Date: 3/18/23 10:29 am
From: Chris Ortega <chrisorte9a...>
Subject: [EBB-Sightings] Swinhoe's White-eyes in Bay Point
Hi everyone,

It is with equal parts interest and concern I report having seen no fewer
than two, and quite possibly as many as four Swinhoe's White-eyes all
together this morning in Bay Point. My friendly eBird reviewer thought it
would be worth an email. I don't see any other eBird records of more than
one ever seen together in the Bay Area, but I know that doesn't likely tell
the full story. For now I'm not considering this a lifer, but if those more
knowledgeable than me have good reason for keeping the record as
provisional (rather than escapee), I may reconsider. Anyway, if anyone
wants more specific details, let me know. They were in a chaseable, public
location, but it will take a little explaining to get there and be safe.

Good birding,

Chris Ortega
Bay Point

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