Date: 3/18/23 4:46 pm
From: Nick Bolgiano <nickbolgiano...>
Subject: Tussey Mt cumulative GE chart, Mar 18
Attached is an updated cumulative Golden Eagle chart from Tussey Mt.

It looks like this year's tally could possibly be joining 2016 and
2018-2020 as being fewer than the long-term average number of Golden
Eagles, as we have fallen behind the average (the thick blue line).
However, the last paragraph below indicates that this season's story may
not be determined yet. I think that there is a good chance that many more
are yet to come.

While we like to see many Golden Eagles, our effort has been consistently
good in recent years and I believe that the lower counts in those 4 years
is because of weather and not population changes. Having good effort is the
top priority each year.

We have experienced late Golden Eagle flights in two recent seasons. In
2016, there was a Mar 16-18 flight with 73 total Golden Eagles. In 2017
(Lewis Grove was the counter), there was a Mar 19-21 flight with 68 total
Golden Eagles and that season ended up with a higher than average 191
Golden Eagles. The cumulative chart shows sudden rises for those two years
near where the 2023 line ends.

Having a S wind day would probably give a great boost. If the Wed wind
turns out to be a little stronger than the current forecast of 7-9 mph and
more S instead of SSW, that might do it.

Nick Bolgiano

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