Date: 3/18/23 5:07 pm
From: Sandra Keller <000007a762f332b7-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Butler big year birding - slow - too cold
Well, my take on it. 26 degrees and 20 mph NW winds. I didn't leave the car
Much. Brutal out there this afternoon. I am checking for waterfowl still. And early
Spring - Spring?? - birds now. That pond along Seward rd. Near Ellis was slow.
Waterfowl diversity is down. Unless of course I missed something in the flock
In back. What surprised me was 80 plus Tree Swallows low over the pond. They
Must be starving. Can't be insects flying in this weather. Hopefully they last
Until Monday when the warm up begins. Another surprise was a meadowlark
There. Kind of a barren habitat for it. Guess that’s why it flew on. New big year bird.
I keep striking out trying to get at VOA, so am glad for this one! No pipits for me
Today. They are starting to move.

That picnic pavilion pond at VOA had mallard, rn Duck, and lesser Scaup.
Shovelers and bufflehead at the Seward rd. Pond. I picked up Tundra Swan
On Thursday. For Butler. I believe found by Matt B. - he knows the county and
All these ponds to check! Am up to 94 for the big year.

Good birding all.

Sandra Keller

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