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9/25/17 10:39 pm PETER LOW <plbirder...> [COBOL] Last Weeks Birds News
9/25/17 2:03 pm Gonzalez, Mark <mgonzale...> [COBOL] Crooked River Wetlands Complex
9/25/17 1:21 pm David Vick <or.naturalist...> [COBOL] Sunday's Green Ridge Raptors / BWHA
9/24/17 9:34 pm Craig Miller <gismiller...> [COBOL] Lake County Raptors
9/24/17 7:53 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] plan for Wednesday Birding on Sept 27
9/24/17 1:03 pm Kathleen <ktmartin...> [COBOL] SE Bend yard birds
9/24/17 9:39 am Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...> [COBOL] Great trip and more
9/24/17 9:34 am <wolfies.hound...> [COBOL] Hangers on
9/24/17 6:43 am Cindy Brougher Zalunardo <cindybirdzalunardo...> [COBOL] Yardbird: Cacklers in Powell Butte
9/23/17 7:21 pm KIM BODDIE <kcboddie...> [COBOL] Green Ridge Sat 9-23
9/22/17 9:38 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Steens report, ECAS Wednesday Birders
9/22/17 5:04 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Crook Birds
9/22/17 9:41 am Tom Crabtree <tc...> [COBOL] FOS Varied Thrush
9/21/17 11:00 am Mike <gardenbug99...> [COBOL] Fall Yard Birds
9/21/17 8:13 am <wolfies.hound...> [COBOL] Yard notes on a chilly morning
9/20/17 10:45 am Craig Miller <gismiller...> Re: [COBOL] [obol] White-fronts moving
9/19/17 11:01 pm PETER LOW <plbirder...> [COBOL] Orchard Oriole
9/19/17 5:11 pm Steve Kornfeld <sbkornfeld...> [COBOL] Orchard Oriole - Hatfield lake - Bend
9/19/17 4:33 pm Craig Miller <gismiller...> [COBOL] RBA: Orchard Oriole - Hatfield Lake
9/19/17 12:49 pm donmardi <donmardi...> [COBOL] Volunteers
9/19/17 12:19 pm Chuck Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Jefferson Black Phoebe yes
9/19/17 9:44 am Tom Crabtree <tc...> [COBOL] RBA - Black Phoebe (belated)
9/18/17 7:30 pm David Vick <or.naturalist...> [COBOL] ECAS HawkWatch on Green Ridge
9/18/17 4:45 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] CR Wetlands in Prineville
9/17/17 8:34 pm sue bertsch <lindasuebertsch...> [COBOL] September 2017 ECAS Birders' Night
9/17/17 6:26 pm PETER LOW <plbirder...> [COBOL] Wickiup And Crane Prairie Today
9/17/17 5:12 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] ECAS Wednesday Birding plan Sept 20
9/17/17 4:46 pm Ron Halvorson <ronhalvy...> [COBOL] Rubber bin eyepiece at Crooked River Wetlands
9/17/17 2:34 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] The Pete Report, imm. Sabine's and Common Tern, Crane Prairie
9/17/17 2:12 pm Jim Moodie <jmoodie...> [COBOL] local RBA: White-throated Sparrow in Deschutes River Woods
9/17/17 11:30 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Crook Barn Owl Location Off Limits
9/16/17 10:09 pm PETER LOW <plbirder...> [COBOL] Yard Birds
9/16/17 10:02 pm PETER LOW <plbirder...> [COBOL] Wickiup Reservoir Today
9/16/17 2:24 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Crooked River Wetlands Today
9/16/17 1:02 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Report ECAS Wednesday Birders Idaho Sept 13, 14, 15.
9/15/17 7:52 pm Susan Tank <wolfies.hound...> Re: [COBOL] New alarm clock
9/15/17 9:10 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] PBC Going to Whiskey Springs
9/15/17 7:29 am Michelle & Kim Kathol <kakathol...> [COBOL] Pinyon Jays
9/15/17 6:51 am <wolfies.hound...> [COBOL] New alarm clock
9/14/17 5:57 pm jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] Things to good to be true or take a picture and look in a book.....
