Date: 3/11/23 6:49 am
From: Harold Yocum <drhal2...>
Subject: Wichita Mts. Trip 3/10
Pat M and Hal Y birded the Wichitas 3/10 from 7:30- 1:30 with stops at Robinson Marina, the Holy City, Quannah Parker Lake and the Narrows hiking trail.
33 species seen / heard.
Best sightings were: Rick wren, red headed woodpecker, red breasted nuthatch, n. Flicker( red shafted), redtailed and red shouldered hawks, northern harrier, winter wren, Townsend’s Solitaire, e. Phoebe, and both vultures.
Dipped on longspurs, and rufous crowned sparrows.
Hal Yocum

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