01 pm Howard Horvath <horvathhoward...> [COBOL] Least Flycatcher
6/15/18 5:34 pm Claire Weiser <claire.weiser...> [COBOL] Lewis's Woodpecker Eats Pygmy Nuthatch Eggs
6/15/18 9:56 am Tom Crabtree <tc...> [COBOL] Least Flycatcher
6/15/18 6:47 am PAM CHRIS <pcscranton...> [COBOL] Lower Bridge Crossing, Whiskey Springs, Black Butte
6/14/18 5:21 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] local RBA Deschutes, LEAST FLYCATCHER
6/13/18 11:32 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] ECAS Wednesday Day trip to Malheur
6/13/18 10:42 am Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...> [COBOL] New photos
6/12/18 8:19 am jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] 2 days of Whiskey Spring birds..6-12-18
6/12/18 8:19 am <joeltins...> [COBOL] Fledgling Kestrels
6/10/18 10:29 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] plan for Wednesday, June 13, long day, early start
6/9/18 5:31 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> Re: [COBOL] About that Smith Rock Nene
6/9/18 4:59 pm David Vick <or.naturalist...> [COBOL] About that Smith Rock Nene
6/9/18 1:25 pm Elise W <ewolf97...> [COBOL] Nene goose at Smith Rock
6/8/18 10:58 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> [COBOL] Whiskey Springs, Jun 8, 2018
6/8/18 6:14 am PAM CHRIS <pcscranton...> [COBOL] Malhuer
6/7/18 10:44 pm sue bertsch <lindasuebertsch...> [COBOL] June 2018 Birders' Night, Thursday June 21
6/6/18 5:49 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] local RBA, GRAY CATBIRDS Jefferson county
6/6/18 4:21 pm Chuck Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Franklin’s Gull
6/6/18 11:07 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Juniper Saw-whet
6/6/18 5:26 am Tom Lawler <tjlawler...> Re: [COBOL] Charley Berry Email
6/6/18 4:39 am Charley Berry <charleyb21...> [COBOL] (no subject)
6/6/18 1:42 am <jmeredit...> [COBOL] [obol] Youth Scholarship Announcement
6/5/18 3:00 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> Re: [COBOL] HETO
6/4/18 4:32 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> [COBOL] Woodpecker Fest on Sunday
6/4/18 3:22 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Crook Birds Today
6/4/18 2:36 pm Stephen Shunk <steve...> Re: [COBOL] HETO - defined
6/4/18 9:31 am Tom Crabtree <tc...> [COBOL] Local RBA Black Phoebe
6/4/18 8:01 am Chuck Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Houston lake Franklin’s Gull
6/4/18 7:04 am Steve Kornfeld <sbkornfeld...> Re: [COBOL] HETO - defined
6/4/18 6:22 am Jean Vertefeuille-Cutler <aantara...> [COBOL] GH owl family
6/4/18 1:17 am <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Plan for ECAS Wednesday Birding, June 6
6/4/18 1:16 am <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Pinyon Jays in Millican area, but SCRUB JAYS??
6/3/18 10:39 pm Steve Kornfeld <sbkornfeld...> [COBOL] FW: HETO
6/3/18 4:18 pm Diane Burgess <dgburgess54...> [COBOL] Trip list for Three Creeks, Pole Creek for Dean Hale Woodpecker Festival
6/2/18 10:21 pm David Vick <or.naturalist...> [COBOL] Fwd: Mergansers at Smith Rocks
6/2/18 9:48 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Trip report Dean Hale WP festival, Cold Springs, Milli Burn, Whispering Pines area
6/2/18 9:12 pm <plbirder...> [COBOL] Hatfield Lake
6/2/18 5:54 pm Joel Geier <joel.geier...> Re: [COBOL] [obol] Painted Hills Black-throated Sparrow(s), peacable Lark Sparrows and probable Blue-gray Gnatcatcher nearby
6/1/18 7:43 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] trip list, Shevlin and Calliope Crossing For Dean Hale Woodpecker Festival
6/1/18 4:26 pm Joel Geier <joel.geier...> [COBOL] Painted Hills Black-throated Sparrow(s), peacable Lark Sparrows and probable Blue-gray Gnatcatcher nearby
6/1/18 1:34 pm Susan Tank <wolfies.hound...> [COBOL] FOS...
