Date: 3/17/23 1:59 am
From: Hawkcount.Org Reports <reports...>
Subject: Chester County Hawk Watch & Migration Count at Chambers Lake (16 Mar 2023) 77 Raptors
Chester County Hawk Watch & Migration Count at Chambers Lake
Wagontown, Pennsylvania, USA
Daily Raptor Counts: Mar 16, 2023

Species Day's Count Month Total Season Total
------------------ ----------- -------------- --------------
Black Vulture 14 31 31
Turkey Vulture 59 152 152
Osprey 0 2 2
Bald Eagle 3 10 10
Northern Harrier 0 0 0
Sharp-shinned Hawk 0 4 4
Cooper's Hawk 0 1 1
Northern Goshawk 0 0 0
Red-shouldered Hawk 0 2 2
Broad-winged Hawk 0 0 0
Red-tailed Hawk 1 9 9
Rough-legged Hawk 0 0 0
Golden Eagle 0 0 0
American Kestrel 0 0 0
Merlin 0 0 0
Peregrine Falcon 0 0 0
Unknown Accipiter 0 0 0
Unknown Buteo 0 0 0
Unknown Falcon 0 0 0
Unknown Eagle 0 0 0
Unknown Raptor 0 0 0

Total: 77 211 211

Observation start time: 08:00:00
Observation end time: 15:30:00
Total observation time: 7.5 hours

Official Counter: Larry Lewis (Early Bird Nature Tours)

Observers: Bill Burkert, Rick Robinson

Visitors (3): Rick Robinson, Bill Burkert
Thanks everyone, for coming to beautiful Chambers Lake!

Mostly Sunny (25% cloud cover), Ceiling – 30k ft., Visibility – 10
miles, Temps 33 - 56F, Winds WNW-WSW @ 8-10 mph

Raptor Observations:
----“Raptors” seen but deemed not to be migrating: 2-Bald Eagle,
1-Red-shouldered Hawk, 4-Red-tailed Hawk, and numerous Black (16) and
Turkey Vultures (36).
----Bald Eagle ages: 1 yr.-2; 2 yr.-_; 3 yr.-_; 4 yr.-1; adult-2

Non-raptor Observations:
TODAY’S Bird Blog: [PLEASE NOTE: I send out a large weekly
“blog/newsletter” detailing much more than these small daily recaps.
This newsletter from EBNT, has our upcoming schedule and the County year
bird list, etc. If you aren’t receiving it and would like to, kindly
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Finally, a day made for humans! Gone are the gale-force winds, replaced by
a gentle breeze with the temps soaring to mid-50s. I can sit outside!
Once at Chambers Lake, conditions were so much better. Still, what wind
there was sure was cold.
Rick walked the western dike finding 17 Wilson’s Snipe! Later, Bill did
the same seeing the Snipe, while adding Phoebe and Chipping Sparrow.
Vultures were really on the move today. [Additional highlights listed
---- Thanks to Frank Haas and his gracious generosity and support in his
name and in the memory of his wife, Barbara.
American Wigeon, Green-winged Teal, Redheads, Ring-necked Ducks,
Bufflehead, Hooded Mergansers, Common Mergansers, Ruddy Ducks, Pied-billed
Grebes, Great Blue Heron, Wilson’s Snipe, Ring-billed Gulls, Eastern
Phoebe, Chipping Sparrow, and Kingfishers
----OTHER WILDLIFE NOTED: Butterflies (0). Dragonflies (0). Reptiles &
Amphibians (0). Mammals (1): Eastern Gray Squirrel.
----EBNT’s “Walk with Nature” ™ Program Daily Tally with our
Fitbits: This is a stationary watch, but if I stay stationary too long, I
might tend to “bulk up.” Besides, I am ever so fortunate to be walking
unaided, at all! Therefore, I keep moving (if you’ve been here, then you
know that I pace endlessly….) - my Fitbit thanks me and its part of my
“Walk with Nature” program. So, below are MY results at the watch for
the day. Your totals could all be zero, if you choose to sit and relax.
You are certainly welcome to take it easy….I simply choose not to,
affording me a panoramic view of our entire sky and a bit of exercise. So
come join our “Walk with Nature!” ™ Anyway, just for fun, here are my
numbers at the site for today (join me, if you wish): Steps – 3,151,
Miles – 1.34, Floors – 2
----“SEASON’S BIRD SPECIES LIST” – we are not just a Hawk Watch but
conduct a migration tally from the site. The complete species list will be
in our weekly email blog sent to those requesting it. Our tally board, on
site, will feature an approximation (very rough, best “guestimate,” –
searching for Hawks must remain our primary focus) for totals of each
species seen for “The Watch” year. The overall list for the season
from the watch will be part of the large weekly “blog,” if you’ve
signed up for that at <earlybirdtours...>
TOTAL SPECIES – Identified from watch site: today: 44; this season:
Wilson’s Snipe, Eastern Phoebe, Brown-headed Cowbird, and Chipping
Larry Lewis
Early Bird Nature Tours(EBNT)---"Exciting & Fun Adventures in Nature"---63
S. Park Ave., Coatesville, PA 19320---484-340-SORA (7672)--Business
Cell---email: <earlybirdtours...>

Tomorrow’s flight looks calm again, but cloudy.
<BR><BR> .
The Chester County Hawk Watch and Migration Count is sponsored, in large
part, by Frank Haas and in the memory of Barbara Haas. Membership in EBNT
is requested. Please contact us at <earlybirdtours...> with
questions or comments.

Report submitted by Larry Lewis (<earlybirdtours...>)

More site information at

Site Description:
The platform just left of the only boat ramp for Chambers Lake in the main
parking lot, overlooking the lake to the north.

Directions to site:
We set up in the main parking lot for the lake, on the platform just left
of the only boat ramp.
The Hawk Watch at Chambers Lake (as part of the Chester County Hawk Watch)
operates daily, March 1 thru April 30 from 9am - 3 pm (unless counter is
away leading a tour elsewhere). In fall the season is Sept. 1 thru Nov.
30,each day 9am-3pm. Please contact Larry at 484-340-7672 to confirm
counter is present. This count welcomes all visitors to this fine
habitat. When there are no hawks present, many birds still are. The lake
holds numerous waterfowl species and the variable shoreline can produce
incredible shorebirds.

Directions to hawk watch:
From the Rt. 30 By-pass take the Rt. 82 exit north. Turn left at the first
light(Rt. 340) and go 1.3 miles to Wagontown Rd. Turn Rt. on Wagontown Rd.
and continue on this winding road for 1.8 miles (you will pass the Hibernia
Park entrance on your right, the Chambers Lake parking lot, and Chambers
Lake on your right). Pull off the road to the left and park safely at the
end of the lake to visit the hawk watch. You will see us sitting on the
dike near the road at the end of the lake.
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