Date: 3/11/23 2:24 pm
From: Ed Stonick <edstonick...>
Subject: Re: [LACoBirds] Palos Verdes escarpment, 3/11/23
Any chance of others taking this trips?


Ed Stonick

Pasadena, CA

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From: Naresh Satyan
Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2023 12:41 PM
To: <LACoBirds...>
Subject: [LACoBirds] Palos Verdes escarpment, 3/11/23

Hi all,

Loren Wright, Chris Dean and I headed out on Danny's small Parker boat
out of San Pedro to check out the Palos Verdes escarpment this
morning. The storm swell had mostly subsided with approx 3-4 ft swells
and light winds. But there was heavy fog for the most part, which
meant that we were always in a bubble with visibility ranging from 20
ft to no more than several hundred ft. We went out from Angels gate to
the mouth of Redondo canyon and back, going out approximately along
the 1500' line and back on the top of the shelf, with a couple of
excursions going a couple miles offshore from the escarpment when we
found some current breaks.

In spite of the suboptimal viewing conditions, the birding was

- The alcid show was spectacular. We tallied 15 Cassin's Auklets and
an impressive 165 Rhinoceros Auklets. One of the Rhinos was standing
on a piece of driftwood, which I've never seen before. We also had a
pair of Scripps's Murrelets and close looks at another pair of ANCIENT
MURRELETS along a current break south of Point Vicente.

-Jaegers included a couple of adult Parasitic Jaegers (one of which
traded an anchovy with a Heermann's Gull a couple of times) and an
adult Pomarine Jaeger.

- A BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE flew over the boat less than a half mile
south of Cabrillo Beach. It may be a good time to check Cabrillo Beach
for this species with the ongoing storms. There were a few hundred
Bonaparte's Gulls, with the largest concentrations along a current
break. Also present were a small number of Western, California and
Heermann's Gulls.

- We had a couple of Royal Terns and my first-of-spring Elegant Terns.

- We only had 4 individual shearwaters all day, but one of them was a
cooperative MANX SHEARWATER that flew a couple of circles near the
boat along another current break.

- There was a single Red Phalarope on the entire trip.

Another group is heading out on the boat this afternoon, and maybe
they will add a Tufted Puffin or two to the day's list.

Good birding,



Naresh Satyan

Pasadena, CA


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