Date: 3/18/23 10:45 am
From: Donna Lee Scott <dls9...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] airport/Kendal
At about noon I was driving along Snyder Road north of the Ithaca International Airport 😊 looking for possible N. Harriers.

I saw instead the usual Red-tailed Hawk, who, annoyed at me driving slowly by it perched on the N-S eastern fence,
took off and acted like a Harrier, flying very low over the ground to a more distant place to perch on another fence.

Besides the Red-tail, I saw some A. Crows and I think I heard an Eastern Meadowlark; it sang only part of its usual song.
I did not see it.

Meanwhile, here at the old folks home, Nelly Farnum is sure she heard a Woodcock peenting over on Mount Kendal !
We are going out tomorrow at dusk to try to hear/see it. I may go tonight after dinner.

I had a pretty Song Sparrow in my “back yard” for a while yesterday.
Finally, our Kendal Screech Owl has not been seen in its perfect tree hole for over a week ☹.

Donna L Scott

377 Savage Farm Dr
Ithaca, NY 14850


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