Date: 3/10/23 5:39 pm
From: <birder...>
Subject: Re: [LACoBirds] no Bean Goose today (3/10)
Forgive me for the late posting, but I briefly saw the bean goose this
morning shortly after 9AM.  The bird was just north of Ave C on the east
end of Duckbill Lake.  I watched it fly north-east towards the lake bed
and did not see it again.  I left Piute Ponds around 10:30A.  I saw no
other geese.

Michael Van Norman
Santa Clarita, CA

On 3/10/23 4:09 PM, howe395 via wrote:
> This afternoon (3/10), my father Vernon Howe and I looked for the
> Tundra Bean Goose. No geese of any flavor were visible at Piute Ponds,
> although there are many places difficult to scope. We were not allowed
> access to the Lancaster Sewage Ponds but found the eleven Canada Geese
> the bird has been running with in their customary field visible from
> the shoulder of Highway 14. Although the Bean Goose certainly could
> have present but hunkered down, we looked from several different
> vantage points and the eleven Canada Geese walked about fifty yards
> over the course of about ten minutes. It certainly appeared as if the
> bird was not there.
> Given that the bird’s right wing droop while standing and walking
> apparently progressed between Monday and Wednesday(to the point of
> almost dragging it on the ground), and that even though being seen
> yesterday morning with its eleven friends did not accompany them in
> their flight to the sewer ponds, I fear the worst. Of course, it could
> be hiding in either the Piute or sewer pond complexes, or perhaps it
> simply decided to move on, but those who anytime soon bird especially
> the southern edge of Big Piute may want to be on the lookout for a
> specimen.
> Best,
> Andrew Howe
> Riverside, CA
> <howe395...>

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