Date: 3/8/23 7:19 pm
From: Bruni <bruni...>
Subject: New arrivals
What a nice surprise late this morning to have two Cedar Waxwings drinking water from a dish on the patio table.  They may have been the result of two chilly and windy days.

Walking my dog tonight yielded another good bird, a singing meadowlark.  He flew across the road and landed in the hayfield

where I picked him up with my binoculars.  What a beauty!  By the time we came back he was up in a tree where the last sunrays lit up his gorgeous yellow breast.

The other side of the road had a singing Red-winged blackbird in the young maple.

At home a lone male Cowbird was briefly at the feeder.  The male bluebird is still flying against the kitchen window and hanging on the screen on the top half.  That should stop

Special treat is having good numbers of Cardinals.  That was not the case in previous years.  Yesterday morning there were twelve of them in the quince bush.  Much more showy than the few small blooms.

There's one sorry looking male who's a regular.  At first I thought he was just molting but he looks downright motheaten, especially around the head.   Most likely a skin condition.  Otherwise he seems healthy and eats well.

Bruni Haydl

Charles Town

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