Date: 5/14/24 9:31 am
From: Harry LeGrand (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Butterflies of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia book announcement
Fellow birders and butterfliers (as many of you birders are also into

Harry LeGrand, Jeff Pippen, Derb Carter, and Pierre Howard are excited to
announce the pre-sale of the brand new UNC Press book titled *Butterflies
of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia: A Field Guide*,
expected to hit bookshelves in June or July!

In addition to having introductory text on butterfly biology, habitats,
observing/photographing, etc., the book will feature ALL butterfly species
known to have occurred in the region. Each regularly occurring species will
have a two-page spread (species account) with text (identification, similar
species, distribution, abundance, flight period, larval and nectar plants,
and miscellaneous helpful comments) on the left-hand page. The right-hand
page will feature photos, county distribution map, and a special Key Field
Marks highlight box.

As a special bonus, you can receive a *30% discount by entering the promo
code “01SOCIAL30” *(without the quotes) at the following UNC Press webpage:;!!OToaGQ!sUHqnVdmMK7SO_kuLXoM0AqdZkp3cwZHFkYRHkS39rdSDosnZcQZD6z18oH0WGM64GeZX9MVD_EBLmz1zM501GI$

NOTE: the link has a View Inside, so you can view up to 138 pages of this
456-page book. However, the facing pages on the View Inside are backwards,
so that the left page is really a right-side page in the book; a given
species has its species account on the left page and the facing page in the
book, on the right, are the photos, map, and field marks. The quality of
the photos on the View Inside are likely not as sharp as will be seen in
the book -- hopefully!

Harry LeGrand

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