Received From Subject
10/8/17 4:14 pm Joel and Kathy <twobirders...> [Hotline] Red Phalaropes
10/8/17 12:00 pm 'Mike Hearell' via UtahBirdsHotline <utahbirdshotline...> [Hotline] Grebes
9/29/17 4:14 pm Daniel Sachse <danielsachse19...> [Hotline] Black-throated blue warbler
9/27/17 12:38 pm Michael Lester <mlester126...> [Hotline] Re: [UBIRD] Female Ruff Farmington Bay
9/27/17 11:39 am mpendl10 <mpendl10...> [Hotline] Female Ruff at Farmington Bay
9/26/17 7:06 pm 'Dennis Williams' via UtahBirdsHotline <utahbirdshotline...> [Hotline] Townsend's Warbler and Hermit Thrush on Antelope Island
9/25/17 8:57 pm Kristin Purdy <kristinpurdy...> [Hotline] Prothonotary Warbler
9/25/17 6:13 pm 'Tanner Poe' via UtahBirdsHotline <utahbirdshotline...> [Hotline] Photos of golden-crowned
9/25/17 3:30 pm 'Tanner Poe' via UtahBirdsHotline <utahbirdshotline...> [Hotline] Golden crowned sparrow
9/17/17 10:50 am Pomera M. Fronce <pinkstring...> [Hotline] Female American Redstart in Big Cottonwood Park, Salt Lake County
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