Date: 5/13/24 11:15 am
From: Alvaro Jaramillo via <chucao...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] golden plover over Palo Alto baylands.
Hello all,

I was leading a private group around this morning in the Baylands and right at the end of our time there at about 8 am a Golden Plover flew over heading north. It was in breeding plumage. Overall a very dark plover with black on underparts, no wing stripe, and no white at the base of the tail. One of the first things I looked for was black on the wing pit, saw none, but noticed what looked to be entirely black flanks. The bird was not close, and was flying, so I don’t quite trust myself to call it anything else other than Golden Plover sp? However, the gut feel was that it was an American. Hopefully it shows up farther north in the Bay somewhere. If an American shows up, I am counting this one 😊. If not, it will remain unidentified.

I did not have a camera with me.

Keep your eyes open.


Alvaro Jaramillo

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