Date: 3/18/23 4:46 pm
From: Andrew Bechdel <andrewbechdel...>
Subject: Tussey Mountain Hawkwatch - March 18th, 2023
Good evening Bird Club,

The Golden Eagle saga continues with another slow day. Despite the low
numbers, the observations are still fascinating. Of our 3 GEs, 2 took to
the ridges, using the updrafts to soar extraordinarily high into the sky.
Of these 2, 1 GE crossed the ridge from the south side to the north side
then left the ridge entirely and headed straight north. It is the first
time we have seen this type of flight path this season. Additionally, this
flight path is a testament to the ability of GEs to find lift in a variety
of scenarios. Today's W wind was not ideal, hitting the ridge at an oblique
angle, but the shrewd GEs had no problem finding the updrafts in the
landscape and getting a free ride.

Thanks to Don Pote and Kathy & Dave Bechdel for coming out on a chilly day
to support the watch efforts. I would, again, like to highlight the superb
spotting by my mom Kathy who was able to spot a distant unknown bird
gliding over Stone Valley. This bird was too far away to identify even with
a spotting scope. Way to go mom!

Tomorrow's forecast will be similar to today's but colder and windier. Once
again, if you are cold tolerant and patient, you will probably be able to
see a GE. Otherwise, Wednesday is forecasted to bring a S wind (albeit
light) and may be productive for migrants.

See you at the watch!


*Tussey Mountain Hawk WatchState College, Pennsylvania, USADaily Raptor
Counts: Mar 18, 2023SpeciesDay's CountMonth TotalSeason TotalBlack
Vulture000Turkey Vulture11825Osprey000Bald Eagle42830Northern
Harrier022Sharp-shinned Hawk057Cooper's Hawk034Northern
Goshawk000Red-shouldered Hawk02328Broad-winged Hawk000Red-tailed
Hawk45661Rough-legged Hawk000Golden Eagle37988American
Kestrel055Merlin011Peregrine Falcon022Unknown Accipiter011Unknown
Buteo033Unknown Falcon011Unknown Eagle033Unknown
Raptor122Total:13232263Observation start time:09:00:00Observation end
time:17:00:00Total observation time:8 hoursOfficial CounterAndrew
BechdelObservers:Don Pote, Kathy Bechdel, Nick BolgianoVisitors:Don Pote,
Kathy and Dave BechdelWeather:Partly cloudy all day with W wind tapering
off in the afternoon. Wind appeared to be lighter than in the adjacent
valley.Raptor Observations:Golden Eagles: Unknown - 9:55, Ad - 14:00,
Unknown - 14:35 Non-migratory/residents: Turkey Vulture - 20, Bald Eagle -
4, Red-tailed Hawk - 4, Sharp-shinned Hawk - 2Non-raptor Observations:Downy
Woodpecker - 1, American Crow - 7, Common Raven - 4, Eastern Bluebird - 1,
Snow Goose - 7Predictions:Uncertain*

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