Date: 3/18/23 2:09 pm
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Subject: Re: A few recent central Oklahoma birds

Good question. Vesper Sparrows have a brownish-gray streaked head with
no white crown stripe as in this bird. In addition Vespers have darkish
ear-coverts that are darkest at the back of the face unlike this bird.
Savannah's have pale eyerings but they are usually more yellowish due to
the yellow lores on Savannah. This pale Savannah has only a hint of
yellow above the eye and the rest of the face is pretty pale, thus
causing the eyering to be pale also. This bird does have a white outer
(6th) tail feather but the white is on on the edge not the whole outer
web as in Vesper. And this bird has a short tail.

Hope this helps.

Jim Arterburn

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Date 3/18/2023 3:10:14 PM
Subject Re: A few recent central Oklahoma birds

>I'm not an expert either, but I did send it to an expert (who is also
>on this list) and they ID'd it as a Savannah, the paler subspecies.
>Bryan E. Reynolds
>My nature and wildlife photography portfolio
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>Nice photos. Are you certain of the sparrow identification? It has a
>very pronounced eye ring, tail feathers look to have white in the outer
>ones….makes me think Vesper. But I am no expert
>Patricia Seibert,
>>On Mar 18, 2023, at 2:13 PM, John Sterling
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>>Where was the Mute Swan?
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>>>On Mar 18, 2023, at 1:46 PM, Bryan Reynolds
>>><nature_photo_man...> wrote:
>>>I've been able to get out a bit with my camera around my local area,
>>>and I've got a few more images to share. These are from Lake
>>>Thunderbird State Park and Purcell City Lake. Like usual, besides
>>>the standard bird photos, I tried to get behavior such as bathing,
>>>feeding, flying, etc. I'm amazed at how large of a fish a
>>>Pied-billed Grebe can swallow. This batch has three photo-lifers,
>>>Carolina Wren, Mute Swan, and Savannah Sparrow:
>>>Bryan E. Reynolds
>>>My nature and wildlife photography portfolio
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