Date: 3/18/23 2:40 pm
From: Chris Ortega <chrisorte9a...>
Subject: Re: [EBB-Sightings] Swinhoe's White-eyes in Bay Point
Hi all,

Sorry I misjudged how much interest this would generate. The coordinates
are here 38.025478,-121.964778, and here's my checklist There are two ways to get here. The
simplest is probably to just park on Camino Andres Rd and then keep walking
down the road to the coordinates. The other is to park on Riverside Dr at
this spot 38.028923,-121.965258, then walk through the dirt and grass to
the backside of Camino Andres.

I'm about 95% sure this is public property, but it is kind of a weird spot
that looks like it could be private. I've been many dozens of times and
seen the neighbors in the area, and they never seem to have an issue with
me walking around. That said, they do have some very well-trained guard
dogs who are pretty intimidating and like to follow me around, sometimes
pretty closely. The dogs have never touched me, but they will sometimes
bark. I always act like I belong and show no fear, but I don't know how
they would react if someone behaved differently.

As for the birds themselves, they flew into the creek area around 7:30 this
morning but didn't stay long. It seemed like they started working their way
north along the creek toward the hotspot marker on eBird. At least one of
them was calling their downslope calls, somewhat like a Hutton's Video.
There were Orange-crowned and Yellow-rumped Warblers in the same area, but
I don't think they were necessarily keeping together. I can't guarantee
I'll get out and try to refund them soon, but if I do, I'll post a more
timely and useful update.

For those wondering about my concern, I was just thinking that seeing a few
of them together at this time of year means there's a chance they could
start breeding and begin taking over as they have in SoCal. That being
said, I don't have any specific information about whether or how much they
may be harming native species.

Chris Ortega
Bay Point

On Sat, Mar 18, 2023, 12:38 PM Calvin Walters <calw...> wrote:

> Could you share a more specific location?
> Cal Walters
> Sent from my iPad
> > On Mar 18, 2023, at 10:29 AM, Chris Ortega <chrisorte9a...>
> wrote:
> >
> > 
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > It is with equal parts interest and concern I report having seen no
> fewer than two, and quite possibly as many as four Swinhoe's White-eyes all
> together this morning in Bay Point. My friendly eBird reviewer thought it
> would be worth an email. I don't see any other eBird records of more than
> one ever seen together in the Bay Area, but I know that doesn't likely tell
> the full story. For now I'm not considering this a lifer, but if those more
> knowledgeable than me have good reason for keeping the record as
> provisional (rather than escapee), I may reconsider. Anyway, if anyone
> wants more specific details, let me know. They were in a chaseable, public
> location, but it will take a little explaining to get there and be safe.
> >
> > Good birding,
> >
> > Chris Ortega
> > Bay Point
> >
> >
> >

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