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3/22/17 10:39 pm PETER LOW <plbirder...> [COBOL] Out Of Town Birding
3/22/17 9:12 pm PETER LOW <plbirder...> [COBOL] Sisters Ferruginous
3/22/17 4:01 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] non-breeding Great-horned Owls
3/22/17 3:17 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] ECAS Wednesday, Redmond sewage pond areas and Hatfield 1st pond
3/22/17 1:28 pm jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] of white-throated sparrows and banded birds...
3/21/17 4:41 pm Dave Tracy <dave...> [COBOL] ECAS Birding By Ear Tuesday March 21st
3/20/17 8:46 pm PETER LOW <plbirder...> [COBOL] Crane Today
3/20/17 8:36 pm Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...> [COBOL] 2016 Oregon Listing Results are published
3/20/17 6:22 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Canada Goose Eggs
3/20/17 2:57 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Woodpecker Festival announcement
3/19/17 11:27 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Plan ECAS Wednesday Birding, March 22
3/19/17 8:35 pm M Gonzalez <towhee...> [COBOL] Results Redmond-Tumalo Raptor Route
3/19/17 2:41 pm jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] camp polk meadow birds 3-19-17
3/19/17 9:08 am Pam Otley <pamo1954...> [COBOL] Fwd: Summer Lake - Godwit, yes and more
3/18/17 3:13 pm Cindy Brougher Zalunardo <cindybirdzalunardo...> [COBOL] March 2017 Powell Butte Raptor Route: Low Numbers
3/17/17 10:30 pm jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] sisters sewer ponds 3-17-17
3/17/17 4:34 pm jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] camp polk meadows 3-17-17
3/17/17 9:13 am jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] yard birds in sisters 3-17-17
3/17/17 8:53 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Smith Rock Rosy Finches
3/16/17 11:47 pm jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] whitehorse road re-visited....
3/16/17 3:44 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> Re: [COBOL] eBird Warning
3/16/17 1:49 pm clay crofton <ruffledgrouch...> [COBOL] eBird Warning
3/16/17 10:10 am <jmeredit...> [COBOL] odds and ends, even a bird
3/15/17 10:15 pm PETER LOW <plbirder...> [COBOL] Some Bird Notes for last weekend and this week.
3/15/17 8:58 pm KIM BODDIE <kcboddie...> [COBOL] Fort Rock Raptor Survey
3/15/17 8:28 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] ECAS Wednesday, Fort Rock, Summer Lake WMA, Ana Res, etc. Lake County
3/15/17 7:15 pm <wolfies.hound...> [COBOL] Common Poorwill
3/15/17 4:42 pm jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] whitehourse ranch road 3-14-17
3/14/17 9:55 pm <jmeredit...> Re: [COBOL] ECAS Wednesday plan, for March 15, EARLY START
3/14/17 9:45 pm <jmeredit...> Re: [COBOL] Redmond ponds
3/14/17 9:08 pm Craig Miller <gismiller...> Re: [COBOL] Dark-eyed "Cassiar" Junco in Oregon
3/14/17 8:46 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Redmond ponds
3/14/17 7:15 pm Russ Namitz <namitzr...> Re: [COBOL] Dark-eyed "Cassiar" Junco in Oregon
3/14/17 7:08 pm PETER LOW <plbirder...> Re: [COBOL] Dark-eyed "Cassiar" Junco in Oregon
3/14/17 7:00 pm Elise W <ewolf97...> [COBOL] unbelievable fledgling collards
3/14/17 6:01 pm Dave Tracy <davidctracy...> [COBOL] ECAS Birding By Ear Tuesday March 14th
3/14/17 12:27 pm Russ Namitz <namitzr...> [COBOL] Dark-eyed "Cassiar" Junco in Oregon
3/13/17 8:36 pm sue bertsch <lindasuebertsch...> [COBOL] ECAS March Birders' Night
3/13/17 4:04 pm Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...> Re: [COBOL] Scaup species along Columbia River