9/14/17 3:26 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Local RBA - Pine Grosbeaks in Sisters
9/14/17 2:00 pm KIM BODDIE <kcboddie...> [COBOL] Red Shouldered Hawk
9/13/17 10:05 pm Steve Kornfeld <sbkornfeld...> [COBOL] Wednesday Birding
9/13/17 7:35 am Elise W <ewolf97...> [COBOL] cedar waxwings
9/12/17 3:41 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Crooked River Wetlands today
9/12/17 1:58 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Pinyon Jays Redmond, Snow Goose Tumalo
9/12/17 10:11 am Steve Kornfeld <sbkornfeld...> Re: [COBOL] Plan for Sept 13 ECAS Wednesday Birding
9/11/17 5:46 pm KIM BODDIE <kcboddie...> [COBOL] Green Ridge Hawk Migration Site
9/11/17 3:10 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Peter Low reports from Wickiup - 2 SABINE'S GULLS
9/10/17 10:00 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> [COBOL] Whiskey Springs on Sunday
9/10/17 9:55 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Tumalo Reservoir, in the willows along the canal and inlet
9/10/17 9:54 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Plan for Sept 13 ECAS Wednesday Birding
9/10/17 9:39 pm Jacob Mathison <jacobmathison1...> Re: [COBOL] Prineville Ruddy Turnstone
9/10/17 1:15 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Prineville Ruddy Turnstone
9/10/17 11:27 am Chuck Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Prineville Ruddy Turnstone
9/9/17 8:56 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Tumalo Res this pm
9/9/17 4:21 pm Cindy Brougher Zalunardo <cindybirdzalunardo...> [COBOL] Fwd: Redmond Sewer Pond today, Crooked River Wetland yesterday
9/9/17 11:52 am <gardenbug99...> <gardenbug99...> [COBOL] Crooked River Wetlands this morning
9/8/17 4:28 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Crooked River Wetlands Sabine's Gull
9/7/17 9:54 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Jefferson County Today
9/7/17 4:19 pm Craig Miller <gismiller...> [COBOL] Crooked River Wetlands
9/7/17 5:50 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Crook Horned Grebe
9/7/17 5:39 am Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Crook Shorebirds yesterday
9/6/17 6:22 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Wednesday birding Sept 13 and Sept 20
9/6/17 5:42 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] Smoky Wednesday ECAS
9/5/17 10:25 pm PETER LOW <plbirder...> [COBOL] Bird Notes For Sunday And Monday
9/5/17 2:49 pm Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...> [COBOL] Common Snipe
9/4/17 7:19 pm Matt Cahill <matt.c.cahill...> [COBOL] Wickiup Today
9/4/17 5:55 pm sue bertsch <lindasuebertsch...> [COBOL] September ECAS Birders' Night, Birding Ecuador
9/3/17 10:37 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> [COBOL] Whiskey Springs on Saturday
9/3/17 9:37 pm Mary Ann Kruse <junehog9...> [COBOL] Vaux's swift fall migration
9/3/17 8:16 pm <wolfies.hound...> [COBOL] Common Poorwills
9/3/17 12:00 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] ECAS Wednesday birding plan Sept 6
9/3/17 9:35 am Chuck Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Sabine's Gull Prineville Reservoir
9/2/17 9:25 pm PETER LOW <plbirder...> [COBOL] Sabine's Gulls Wickiup and Crane Prairie
9/2/17 2:50 pm Matt Cahill <matt.c.cahill...> [COBOL] Juvenile SABINE'S GULL at Crooked River Wetlands
9/2/17 1:37 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] LOCAL RBA, Sabine's Gull Wickiup
9/2/17 5:45 am steve dougill <birdidiot...> [COBOL] Green Ridge
9/1/17 4:28 pm Mike Ogle <mogle...> [COBOL] Barred owl
9/1/17 1:05 pm Mike <gardenbug99...> [COBOL] Whiskey Springs, Great Warbler Morning
8/31/17 4:06 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Another slow day at the Crooked River Wetlands in Prineville
8/31/17 1:16 pm Don Sutherland <buffbellie...> [COBOL] Swallow-tail Gull Chase to Seattle
8/30/17 7:59 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Whiskey Springs this morning
8/30/17 5:04 pm Sheryl Pierce <sapierce...> [COBOL] Wednesday Birders
8/30/17 1:36 pm Stephen Shunk <steve...> [COBOL] Whiskey Springs--A different approach
8/30/17 12:20 pm Stephen Shunk via eBird <ebird-share...> [COBOL] Stephen Shunk has shared an eBird checklist with you from Whiskey Springs on Aug 28, 2017 - 7:30 AM
8/29/17 8:37 pm jake schas <yellowlegs...> [COBOL] Of Varied Thrushes and thick dark smoke..8-29-17
8/29/17 8:20 pm Elise W <ewolf97...> [COBOL] birds in smoke
8/29/17 1:17 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Lake Abert Shorebird Survey
8/27/17 9:30 pm PETER LOW <plbirder...> [COBOL] Wickiup Common Terns Saturday
8/27/17 8:37 pm PETER LOW <plbirder...> [COBOL] Blackpoll Warbler
8/27/17 1:48 pm Stephen Shunk <steve...> [COBOL] Green Ridge Three-toed and Black-backed
8/27/17 1:20 pm Tom Crabtree <tc...> [COBOL] Whiskey Springs today
8/26/17 6:06 pm <jmeredit...> [COBOL] plan for Wednesday Birding 8-30
8/26/17 12:52 pm Charles Gates <cgates326...> [COBOL] Crooked River Wetlands Pectoral Sandpiper
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