Date: 3/10/23 7:14 am
From: K Springer <springer0707...>
Subject: Re: waterfowl question
> I seem to find the most here in Mercer County in the early morning
> (depending on weather and wind of course). 8am.
> K Springer
> Transfer, PA
> On Fri, Mar 10, 2023 at 5:21 AM jerry stanley <bhnsjerry...>
> wrote:
>> A birding friend asked "What's the best time of day to see the most
>> waterfowl?" I don't know the answer to that. I usually get to Kahle Lake
>> about 10 AM for reasons unrelated to birding. I have a sense that morning
>> is better but I don't feel strongly about this. When there's a lot of
>> boating activity, the chance of boats driving off birds increases as the
>> day goes on. Also, if conditions favor migration, birds will leave as the
>> day goes on. Just a couple days ago, 40 Long-tailed ducks flew off as I
>> arrived. Would 7, 8, or 9 AM be better? How about mid to late afternoon?
>> Here in Venango County, it seems that stormy weather that day or the
>> night before, makes for better waterfowling. But just recently, a large
>> number of birds have arrived and hung around for 3 days and I don't recall
>> a weather event responsible for them dropping in. Northerly winds probably
>> kept them here. So, in March and April, I think it's good to check whenever
>> you can and whatever time it is.
>> One last question in my mind. Why do I find MANY, MANY more waterfowl in
>> spring compared to fall, even though there are fewer birds alive by spring?
>> I am interested in hearing other people's thoughts.
>> Jerry Stanley
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