3/13/17 3:10 pm Russ Namitz <namitzr...> [COBOL] Scaup species along Columbia River
3/13/17 8:39 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Camp Polk Bohemian Waxwing
3/13/17 8:06 am Robert Springer <rtspringer...> [COBOL] FOS Golden crowned sparrow
3/12/17 8:43 am jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] this silly nature stuff..Harris's Sparrow 3-12-17
3/12/17 8:17 am jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] birds of yard 3-11-17
3/11/17 8:43 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Note from Western Field Ornithologists
3/11/17 4:39 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> Re: [COBOL] Lake Billy Chinook Raptor Route
3/11/17 4:17 pm JOHN GERKE <JOHNGERKE...> [COBOL] Cloverdale RR 3-11-2017
3/11/17 3:10 pm Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...> [COBOL] Culver RR
3/11/17 2:18 pm Stephen Shunk <steve...> [COBOL] Colorado ave Peregrine
3/11/17 12:52 pm KIM BODDIE <kcboddie...> [COBOL] Christmas Valley Raptor Survey
3/11/17 7:00 am Tom Lawler <tjlawler...> [COBOL] Silver Lake - Valley Falls Raptor Survey
3/10/17 4:42 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Next ECAS Wednesday plan, for March 15, EARLY START
3/9/17 5:55 pm Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...> [COBOL] Golden Eagle Cam
3/9/17 12:48 pm jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] camp polk meadow 3-917
3/9/17 11:28 am Robert Springer <rtspringer...> [COBOL] FOS Song Sparrow
3/9/17 9:23 am Tom Lawler <tom.lawler.or...> [COBOL] A couple more FOY's
3/8/17 10:15 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Tick alert time
3/8/17 12:10 pm Chuck Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Off-topic Dragonflies
3/8/17 7:26 am jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] Yard birds of my well my yard in Sisters 3-7-17
3/7/17 2:31 pm Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...> [COBOL] rainy day numbers for county lists - year lists
3/7/17 2:28 pm Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...> [COBOL] rainy day numbers for county lists - life lists
3/7/17 12:14 pm PAM CHRIS SCRANTON <pcscranton...> [COBOL] Peyton Overlook and Round Butte Area
3/6/17 7:12 pm KIM BODDIE <kcboddie...> [COBOL] Help fo Christmas Valley Raptor Survey
3/6/17 6:15 pm Spencer Walters <spencerw100...> [COBOL] FOY's
3/6/17 5:54 pm JOHN GERKE <JOHNGERKE...> [COBOL] Western Bluebirds in the snow
3/6/17 5:14 pm Dave Tracy <davidctracy...> [COBOL] ECAS Birding by ear, start date March 14
3/6/17 5:11 pm PAM CHRIS SCRANTON <pcscranton...> [COBOL] Western Bluebirds, Say's Phoebe
3/6/17 3:14 pm Annette Lange Hildebrand <lange69annette...> [COBOL] Varied Thrush Madras
3/6/17 11:16 am <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Sapsucker, Drake Park
3/6/17 7:11 am Damian Fagan <dfagan746...> [COBOL] Frederick Butte
3/5/17 5:41 pm Elise W <ewolf97...> [COBOL] Salvage possession
3/5/17 5:00 pm David Vick <or.naturalist...> [COBOL] Eagles and Swans
3/5/17 2:26 pm jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] yard birds of Sister 3-5-17
3/5/17 1:42 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> Re: [COBOL] Harman Road
3/5/17 1:30 pm jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] camp polk meadows, yellow rumps, pegrine and pygmy owl..3-5-17
3/5/17 12:38 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> [COBOL] Saturday Birding
3/5/17 12:15 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> Re: [COBOL] Window kill - sharp-shinned
3/5/17 11:34 am Denise Fainberg <dsfainberg...> Re: [COBOL] COBOL; Barrow's flock
