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Hmm. Is there an ethical way to spotlight nocturnal birds? I'm not saying I
haven't participated but on those occasions when I've used a spotlight, I
always sensed it wasn't helpful for the bird. JC

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> I'm sure that folks who are spotlighting for owls and other nocturnal
> species are doing so ethically, so I won't go too far down that path. For
> thermal or infrared options, these can get pricey pretty quickly,
> especially for something with good picture/video clarity. Most of the
> higher quality ones are $1500+. For a cheaper alternative, you might
> consider the Xinfrared T2 Pro, at around $400 (great for the budding
> hobbyist, and plugs into your phone's charging port). There are obviously
> limitations to a product like this, but it may help you locate your local
> owl.
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> Hi Michelle,
> Let me throw you a curve ball.
> An excellent flashlight for night birding is now sold by Ledlenser.
> The flashlight I bought is:
> The P7R Ledlenser (80.00). It is medium sized and fairly light. it really
> lights things up things at night for a good distance. You will be amazed.
> This flashlight was recommended by a birder I know who goes on these
> incredible birding trips around the world. The guides for these trips
> professional birders, extremely knowledgeable and one of the guides
> recommends Ledlenser flashlights for night birding.
> Good birding!
> Taylor
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> > On May 18, 2024, at 9:42 AM, Michelle Dyer <carolinabirds...>
> wrote:
> >
> > I have heard an owl in my yard a few times. Do y'all have any
> recommendations for good night vision binoculars? I’d love to try to get my
> eyes on the owl!

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