Date: 5/18/24 8:25 am
From: Norman Budnitz (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Jordan Lake (NC) Spring Bird Count
Jordan Lake Spring Bird Count 2024

The major influence on our May 5, 2024, Jordan Lake Spring Bird Count was
the intermittent rain (mostly light, but sometimes heavy). Luckily,
temperatures were mild, ranging from 67° to 77°F and the winds were calm.
The sky was overcast all day.

Forty (40) observers in 23 parties participated (our 10-year averages are
47 and 23, respectively). We tallied 5,919 individual birds (avg. 8,127)
in 116 species (avg. 117) in 96 party hours (avg. 122). So, although we had
*fewer* observers counting for *fewer* hours and reported *fewer* overall
numbers of individual birds, we still managed to find a typical diversity
of species. That shows how our dedicated observers can still do the job!

We missed a few species that we normally find in at least 5 out of the last
10 years—Ruby-crowned Kinglet, House Wren, House Sparrow, Veery, Baltimore
Oriole, Magnolia Warbler, Chestnut-sided Warbler, and Palm Warbler.
However, we made up for those misses by finding some unusual species for
our spring counts:

· Red-breasted Merganser—7 found by 2 parties (Rick Payne and Noah

· Horned Grebe—3 found by 2 parties (Roger Shaw, Carolyn McAllaster,
Jennifer Maher and Josh Southern, Sterling Southern, Doug Pratt)

· Least Sandpiper—4 found by 2 parties (Rick Payne and Marc Ribaudo)

· Little Blue Heron—5 found by 1 party (Mark Owens, Andrew Wilson,
Rouse Wilson, Joe Zellers), last documented in 1999!

· Great Egret—1 found by 1 party (Ted Smith)

· Brown Creeper—2 found by Todd Bishop, last documented in 1978!

· Worm-eating Warbler—2 found by 2 parties (Kerry and Trish
MacPherson and Noah Rokoske)

· Cape May Warbler—1 found by 1 party (Mark Owens, Andrew Wilson,
Rouse Wilson, Joe Zellers)

Given the weather and relatively low numbers of individual birds, it is not
surprising that we did not set any new records for any species.

Noah Rokoske found 78 species in the area on the west side of the Jordan
Lake Dam, while Tom Driscoll reported 70 species in the area covering
Hank's Chapel Rd to Gum Springs Rd.

If you would like to see a spreadsheet of this count and a cumulative
spreadsheet of all our counts, please visit the Bird Counts page on the New
Hope Audubon website at:;!!OToaGQ!pC1I1O4H3ytAGcPizKH6GCVpN3ra1kMwJKv14rdfdMQFHiGgw7csg4h5xn2y4-Rd5CSOa-iKxkIpn2fjvJ98$

Norm Budnitz, compiler.

Norm Budnitz
Chapel Hill
North Carolina

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