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I’ve used Vortex optics for work for 12 years now (Razor scope, Viper and Diamondback binoculars), and love them, for the durability, but also for their no-questions-asked lifetime warranty when accidents inevitably happen. I’ve had things come back repaired (or replaced with new optics) in as little as 2 weeks before. Not as sure of Celestron’s customer service, but I can HIGHLY recommend Vortex.

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Subject: [External] recent opinions on mid range binocs for birding?

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My Nikon Monarchs broke this weekend (lens eye cup) and I read this is quite common. They are only 13 years old, so am very disappointed. I can always use my dad’s 1940s binoculars, which still are great! but they are a bit heavy…
I’ve read reviews and narrowed it down to
Celestron Trailseeker ED
Vortex Diamondback HD.
What are your opinions and have either of these gotten broken for you? I need something that will last 20 years…(probably more than my age allows, but am planning on a long life, haha).
You can reply just to me if desired, not to the list.
Thank you all very much!!
Teri Lynn

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