Date: 3/12/23 6:40 am
From: Matthew Young <grosbeak787...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] n. end Cayuga Lake and Montezuma Complex
Hi all,

Yeah, I was leading the 2nd leg of my 8-part class called Nourishing
Ourselves Through Nature (I'm doing it as a collab with Baltimore Woods),
and I can echo what Bob McGuire said, it was a very birdy picturesque day
to be out despite only seeing 1 Snow Goose. The day was about a sense of
"awe" that nature brings..... we ended up having 22 species of
waterfowl including the merganser and swan sweeps. We also had several
Sandhill Cranes, a Merlin at Mud Lock, and several Bald Eagles and Northern
Harriers around too.



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