6/1/18 12:48 pm M Gonzalez <towhee...> [COBOL] nighthawks have returned to the Deschutes NF
6/1/18 10:19 am Tom Lawler <tjlawler...> [COBOL] DHWF WP trip #2 to Summer Lake
6/1/18 8:00 am Howard Horvath <horvathhoward...> [COBOL] Dean Hale Woodpecker Festival Trip to Summer Lake
5/31/18 7:26 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Prineville Bird Club Field Trip
5/31/18 3:12 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Golden-crowned Sparrow in Powell Butte
5/31/18 1:29 pm Mark Gonzalez <mgonzale...> [COBOL] C grackle at crooked river wetlands
5/31/18 8:27 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Emperor Goose Chase
5/31/18 6:05 am Cindy Zalunardo <cindybirdzalunardo...> [COBOL] Alder Springs Birds
5/30/18 7:08 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Fwd: Birding Milli burn, Cold Springs, Calliope Crossing
5/29/18 7:49 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] BG Gnatcatcher at Lower Bridge
5/28/18 1:20 pm Chuck Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Crooked River Wetlands GT Grackle
5/28/18 9:37 am paultsullivan <paultsullivan...> [COBOL] Gt tailed grackle at Crooked River Wetlands
5/28/18 7:26 am <wolfies.hound...> [COBOL] Notes from the weekend
5/28/18 3:10 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Owling near Sisters
5/28/18 1:27 am <joeltins...> [COBOL] Merlin app - iPhone vs android
5/27/18 10:36 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Plan for Wednesday Birding on May 30
5/27/18 7:49 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] No Barred Owl today
5/27/18 6:49 pm Deanna Emig <qhjumper...> [COBOL] Emperor Goose-yes
5/27/18 11:26 am Mike <gardenbug99...> [COBOL] Hatfield Lake today, Avocet and Willet
5/27/18 8:01 am John <jreuland...> [COBOL] Lake Abert Summer Surveys
5/27/18 5:09 am <jmeredit...> Re: [COBOL] Barred Owl - Shevlin
5/27/18 3:27 am <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Barred owl Shevlin park near south main parking lot
5/26/18 8:16 pm Tom Lawler <tjlawler...> [COBOL] Sunriver Bird Walk - Saturday May 26
5/26/18 7:54 pm Annette Lange Hildebrand <lange69annette...> [COBOL] Lower Bridge Chatty
5/26/18 6:10 pm Steve Kornfeld <sbkornfeld...> [COBOL] Barred Owl - Shevlin
5/26/18 5:15 pm Mary Ann Kruse <junehog9...> [COBOL] Vaux's swifts
5/26/18 3:38 pm tim turner <timturner...> [COBOL] Nighthawk
5/26/18 1:14 pm Denise Fainberg <dsfainberg...> Re: [COBOL] COBOL Digest, Vol 743, Issue 8; PEFA
5/25/18 12:19 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> Re: [COBOL] Camp Sherman Area Yesterday
5/25/18 10:36 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Camp Sherman Area Yesterday
5/24/18 5:37 pm Steve Kornfeld <sbkornfeld...> Re: [COBOL] Emperor Goose yes
5/24/18 5:30 pm David Vick <or.naturalist...> [COBOL] ECAS and ONDA's interpretive hike at Smith Rock 5/24/18
5/24/18 4:52 pm David Vick <or.naturalist...> [COBOL] Fwd: Smith Rock Hike Resources, species list to follow
5/24/18 1:58 pm Chuck Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Fwd: Emperor Goose
5/24/18 1:51 pm Chuck Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Emperor Goose yes
5/24/18 9:04 am Mike <gardenbug99...> [COBOL] Lower Bridge today. Chat yes
5/23/18 9:38 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Emperor Goose
5/23/18 4:09 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Emperor Goose Still Here
5/23/18 2:25 pm Howard Horvath <horvathhoward...> [COBOL] Wednesday Birding
5/23/18 2:13 pm Cindy Zalunardo <cindybirdzalunardo...> [COBOL] Correction to dilute sapsucker email
5/23/18 2:11 pm Cindy Zalunardo <cindybirdzalunardo...> [COBOL] Possible sapsucker with “diluted plumage”
5/23/18 11:30 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Sisters Bird Feeders
5/23/18 9:42 am Mary Ann Kruse <junehog9...> [COBOL] Lights Out Bend
5/22/18 7:14 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Re plan for Wednesday, tomorrow May 23
5/22/18 5:49 pm Dave Tracy <davidctracy...> [COBOL] ECAS Birding By Ear Tuesday May 21st
5/22/18 12:50 pm David Vick <or.naturalist...> [COBOL] Redmond STP and Lower Bridge
5/22/18 10:55 am PAM CHRIS <pcscranton...> [COBOL] Prineville Wetlands
5/22/18 5:31 am PAM CHRIS <pcscranton...> [COBOL] Common Poorwill
5/21/18 1:18 pm Tom Lawler <tjlawler...> [COBOL] Bullock’s Oriole Omission
5/21/18 1:12 pm Tom Lawler <tjlawler...> [COBOL] Bullock’s Oriole
5/21/18 7:45 am Jim Moodie <jmoodie...> [COBOL] DRW Black-chinned Hummingbird
5/20/18 9:41 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Plan for ECAS Wednesday birding May 23
5/19/18 6:35 pm Kara Jakse <jakse...> [COBOL] Clark's grebe
5/19/18 3:51 pm Tom Lawler <tjlawler...> [COBOL] May 19 Sunriver Nature Center Bird Walk
5/18/18 2:19 pm Diane Burgess <dgburgess54...> [COBOL] Old Mill Bird Walk
5/18/18 8:23 am Elise W <ewolf97...> [COBOL] tundra swan
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