Date: 3/8/23 2:56 pm
From: JonathanRowley <jonathan.james...>
Subject: Re: [OrangeCountyBirding] Blackburnian Warbler @ W Coyote Hills Tree Park
Another couple of notes now that I'm at a computer.

1. The closest parking is on Parks Road. It appears street sweeping is on Thursdays, but it's not well signed in this area. I have never looked to see if it's possible to park on Coyote Hills Drive. The Tennessee Warbler was closer to Coyote Hills Drive: 33.897641, -117.955075

2. Watch for mountain bikes when birding this park. I have sees mountain bikes ignore the signs about where they can ride and I have seen one terrible accident that required an ambulance for the mountain bike rider.

3. I had a sapsucker with a red nape just across the street drilling a eucalyptus along the trail about here: 33.897407, -117.952862 I called it a Red-naped Sapsucker at the time because of the nape, but in the field I did not see any red from the throat impinging on the black throat border along the malar. I'm putting a poor photo in my checklist and would appreciate feedback on it, but if others get better photos I'd love to see them. I think this is a potential Yellow-bellied Sapsucker with a red nape.

Jonathan Rowley
Tustin, CA

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