Date: 3/6/23 5:45 pm
From: Tom Benson via <thomasabenson...>
Subject: Re: [LACoBirds] Bean Goose; Piute; 3/6/23
Will any of the "lucky few" be sharing their photos or written descriptions on ebird or otherwise. I'm sure there are a number of people who would like to see what this bird looks like, and whether it can be identified. Tom Benson Redlands, CA
-------- Original message --------From: Chris Dean <chrisdeanbirder...> Date: 3/6/23 4:03 PM (GMT-08:00) To: <feenstra...> Cc: <LACoBirds...> Subject: Re: [LACoBirds] Bean Goose; Piute; 3/6/23 Hi,Today, I went on a wild goose chase and lucked out. I received permission to access Lancaster’s Water Reclamation Plant and found the Bean-Goose sleeping with other geese in the southwest corner of the southwest pond. Birders are not permitted at the location without permission. A few birders who were in the area on the lookout for the goose received permission as well. This is unusual, and I wouldn’t expect this will occur in the future. Curtis Marantz is reaching out to see if we can schedule a time for birders to visit. As soon as we hear, I will email this listserv (there may not be much notice and there may be a limit to the number of visitors). It is possible that the goose might roost overnight at or near Piute (another hotspot requiring permission). Incredible bird - thank you Jon Feenstra!Happy birding,Chris DeanSilver LakeOn Mar 6, 2023, at 9:38 AM, Jonathan Feenstra via <feenstra...> wrote:


I just had a Bean Goose fly by me at Piute Ponds, Duckbill. It came from the southwest corner of the pond, picked up high, and flew straight away going west south west. I lost sight of it in the distance, but perhaps it ended up at the Lancaster
Sewage Ponds (totally inaccessible) or ideally Apollo Park. I managed some photos that may (or may not) aid in a more refined identification.

Cold and windy out here.
Piute Ponds is on Edwards AFB and is accessible by written permission only.

Jon Feenstra

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