Date: 3/18/23 7:13 pm
From: Geoffrey Hill <hillgee...>
Subject: [ALbirds] March bitterns at Eufaula
Hello AL birders,
Last March (2022), I heard that there were multiple American Bitterns at the Houston Unit of Eufaula NWR. I went to the spot (31.97604, -85.07702) and I has a conservative 7 different American Bitterns in a 1hr visit. That seemed like it might be one aberrant bittern concentration. However, I took my ornithology class to the same spot today (March 19) and even though we didnít get to the spot until around 1230, and the weather was cold and breezy, and I was distracted teaching my class and not watching very closely, we had two Am Bitterns flying around. It seems that a bittern incursion in March might be the norm for Eufaula. Iíll try to make it back for an evening vigil, but anyone who wants to see an Am Bittern in AL might want to visit the Houston Unit in the morning or evening this March.

Geoff Hill

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