Date: 3/18/23 8:55 pm
From: <tgmiko...> <tgmiko...>
Subject: [LACoBirds] Lancaster Water Treatment Plant access
Today, after the tour of the sewage plant and the Piute Ponds (the bus only
parked at the northwest corner of the Piute Ponds so it was disappointing
from a birding point of view--although the Roadrunner and two Dunlins were
nice) I had a long conversation with the management level employees who
came in from LA, along with Alfonso, who works there at the Lancaster
plant. What they said was that currently birders can visit but for right
now while they have some kind of construction project going on (I don't
have specifics) they strongly prefer that we visit on the weekends, and
they want us to call their LA office phone number ahead of time:
(562) 699-7411 extension 6502
They also said that they would prefer to keep the process for obtaining
access informal (maybe they are avoiding taking this topic too high up the
food chain?).
We did explain to them that normally they would not have such large numbers
of birders coming in groups, and that post-Bean Goose it would go back to
random individuals showing up once in a while, before or after they look to
see what's at the Piute Ponds.
My guess is that after several months when they realize that only a small
number of people would drop by individually once in awhile, that this isn't
a big deal or a problem for them.

Thomas Geza Miko
Claremont, LA County
"With a sufficiently large sample size a correlation can at once be both
very significant and too small worth discussing."--Daniel Kahneman

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