3/5/17 10:59 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Possession of raptors dead or not
3/5/17 10:48 am Zia Fukuda <zialeefukuda...> Re: [COBOL] Window kill - sharp-shinned
3/5/17 10:19 am Robert Springer <rtspringer...> [COBOL] Evening Grosbeaks heard, not seen
3/5/17 9:59 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> Re: [COBOL] Window kill - sharp-shinned
3/5/17 8:25 am <jmeredit...> [COBOL] plan for Wednesday March 8
3/5/17 8:17 am Gail Sabbadini <gsabbadini...> [COBOL] Window kill - sharp-shinned
3/4/17 1:42 pm Mike <gardenbug99...> [COBOL] Lower Bridge and Redmond Ponds Today
3/4/17 1:10 pm M Gonzalez <towhee...> [COBOL] houston lakes -- Friday
3/4/17 12:39 pm Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...> [COBOL] proof sheets for Listing Results
3/4/17 11:22 am Stephen Shunk <steve...> [COBOL] Library presentations this week
3/3/17 8:11 am Robert Springer <rtspringer...> [COBOL] Male Western Bluebird North of Sisters
3/2/17 10:19 pm sue bertsch <lindasuebertsch...> [COBOL] March 2017 Birders' Night
3/2/17 7:24 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Lew's Lower Bridge report, Western Kingbird!
3/2/17 7:17 pm jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] Camp Polk Meadows 3-2-17
3/2/17 6:22 pm Tom Lawler <tjlawler...> [COBOL] Western Bluebirds Have Arrived
3/1/17 10:11 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> [COBOL] White-winged Dove
3/1/17 7:42 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] raptors, Harman Rd, Deschutes county
3/1/17 7:36 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] ECAS Wednesday, Sisters area
3/1/17 3:49 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> [COBOL] White-winged Dove
2/28/17 10:01 pm jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] Smock Prairi birding 2-28-17
2/28/17 9:39 pm David Vick <or.naturalist...> Re: [COBOL] Gyrfalcon and thoughts
2/28/17 7:22 pm Mike <gardenbug99...> [COBOL] Gyrfalcon and thoughts
2/28/17 4:48 pm Cindy Brougher Zalunardo <cindybirdzalunardo...> [COBOL] Powell Butte Raptor Route Crook County
2/27/17 9:10 pm PETER LOW <plbirder...> Re: [COBOL] Leucistic raven at Knott Landfill?
2/27/17 12:52 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Plan for Wednesday birding March 1
2/27/17 12:07 pm Diana Popp <diana.r64...> [COBOL] Leucistic raven at Knott Landfill?
2/26/17 4:42 pm Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...> [COBOL] Eagle Watch
2/25/17 10:20 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Osprey in Bend
2/25/17 5:43 pm PETER LOW <plbirder...> [COBOL] White-winged Dove and other Birds
2/25/17 7:47 am <wolfies.hound...> [COBOL] Saturday morning musings
2/24/17 8:02 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Anyone seen Rough-legged Hawk lately
2/24/17 4:43 pm Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...> [COBOL] last call for Listing Results
2/24/17 4:12 pm David Vick <or.naturalist...> [COBOL] Eagle nesting status at Smith Rock
2/24/17 8:48 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Crook County Chukars
2/23/17 8:26 pm Merle Greenway <merle...> [COBOL] Crooked River Grasslands Raptor Route
2/23/17 3:41 pm Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...> [COBOL] Madras Raptor Route
2/23/17 1:11 pm Mike <gardenbug99...> [COBOL] Downy Woodpecker
2/22/17 7:26 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Wednesday Birding ECAS Redmond to Pauliona. White-winged Dove, YES
2/21/17 6:33 am kathykrall <krallfamily...> [COBOL] September 15-17, 2017 Oregon Birding Association (OBA) Annual meeting at Malheur
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